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February 15, 2013

Bad Idea: Endorsing Rodney For Mayor

by at 9:30 pm.

This is disappointing (from Paul Belley’s blog Captains Log):

The City Council Race in Lowell has officially started today with the announcement by Cory Belanger a local bar owner. Cory ran for Governors Council in 2010 and City Council in 2011.
He has served the city well as a board member and has helped numerous non profits and is well connected in the city but what surprised me the most was his endorsement of Councilor Ellott for Mayor if elected.

How anyone can watch Rodney Elliot in Council this last year (or more) and think he’d make a fab mayor, or at least believe it in any honest fashion, is beyond me. Of course, declaring man-love for Elliot off the bat sure does put him in a “camp” (starting of course with “Campanini,” whose paper has been fawning over Elliot for some time now, and vice versa via one Cub Reporter[TM]).

Interesting. And also, kinda stupid. But OK, I bet Belanger gets lots of donations from a certain set of people any way.

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