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January 11, 2013

Mary Jo Has Got To Go! - Mixed Bag

by at 9:16 pm.

Take a gander:


It should go without saying, I’m nervous about this School Committee meeting behind closed doors with that Superintendent. If it makes you nervous too, make yourself feel better and give the School Committee members a call. Their contact info is here. While you’re chatting with Ray Boutin, please be sure to give him mad props for the motion above. (When I texted him, he said the Agenda was going to be amended, as it should be a co-motion with Erik Gitschier.)

I’m very happily surprised to see the GLTHS lead the way, on this front. At least in recent memory, we can’t seem to find a full public disclosure of Executive Session(ES) minutes. Certainly, there are a step or three more that such minutes may need. And, for sure, some ES proceeding may take extended periods, e.g. teacher negotiations. That said, they all draw to a close and those minutes should be approved and released. As the City Council is doing here:

27. EXECUTIVE SESSION - To review for release the Executive Session Minutes regarding contract negotiations with City Auditor (non-union personnel).

Once released, the ES minutes should be posted on-line, along with all the other publicly available minutes. The GLTHS motion above calls for this. I am grateful that Boutin and Gitschier have raised the bar to the degree that the Lowell SC and CC will soon, hopefully, follow.

That said, let’s not forget, it’s time to say “Bygones.”

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