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January 25, 2013

Steve Lynch & Brown’s Cardboard Cutout

by at 1:05 pm.

It’s sorta official:

US Representative Stephen F. Lynch plans to announce next week that he will challenge his congressional colleague Edward J. Markey for the Democratic nomination in the special US Senate election to fill John F. Kerry’s seat, according to people with direct knowledge of his decision.

Lynch is set to unveil his run within several days after Kerry’s expected confirmation as President Obama’s secretary of state, those people said.

The problem for Lynch, imho, is that he’ll have to campaign by lugging around a cardboard cutout of Scott Brown with him. At most events, Lynch will have to strike a pose with his arm around it. This puts Steve Lynch in a tough spot. He can’t run against ‘Scott Brown,’ as many conservaDems & right leaning Unenrolleds identify with what Brown pretended to stand for. But, Lynch can’t openly embrace ‘Brown,’ either.

Ed Markey will run inside the Dem’s base, carefully articulating his progressive record.

If Lynch wins the primary, he will have the sharper pivot. Lynch’s ‘Goldilocks Zone‘ will be much harder for his consultants to craft and damn near impossible for Lynch to stay in. The media will dog his ass, enthralled as he wobbles, maintaining his delicate fence straddling balance.

One thing for sure, the party at Lenzi’s will be amaaaaaazing!

Update: Who is Lynch meeting with in Lowell?

Lynch spoke to the Reporter on his way up to the Dorchester offices of SEIU 1199, the healthcare workers union. “One of the news outlets said I had announced, and I had a date and I had an event planned and all this stuff, and that was totally premature. We’re still – obviously I’m here to talk with the SEIU, I just left the plumbers’ union hall,” Lynch said. “I’ve got some people that I’ve got to talk to up in Lowell and Haverhill tomorrow. So we’re still, we’re still, you know, doing the outreach that we need to do to measure our support, to make sure that if we get into this thing, that we can run a good strong campaign.”

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