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January 4, 2013

Color Me Surprised

by at 2:45 pm.

Friend of the blog (and good friend) Cliff Krieger has been nominated by CM Lynch for the License Commission, as Jen Myers writes at the official blog of the Mayor. You might recall, the License Commission had been under fire for sitting on its hands after the downtown rioting at the club at Fortunato’s and other violence and vandalism issues stemming from bars and clubs. Since then, both Bayliss and Weicker have resigned. (Not without a bit of a fuss.)

As Jen says, Cliff had been planning to run for the Lowell School Committee, and though I’m not sure what this does to those plans, you couldn’t get a better person to oversee a very sticky and previously controversial situation. Cliff will listen to the recommendations of the police chief, of residents, businesses…and of the club owners themselves, too, but in a proportional way. He is a conservative in the truest sense of that word - he wants our city to be welcoming, and remain so, for the many people who coexist downtown, like residents, consumers, and the non-club business owners who are the ones who find the aftermath of overserved drunkards at their doorstep on Monday mornings.

Contrary to (some) popular rumor, Cliff and I (and Jack, and whoever) are not all big giant conspirators with Lynch behind the scenes, and this took me by surprise, albeit a pleasant one. According to Jen, this spot had to go to a Republican, and I can’t think of a better person to help clean up the mess.

Also being appointed, to the LHA, is Samkhann Khoeun. I don’t know Samkhann, but Jen has more bio info at her blog post and he seems to be a community leader with some gravitas, and it’s great to see some diversity on our boards. Good luck to both!

4 Responses to “Color Me Surprised”

  1. Gerry Nutter Says:

    Cliff is a GREAT choice and will provide solid leadership, calmness, intellect and decorum to that board.

    It is a great appointment for the Manager.

  2. Jack Says:

    I’m a bit irked, as I thought Cliff was a great fit for SC. There are some issues with the ‘physical plant’ and the Capital Plan. Cliff would have been an asset to bringing stable, affordable progress towards improvements.

    Though, honestly, I’m sorta excited to see Kevin Hayhurst try to ‘goon flex’ on Cliff. I see a ‘Master Card” ad coming. Priceless!

  3. joe from Lowell Says:

    Go get ‘em, tough guy!

    Nice call, Mr. Manager.

  4. Magnolia Says:

    I don’t know much about Mr. Krieger, except foe what I have read here and elsewhere. THat being said, I think he is a great choice for a Commission that definitely needs an overhaul after the fiasco with the proposed regulations. I have watched the Commission for a while and it seemed to me that they were all too willing to side with the bar owners against the downtown residents, other business owners and law enforcement. In my neighbothood, they were way too lenient with the now ,thankfully defunct, Souper Bowl. After having seen Hayhurst before the Commission for hearings about the regs and his little mess a few weeks ago, it’s time someone made it plain that his business plan needs some revision. I am looking forward to seeing Mr Krieger “in action”.

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