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February 10, 2013

Lowell’s Schools: Mumbles, Grumbles, & Jumbles

by at 12:20 pm.

Let me start with the glad chatter. I’ve pulled out some key phrases from Wallace’s nudge, regarding the departure of Headmaster Rozmairek and the selection of the next.

But for whatever reason, he and Superintendent of Schools Jean Franco decided a change was in order.

People had confidence their youngsters could get a great education and experience a slice of what the real America is like with the incredible mix of minorities in the Kirk Street school.

With all that as a backdrop, the decision on who becomes the next headmaster of this historic facility is one of those watershed issues that will impact the future of Lowell for a long time.

This will be the biggest decision of Franco’s career thus far, and it will be part of her legacy as head of the city’s school system.

It is, basically, her call.

It’s critical that key positions are filled with proven dedicated people who will fight for the best for their students.

I’ve had a chance to work with Franco, and I’m sure she will guide the process to the best possible conclusion.

The first line I selected, floors me. Wallace’s has been actively lobbying for Rozmairek’s ouster since the errant Headmaster started screwing with the Distinguished Alumni cadre. Wallace is an activist. Who just so happens to have the loudest voice in the City, at his disposal. I refer to it as the ‘Blog of Record.’ So deft at wielding this instrument is Wallace, that pols tremble and kowtow; while the current Editor in Chief convulses in an effort to try to make a puny facsimile of Wallace’s prowess with the pen.

Suffice to say, Wallace’s fingerprints, via whisper campaign, helped spell the end of Rozmairek tenure. Just ask the Headmaster. What does he have to lose?

My second selection is only intended to make note of Wallace’s reminder of the High School’s current address. This point will echo.

Next, we start to get to the meat of Wallace’s enterprise: “It is, basically, her call.” By a show of hands, who believes Wallace means this? I cannot fathom the breadth of latitude that Wallace is implying by the use of the word, “basically.” I am convinced it means that the decision is clear, that there is only one plausible selection. That Wallace and his acolytes need only gather to consult Supt. Franco, steering her to the proper conclusion.

Please note the echo: “.. this historic facility ..

Last, the closer. The fulcrum of Wallace’s assertion are the words “.. proven dedicated .. .” By this, I take Wallace to mean - vetted insider. And by that, I mean Brian Martin.

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