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January 25, 2013

Steve Lynch & Brown’s Cardboard Cutout

by at 1:05 pm.

It’s sorta official:

US Representative Stephen F. Lynch plans to announce next week that he will challenge his congressional colleague Edward J. Markey for the Democratic nomination in the special US Senate election to fill John F. Kerry’s seat, according to people with direct knowledge of his decision.

Lynch is set to unveil his run within several days after Kerry’s expected confirmation as President Obama’s secretary of state, those people said.

The problem for Lynch, imho, is that he’ll have to campaign by lugging around a cardboard cutout of Scott Brown with him. At most events, Lynch will have to strike a pose with his arm around it. This puts Steve Lynch in a tough spot. He can’t run against ‘Scott Brown,’ as many conservaDems & right leaning Unenrolleds identify with what Brown pretended to stand for. But, Lynch can’t openly embrace ‘Brown,’ either.

Ed Markey will run inside the Dem’s base, carefully articulating his progressive record.

If Lynch wins the primary, he will have the sharper pivot. Lynch’s ‘Goldilocks Zone‘ will be much harder for his consultants to craft and damn near impossible for Lynch to stay in. The media will dog his ass, enthralled as he wobbles, maintaining his delicate fence straddling balance.

One thing for sure, the party at Lenzi’s will be amaaaaaazing!

Update: Who is Lynch meeting with in Lowell?

Lynch spoke to the Reporter on his way up to the Dorchester offices of SEIU 1199, the healthcare workers union. “One of the news outlets said I had announced, and I had a date and I had an event planned and all this stuff, and that was totally premature. We’re still – obviously I’m here to talk with the SEIU, I just left the plumbers’ union hall,” Lynch said. “I’ve got some people that I’ve got to talk to up in Lowell and Haverhill tomorrow. So we’re still, we’re still, you know, doing the outreach that we need to do to measure our support, to make sure that if we get into this thing, that we can run a good strong campaign.”

18 Responses to “Steve Lynch & Brown’s Cardboard Cutout”

  1. C R Krieger Says:

    I just would like to say that I think Sen Brown should keep his powder dry and wait for the Governor’s race.

    Who does that leave?  In terms of intelligence and insight and class, I like Kerry Murphy Healey.  Nebraska isn’t that far from Oklahoma.  She is a Harvard Grad (down check) but has a PhD from Trinity College (up check).

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. joe from Lowell Says:

    I don’t think Lynch has a chance in hell. An anti-choice candidate who voted against the Affordable Care Act winning a statement Democratic primary in Massachusetts?

    Good luck with that.

  3. Prince Charming Says:

    We all just realized that Scott Brown IS a cardboard cutout. He does not have the temperament to be governor. Massachusetts likes Republican govs. They need to find somebody fresh and energetic instead of nominating the same old stale windbags they always tap. They need to start thinking outside the box (they’ve put themselves in). As for Senate, Lynch will have the unions. Democratic unions in primaries are huge in Mass. Don’t write him off.

  4. Mike Hayden Says:

    It has become clear the Democratic Party has become the party of the elite. Instead of having people run for office you now have to be anointed by the party like Warren and now they have done it for Markey. The screaming liberals don’t want to hear from anyone but super liberals. The democratic party as most of us knew it is gone. This is why a lot of us have gone to independent

  5. Jack Says:

    What Hayden is spewing is false. He gets his talking points from Scott Brown’s Twitter feed. #Bqhatevwr

    The party that Hayden left was the ‘kiss the ring’ party, where a $250 donation would get you a $45,000/yr job.

    PS. Mike, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  6. Mike Hayden Says:

    you know Jack you and that witch Lynne can’t let anyone disagree with you at all. It is too bad that neither of you are educated enough to have a civil discussion.

  7. Prince Charming Says:

    Mr Hayden has a point. This is not the same Democratic party I grew up with. I think we need a primary. I don’t like anointed ones. Someone needs to tell the Kennedy’s that their ship has sailed. It doesn’t matter who they like. They are becoming caricatures of themselves and, frankly their endorsements don’t mean much to the voters. Last election, we were worried about Brown stealing crossovers from the Democrats. This time, the Dems should be concerned with getting people like Mr. Hayden back into the fold. The Reagan Democrat.

  8. Mackie Says:

    Mike: you wouldn’t know the definition of civil. PLLLEEEEAAASSSSEEEE!!!

  9. Jack Says:

    Hayden is a Reagan Democrat? PC? Let’s not confuse principals with cronyism. I think you’re way off. Maybe “Tammany Democrat” or “Mike McLaughlin Democrat.” The bumper stickers say, “Where’s the trough?”

  10. Prince Charming Says:

    Jack - I think your train of thought has jumped the track. This was about Brown/Markey/Lynch wasn’t it?

  11. Jack Says:

    I know I don’t need to give you a history lesson, PC. But, for the sake of others, I’ll lay out what you and I may be talking around.

