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June 5, 2013

Young Bucks at GLTHS

by at 11:13 pm.

I’ve been hoping that Erik Gitschier & Ray Boutin could lead the dysfunctional GLTHS School Committee through the troubled waters of selecting their next Supt.

It seems I’m a bit of a na├»ve optimist:

(h/t Julia Malakie)

Note: Boutin loses his cool, no argument. But, please keep in mind, Gitschier has a way of getting under your skin. He takes pride in it.

Maybe, it is supposed to be about the kids? That is, at least, a cute campaign slogan. But, it is also about the admin, staff & teachers that live out there for 20+ years. They matter, in my mind, as much as the kids. Also, it is about the school committee. But, in a different way.

Maybe, it is my military background? I spent about 3 years in Arlington National Cemetery, performing honor duty for fallen soldiers. I say that to say, I believe in the sanctity of institutions, oaths & ceremony. I believe that the School Committee is a body that deserves respect by earning respect.

To be blunt, I favour Paul Schlictman in this kerfuffle. Though, after reading the slimy hit jobs that the Lowell Sun has slammed Dave Norkiewicz with, I’ve lost my appetite to pull for Paul. He’s got some friends that are the worst kind to have. They are not above pulling the same kind of stunts that Chris Scott wants to assign to Gitschier & Fallon. When we get to the point of kettles finger pointing at each other’s blackness, it is time for me to step back.

We are dealing with damaged goods, all around. But, none are more damaged than the reputation of the GLTHS SC. After a fairly decent approach to culling through candidates, one that was noted favourably by those watching; this silly, petty, ego driven clan members have pissed their good names away.

Unfortunately, they are the best we are gonna get out there. Who really cares what the hell happens out there in the woods? How else could Mike Hayden get re-elected, repeatedly? Oddly, they aren’t paying the high salaries in monopoly money. They can still invent jobs like ‘public relations’ or whatever title Mike McGovern has. They can still hire in an incestuous manner that would make a West Virginia moonshiner tip his jug.

Ultimately, they are completely fucked out there. They know it. We know it. And, on it goes. Unabashed.

9 Responses to “Young Bucks at GLTHS”

  1. Jack Says:

    Bwah-ha-ha! Is it true? Did Mike Hayden pull papers to run for the GLTHS SC?

    Obviously, it is my fault. Mike won’t take being a victim to my taunts, anymore.

     photo HaydenShrine9_zpseed36bc5.jpg

    PS. Hayden is a Birther.

     photo HaydentheBirther-2_zps74ec297f.jpg

    Note: My blacking out a family member is about privacy, not disrespect.

  2. Taxpayer Says:

    Jack he does make some good points just saying?

  3. Jack Says:

    Sure. Sure. TP. Just ignore the Birther part, and take what you like.

    Do you eat an apple that has just one worm in it?

    Tequila is another matter. ;v)

  4. Taxpayer Says:

    Yah but you did bring him up when he has been out for awhile! Agenderess (made up word)

  5. Jack Says:

    Actually, TP, it ain’t like Mike says. He rants about us, here, consistently on his FB page. I have a whole folder of screen grabs, keeping track of his delusional rants.

    You should take more caution with who you comingle yourself with, TP. Hayden has a proven track record. Choose for yourself, if that want to be ‘that guy.’

    Michael Hayden
    June 2.

    I get a kick out of Gerry Nutter he says he is nothing but a man with a strong opinion and a big mouth Well that is true as far as the big mouth is concerned. Most of the time the strong opinion is more like an insane opinion. I have spoken to more than a few people who grew up in the section of the city as Gerry and they all describe him the same way he was alway THE SQUARE PEG TRYING TO FIT INTO THE ROUND HOLE. He tried the political game but was bounced out on his ass, he tried the neighborhood activist and no one listened Then came the blogs were the only qualifications were to be angry screw ball ( just look at Jack Mitchell and Lynne Lupin and Mr. Lupin and he finally found the hole for the squared peg. The Warren Shawn needed a court jester for his Sat Show and along came Gerry. Does this Nut really think anyone take him seriously lol. Gerry thank god you didn’t grow up in the highland you would have been tortured

  6. Mr. Lynne [AKA Mr. Lupin] Says:

    He’s just pissed ‘cuz I gave him a failing grade on is OWLs in Defense Against the Dark Arts.

    [/harry potter geek]

  7. Lynne Says:

    Oh this is going to be FUN. I needed a reason to get active again. Thanks Mike! You are a peach. You make it so easy. Keep up the good (angry) work!

  8. Eric J. Says:

    Okay, I am a fairly casual Lowell watcher but is this Hayden dude the same guy that writes/wrote a column on anger management for The Sun?? Only asking because if he is, that old saw about the cobbler’s sons always wearing the bad shoes comes to mind. Birtherism is nuts and this from a guy who thinks Atilla the Hun was a left-wing bleeding heart!

  9. Lowell Shallot Says:

    A complete embarrassment for all of us. I miss Regina (I’ll rip your tits off) Faticanti. She seems like an improvement over these clowns on ALL sides.

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