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February 1, 2013

Rita Mercier & Dave Nangle Have Formed a Prayer Group

by at 1:06 pm.

They are praying Scott Brown stays out of this Senate Special Election.

Frankly, it is HARD to cross party lines. No one on either side really quite trusts you. Of course, on the local level, both Rita and Dave have solid support. Mostly, because they are fairly down to earth people, that are willing to ply their skill at the ‘grip and grin’ at street level. Both are unpretentious and folksy. Almost adorable in quirky ways. (Unless you rub them the wrong way.) But, political sophistication is not their calling card. So, in the 2012 General Election, their individual choice to support Republican Scott Brown has assuredly caused them grief in ways that they had not accounted for. Note: Brown did well in the Belvidere section of Lowell. So, niether Rita or Nangle have much to sweat over, come their own respective reelections. That said, Rita will take it hard if she doesn’t finish 1st.

For both of them, the best thing that Scott Brown can do for them, … is to sit this special election cycle out. Good news for them is, it’s looking like he may:

With time running short, Washington Republicans have begun a “full court press’’ to persuade an increasingly reluctant Scott Brown to run in the special election to replace John F. Kerry, say two leading Massachusetts GOP figures.

The eleventh-hour effort, coordinated by the National Republican Senatorial Committee, comes as those familiar with Brown’s deliberations are becoming convinced that he will not run and instead will look for a job in the private sector.

Please consider how much of a pickle, especially Dave Nangle, is in right now. The MADems would be hard pressed to sweep another endorsement of Brown under the rug. For Rita, much less so, but Nangle put his personal friendship to Brown as the hallmark to his endorsement. Even though many in Dave Nangle’s crew are inclined to support Congressman Stephen Lynch, with every fiber of their ‘Blue Dog’ beings, Nangle can not simply annul his endorsement of Brown out of political convenience. Friendship has to MEAN something. Nangle’s entire political existence is, all but, built on personal fidelity.

If Scott Brown bails, this will allow Nangle, and Rita, to slip back into the fold. There will be some ribbing, but pols love to win elections. As do the staff that support them. Few will argue that Mercier and Nangle don’t offer some electoral boost. If not city-wide, definitely in The Belvidere.

UPDATE: Brown won’t run, for now.

“… I was not at all certain that a third Senate campaign in less than four years, and the prospect of returning to a Congress even more partisan than the one I left, was really the best way for me to continue in public service at this time. And I know it’s not the only way for me to advance the ideals and causes that matter most to me.

“That is why I am announcing today that I will not be a candidate for the United States Senate in the upcoming special election.”

8 Responses to “Rita Mercier & Dave Nangle Have Formed a Prayer Group”

  1. Magnolia Says:

    You must have posted this just before Scott Brown saoid he was not running

  2. Jack Says:

    Funny. I’ve been thinking about this topic for about a week. Then, I saw last night the bit about him looking at the “job in the private sector.” I started this diary at noon, got interrupted by my daughter calling, saw that Brown was going to announce something at 1pm and jotted this out quickly, to beat the announcement.

    Did you here me, Rita and Nangle all sigh in relief, at the same time?

  3. Lynne Says:

    Wait til the Governor’s race in two years, this was just delaying the inevitable for Mercier and Nangle…

  4. Lynne Says:

    PS it’s not like Rita Mercier or Dave Nangle EVER show up to Dem party activist type things. They endorse, if they even do that, and get out of things quick. Unless someone actually caught either one of them knocking doors or making calls for Brown? Other than robocalling, I mean.

  5. Lynne Says:

    And when was the last time either one of them touched a caucus?

  6. pablo Says:

    There’s a huge difference between Rita Mercier and Dave Nangle.

    City Council is a non-partisan election, so Rita gets her help from the Friends of Rita.

    Dave Nangle was elected to the state legislature as a Democrat. He was the official candidate of the party, and his association with the party was essential for his election.

    I have no problem with Mr. Nangle if he wants to be an independent instead of a Democrat. If he wants the advantage of running as a Democrat, however, he should be on notice that loyalty is a two-way street.

  7. C R Krieger Says:

    My guess is that for Rep David Nangle the race is more like a City Council race, like Rita runs.  As I have joked, his relatives and friends outnumber the registered voters in his district, at least the Lowell part.  The last two times challenged his opponents got about 20% of the vote.  And one of those challengers would have made an excellent State Rep—I can vouch for that. :-)

    Regards  —  Cliff

  8. Lynne Says:

    Strangely enough, pablo, on the issues and even, I think, in effort, Rita is a better Democrat. Usually.

    Cliff hit the nose. On both counts. :)

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