    After decades of political hegemony in the Commonwealth, the Democratic Party has suffered mightly by the ills of corruption, cronyism and patronage. The MAGOP offers no leverage, in the scheme of ‘checks and balances’ that our Founders envisioned.They are the proverbial “90lb weakling.” This is partly their own fault, as the folks that bother to carry a “R” next to their names, sell out to whoever has ‘juice.’ Worse yet, are GOPers that register as Democrats, so that they can finagle some ‘juice’ of their own, thus a bigger slice of the pie. Lowell is engorged with these sorts.

    What’s effectively happened is that there are whole swaths of the MADems that deny many of the more progressive policies, economic justice and social safety net, because they have landed a Union job that provides them all the bennies of socialism, while providing a ‘blue collar cloak’ that helps them maintain the self-delusion that they bear resembalence to the bygone miners, teamsters, long shoreman. ect; that bled for the cause. I call them “Hurray for me Democrats.” Maybe this is what you mean by “Reagan Democrat?”

    Ultimately, the progressive movement carries the burden of this infestation of backstabbers. They talk Union with their mouths, but vote ‘Scott Brown.” Brown, who failed to stop the Reid/Pelosi/Obama version of Romneycare, but did stop The Employee Free Choice Act dead in its tracks. The nitwit supporters of Scott Brown, moan about our dollars going to China, but vote to keep WalMart from organizing. They think the price will be passed on to us, but fail to look at the ‘market driven forces’ that would correct for such a thing.

    A recent trend in the Democratic Party has been seeking more efficiency in Gov’t. In Mass, we saw DCAMM put in place in 1980. This agency strips the departmental fiefdoms of funding that was passed out, like so much pork.

    The MDC was disbanded and County gov’t was gutted. Today we are seeing other meat wagons circled. The community colleges, probation and the housing authorities. The UMASS Sytem, likley, will be the last bastion of Tammany, here in the Commonwealth.

    So, it may seem as if my train of thought was off the tracks. At worst, I pulled up to 40,000ft without putting in the effort to explain. The ‘Mike Haydens’ of our world are iconic of the reform shifts that are occuring in our politics. Please don’t give cover to pork mongers, as if they have some ethic or principle, a la Reagan Democrat. Reagan had no principles, either. He was a snake oil salesman, who dabbled in TOW Missles, that rode the postVietnam uptick spurred on the the US Olympic Hockey “Miracle on Ice.” If that era should emote a hero, let’s go with Mikhail Gorbachev. This man saw the pain his people suffered. He acted to cure it. Reagan doubled down. Teaching us to whistle, louder, while we worked.

  12. Mr. Lynne Says:

    “…you know Jack you and that witch Lynne can’t let anyone disagree with you at all.”

    Isn’t your posting your disagreement here exact proof that this isn’t the case? How do you not notice this while in the very act of disagreeing on their blog? Do you have some other definition of ‘let’ that means you have to be able to comment without further comment on your comment?

  13. Lynne Says:

    Oooh can I cast a spell to make Mike Hayden turn into a newt? Pretty please??

    He has such CLASSY language. *rolls eyes*

    Lynch does have (some) union support…but I am guessing unions get split. Some union members are progressive on other issues as well (like health care, choice and climate change, as mentioned above). They won’t like Lynch on those issues.

    As I said in a previous post, I like primaries…but I do like Markey so far, and I could more than live with him as our nominee. If Lynch is our other choice in a primary, you can bet your buttons I’m gonna fight like HELL to keep him out of the general. Lynch getting in = me getting active as hell. Lynch really irks me. He is NOT a Democrat - *except* on unions…but one issue does not a Democrat make, IMHO.

    Jack, can we finally talk about banning Mike Hayden? As much as he entertains me, I don’t think we really ought to allow him to get away with personal attacks when we don’t let anyone else.

  14. joe from Lowell Says:

    Hey, Mike: remind us all about who else was in that rip-roaring, wide-open Republican primary to fill Teddy’s seat.

    Let’s see, there was Scott Brown and…uh…help me out here.

    Anyway, while you’re thinking, let’s all ask Jane Swift what she thinks about how anti-elitist and anti-party-machine the Republicans are.

  15. Jack Says:

    “Jack, can we finally talk about banning Mike Hayden?”

    I like the Hayden blurts, as he drives home the points we make, without fail. He likes to call me a ‘coward.” That doesn’t bother me because I know it is a lie. He hurts himself, talking like that.

    As for you being a witch? I have seen images of Cthulu strewn about your lair, but no wands or pointy hats. If Hayden had ANY credibility, I’d throw you into the Merrimack to see, if you float like a duck.

    Alas, Hayden has NO credibility, so I’ll follow your lead.

  16. Paul@01852 Says:

    LOL! What Jack said! We all need a bit of entertainment occasionally.

  17. Christopher Says:

    I tire very quickly of the whining about how party elites supposedly call the shots. State law provides for a primary (which BTW it was announced today will be April 30 with a general June 25) which is open to any registered Democrat who can secure 10,000 valid signatures. If the law were changed to simply allow the Democratic State Committee to choose there might be justification, but the special election doesn’t even involve a convention, though even that is a more open process than the critics would have us believe.

  18. joe from Lowell Says:

    Hey, Mike: It has become clear the Democratic Party has become the party of the elite. Instead of having people run for office you now have to be anointed by the party

    Right, just ask President Hillary.

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