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January 7, 2013

Lobbying Against Board Appointments

by at 5:20 pm.

Just in case you have not noticed, I truly believe that a diverse membership on our Boards, Commissions, Advisory committees, appointed by the City Manager, is key to encouraging civic participation.

I think the recent appointments by the City Manager follow that spirit. I am referring to the following:

Clifford Krieger (License Communication.)
Crystal Arnott (Animal Advisory Committee).
Samkhann C. Khoeun (Lowell Housing Authority)

Patrick McCartin ( Elections Commission)
Leo L. Cloutier ( Board of Trustees of the LMA)
Patricia Noreau ( Board of Trustees of the Library)

First and foremost, we as a community are truly blessed to have talented, dedicated citizens willing to serve. We should be grateful that these people have come forward. The last three were already approved by the City Council, the first three are on the agenda for tomorrow night.

Last Friday, when the name of the first three were announced, immediately there was a controversy stirred by individuals involved with the Pawtucket Citizens Council (PCC). I say individuals rather than the group because I am not sure when and how this group met to begin the campaign against the appointment of Samkhann C. Khoeun for the Lowell Housing Authority board. I believe the PCC regular schedule meeting is tonight. Also, let’s remember that this is a self-appointed group.

Gerry has a number of posts on the issue, and I would suggest that you quickly read those posts, including one today on a letter that was sent to the City Councilors. I fully understand and agree that all development projects need to follow the conservation, planning and zoning laws. But to oppose the appointment of an individual because he is involved with a project you do not want, is bringing a whole new dimension to the criteria required to be on a board.

I look forward to hearing the discussion and watching the vote tomorrow night. If the City Council votes for what is best for the City, they will have no problems explaining their decision and most reasonable voters will understand. If they vote to appease a special interest group, I think they will feel its impact this fall.

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