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January 21, 2013

Go Big or Go Home!

by at 9:15 pm.

Update: Maria Sheehy’s landing at UML was soft.

Sheehy will be assistant to the provost for faculty affairs and compliance, a new job. According to a job description provided by the university, Sheehy will provide “advice and counsel” to various provosts, vice provosts and deans on collective bargaining and other personnel matters.


The chattering sage spurred the Bubblenistas to wonder:

The other dynamic to watch in the council race is the potential of two young professionals, one male and one female, running. I had a pretty strong indication that both are poised for a campaign this fall. …

I had some ideas of my own, as to who Wallace was referring to. But, Gerry Nutter sniffed out some leads and offered two names:

It didn’t take long for people to start to speculate who he was talking about. Two names that have floated to the top of the bubble are:

Marie Sheehy who has worked part-time for the City Law dept. for many years

Former Acting City Clerk Brian Leahy who also at one time worked for the City Law dept.

A retort to Gerry’s speculation was quickly blurted out on The Blog of The Blog of Record.

Longtime Assistant City Solicitor Maria Sheehy’s last day working for the city was this past Friday, but The Column Blog has learned she is expected to land on her feet in the near future, possibly at UMass Lowell, in a role that would, of course, enable her to use her legal prowess.

Sheehy, who would not confirm her next destination, said Monday she is moving on after 15 years with the city because she is looking for a job that presents her with the opportunity to learn new things.

“I’m really hungry for new challenges,” said Sheehy, the daughter of former Lowell city manager and state senator Paul Sheehy. Sheehy, 46, is also seeking a full-time job.

If no one has an objection, I think I’ll venture a guess: With Gerry Leone bowing out, Maria Sheehy is mulling over a run for Middlesex DA.

Don’t laugh! I don’t just pull this sorta thing outta my ass, y’know! Though, I do rely on The Blog of Record, so you’re in the ballpark. ;v)

Sources: Leone a top candidate for U.S. attorney
The Sun, Matt Murphy (2/4/09)

The outcome of the U.S. attorney sweepstakes has particular interest in Greater Lowell, where a vacancy in the district attorney’s office would likely prompt considerable interest in the seat from several well-known attorneys, including former City Councilor and congressional candidate Eileen Donoghue and Lowell Assistant City Solicitor Maria Sheehy.

(bold mine)

So, maybe you aren’t laughing out loud, but I can sense your looking at this blog with a high level of skepticism. You haven’t even heard of Maria Sheehy. Right? That’s no matter. She has friends in ALL the best places.

State Senate takes shape: Donoghue in, Golden, Murphy out
The Sun, Matt Murphy (3/25/10)

Maria Sheehy , a Lowell assistant city solicitor, said she was hoping to support Golden. “I think he’d be a great senator,” Sheehy said of Golden.

But with Golden’s decision against running, Sheehy said, “It’s certainly something I will think about.”

Sheehy comes from a well-known Lowell family. Her father, Paul Sheehy was Lowell’s city manager and held that Senate seat from 1985 to 1990. Her mother, Molly, is the dean of the downtown Lowell campus of Middlesex Community College.

Sheehy, 44, unsuccessfully sought the Middlesex register of probate job two years ago following the indictment of John Buonomo. In a crowded field, Sheehy finished third.

That 2010 State Senate Primary was quite the ugly slog. Remember? After Tipa Golden opted out, as did Maria Sheehy, Ms. Sheehy put her eggs in the Doherty basket:

7/22/2010 - SHEEHY, MARIA E - LOWELL, MA - ATTORNEY CITY OF LOWELL - Doherty, Christian L. - $100.00

Yes. You’ve caught me doing the ‘guilt by association’ thing. Come on! Don’t act surpised. This is Lowell. Though, more frequently the game is played in the opposite fashion. “Sainthood by association?”

Everyone around here, we always stick together because that’s the only way we ever win in this county,” said Panagiotakos.

Sheehy knew her best chance for victory against candidates from the vote-rich southern cities was showing up at Waltham High School with a solid Greater Lowell bloc.

Unfortunately, the Dracut folks weren’t playing along, back in the day(2008). Especially, John Zimini.

Pappas said the Dracut delegation may have cut off its nose to spite its face. He singled out Zimini, saying Zimini is angling for a state job after having lost his position as an investigator with the Board of Industrial Accidents last April under mysterious circumstances.

“I think he can pretty much forget about that now,” Pappas said. “I don’t think there is anybody left around here who will go out of their way to do him any favors. Or any of them, for that matter.”

Pappas said members of the Dracut Democratic Town Committee would not return his phone calls in the days leading up to the caucus.

“It’s all clear to me now,” he said, adding, “I don’t want to be associated with any of them.”

ZIMINI SAID he was committed to O’Donovan long before he knew Sheehy was a candidate. …

Looking at Maria Sheehy’s political footprint, it unlikely that she would opt to run for City Council. She will go big. She has, historically, had her sights set on a significantly higher office. At least 3, if The Sun is to be believed. So, unless she is part of that ninja crew, running to oust Bernie Lynch, why would she settle for all the headaches with the puny paycheck?

Pardon my cynicism, but if you say public service, then I’ll start laughing.

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