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January 10, 2013

Yes, I am troubled!

by at 8:53 pm.

Chris, Dick and Gerry have already posted on this past week’s City Council meeting. but I want to focus on a couple of issues. First, I have been closely following City poliitics for decades and have been blogging on this issue for about 7 years. Last Tuesday’s meeting was a low point.

I have lived in Lowell for decades under the rule of many City Councils but Tuesday night’s performance left me wonder what happened to meetings that focused on pubilc policy issues. When did the City Council meetings turn into petty inside political football?

I want to focus on the comments of City Councilor Ed Kennedy or should I say his accusatory questioning of the City Manager:

The agenda item on the floor was the appointment of my good friend, Cliff Krieger to the Licensing Commission. He is a good citizen, intelligent, kind and fair. He will do a great job serving this City. I am quite glad that he chose to answer this call to duty has he had all the other previous ones.

Here is a 7-minute video clip of the meeting. (You can watch the entire meeting courtesy of your public access television stations, LTC. The video is available through their website or as repeat on Channel 99).


An Observation on the Last City Council Meeting

by at 1:02 pm.

Much has been said recently of the most recent city council meeting on January 8th. (Video here. It’s long and tortuous in many places - brace yourself.) I had been alerted to it by those watching it or attending it live when they expressed frustration on Facebook. There’s a lot that could be gotten into on this meeting, but I don’t have all day so I’d like to focus on one thing in particular - the petulance of councilor Elliot.


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