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March 4, 2013

Bubble Heads: Flashback - Who Hires, Who Cares

by at 11:36 pm.

Obviously, the GLTHS’s Supt. Santoro wants to go out in a hail of rhetorical barbs:

To imply that I somehow want to influence this hire is not only ludicrous but reflects the level of paranoia and need for control on the part of those who have been critical of this administration (me, in particular) and is a clear indication of the lack of understanding for how the process works as well as the importance of maximizing the potential for the BEST person we can get by staying competitive with other districts.

I’d like to thank the Supt for her service. Wishing her the warmest Arrivederci. Also, maybe a suggestion that she doesn’t embarrass those that have had her back, all this time, by being ‘untoward.’

That said, let’s not lose perspective on the whole, who hires during a transition period? We’ve been down this road before.

Lowell school board to discuss letting Scott make new hires
Jennifer Myers (5/6/08), Archived Online

School Committee member Dave Conway says those duties should be left to incoming Superintendent of Schools Chris Augusta Scott, not current schools chief Karla Brooks Baehr, who will leave the city when her contract expires June 30.

Conway has placed a motion on the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting requesting that the city’s Law Department “look into the legalities surrounding the current superintendent making decisions on hiring, transfers and pending contracts.”

“I want to find out if it is appropriate or not, look into whether there is a precedent that has been set,” Conway said.


While committee member Regina Faticanti and Mayor Edward “Bud” Caulfield are in Conway’s corner, others disagree.

“I think Karla Brooks Baehr has proven herself to be dedicated to the school system,” committee member John Leahy said. “Who knows the people better than her? I would trust her 100 percent. Dr. Scott can evaluate and make changes if she wants once she is comfortable in the district.”


Conway said his intention is not to show disrespect to Baehr but to extend a courtesy to Scott.

“We have just given her a good contract,” he said of Scott. “Obviously, we certainly think she can do a good job. Here is an opportunity right off the bat — picking her own people. Why not?”

Committee member Jim Leary has an answer for that.

“Dr. Scott will require at least three to six months to indoctrinate herself with our current programs in place, each specific schools current population of parents, students and staff before making any changes,” he said, adding that she will not have the time to immediately make quality hiring decisions.

“That’s false,” Conway responded. “The initial screening and interviewing can continue over the next four to six weeks. Dr. Scott is going to be here for three weeks before she starts. What better way can she spend her time than by picking her leaders?”

What a tangled web the Bubble weaves, eh?

Two names have emerged as potential candidates to become the next superintendent-director at Greater Lowell Technical High School when the person who currently holds the post, Mary Jo Santoro, resigns at the end of the school year.
They are:
• Jay Lang, who serves as deputy superintendent of finance and operations for the Lowell Public Schools
• David Norkiewicz, technical director at Shawsheen Valley Technical High School.
Norkiewicz has apparently expressed his interest by calling members of the Greater Lowell Tech School Committee

Here’s hoping that Lowell High School can avoid the embarrassing ‘palace intrigue’ while hiring the next Headmaster. It will be former Mayor & City Manager Brian Martin. Let’s skip the pretense, this time around, shall we?

2 Responses to “Bubble Heads: Flashback - Who Hires, Who Cares”

  1. Mill Girl Says:

    Dear Ms Santoro,

    You decided not to go for a renewal of your contract so the question is what purpose does it serve to continuously send snarky letters that are shared with the public? I’m always amazed how quick people are to return bad treatment in kind. Taking the high road on your way out of town seems like a much better course of action to me.

  2. Lynne Says:

    Bad treatment? Or just fair treatment and it makes her mad?

    Just sayin’.

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