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June 19, 2013

“Mary Jo” Just Won’t Go

by at 7:13 am.

So, as the cliché goes, ‘the emperor has no clothes.”

The deadlocked didn’t break.

The political stunt by the Boutin faction of the GLTHS school committee lays bare the shallowness of the Gitschier cabal.

My apologizes to soon to be former Supt. Santoro, for drumming up her name with my old mantra. But, it is clear, Cassin style politics is not being forced out of that school. Same shit. Different spoon.

And, to top it off, Mike Hayden pulled papers to run for a seat. Is he running for one of the 4 year seats, occupied by O’Hare & Bahou? Or, is he going to try and snipe Boutin off of the balance of Lenzi’s term?

11 Responses to ““Mary Jo” Just Won’t Go”

  1. Gerry Nutter Says:

    What “Stunt” they were willing to change their mind and go with the 3rd finalist who is the only person working as a Superintendent because they realize the importance of having a Superintendent. It is called compromising but I understand based on your political bent there should never be any quarter given. Our way or the Highway seems to be most Liberal Democrats motto.

    Selecting Bob Lussier for a month was done in order for the District to have someone in place to sign required state documents, PO’s for supplies and grant applications until the Committee selects an Interim.

    Try watching the meetings, you may learn something…oh wait! You have to do that on-line because Fred has been unable to get that done on the local cable has he promised 4 years ago..maybe he was busy putting on his make-up or being over emotional about his sagging business?

  2. Jack Says:

    It’s too bad you have to litter your valid point with preconceived notions. But, then again, that is your hallmark, Gerry. You can’t separate your wheat from your chaff.

  3. Sara Baker Says:

    Gerry, are you simply doing a copy paste reply off of some update that Pockets McGovern is sending you?

    “Selecting Bob Lussier for a month was done in order for the District to have someone in place to sign required state documents, PO’s for supplies and grant applications until the Committee selects an Interim.”

    Seems like a very “INSIDER” response. Some Sock Puppet, you’ve become.

  4. Gerry Nutter Says:

    I prefer to look at Facts and the Law..I know most don’t want facts to get in the way, but if there is n no one in charge nothing can get done.


    Principals employed under this section shall be the educational administrators and managers of their schools and shall supervise the operation and management of their schools and school property, subject to the supervision and direction of the superintendent. Principals employed under this section shall be responsible, consistent with district personnel policies and budgetary restrictions and subject to the approval of the superintendent, for hiring all teachers, athletic coaches, instructional or administrative aides and other personnel assigned to the school and for terminating all such personnel, subject to review and prior approval by the superintendent and subject to this chapter.

    Prior to any assignment to a school of a teacher previously employed in another school in the district including, but not limited to, voluntary transfer, involuntary transfer, reduction in force, and recall, the superintendent shall consult in good faith with the principal concerning the assignment and application of any collectively bargained for selection criteria. In the case of an assignment in connection with the involuntary transfer or recall of a teacher to another school, any collectively bargained for selection criteria shall include the factors set forth in the seventh paragraph of section 42.

    The principal of any school which requires an examination for student admission shall be solely and exclusively responsible for hiring all teachers, instructional or administrative aides and other personnel and for terminating all such personnel without the requirement of review or prior approval by the superintendent before such hiring or termination. This section shall not prevent a person from serving as the principal of 2 or more elementary schools or the use of teaching principals in such schools.

    It shall be the responsibility of the principal in consultation with professional staff of the building to promote participatory decision making among all professional staff for the purpose of developing educational policy.

    Seems to be someone has to be in place until they hire a full timer…Just reading the Law that’s all excuse me for doing so..

    BTW Sarah I worked for TIM FALLON not Mary Jo when I was there and go back and read some of my post when I’ve whacked her..but most of you including Jack ,have a blind loyalty for your own reasons to whatever your cause is and that’s fine.

    I tend to just express my opinion based on the moment and event.

    Editor’s note: added blockquote and hyperlink tags.

  5. Mike Hayden Says:

    So Jack does this mean you and Lynne are going to decline my invitation to be the Co- Chairs of the Committee to Elect Mike Hayden to the Greater Lowell Tech School Board ?????

    Note: This comment came in anonymous, but I know Mike is a stand up guy, so I put his name on it. I assume he meant for it to be under his name. If I’m mistaken. I will fix it. - Jack

  6. Jack Says:


    Where could I borrow a 10 foot pole extender?

  7. Sara Baker Says:

    Woaaa…there Gerry. Be very cautious with ANY references to somebody “whacking” anybody out there! The Tyngsboro PD will enter the picture VERY quickly. Just ask Lynne!

  8. Mr. Lynne Says:

    “…blind loyalty for your own reasons to whatever your cause is…”

    Gerry, just some advice - mind reading isn’t usually productive because nobody does it particularly well. “Blind” is a word people throw around typically when they just think stated reasoning is invalid - but that’s a matter of disagreement about reasoning, not actual disregard for reasoning.

  9. Mike Hayden Says:

    Sorry about not putting my name on comment 5 that was me It was just an oversight
    Mike Hayden

  10. Mr. Lynne Says:

    No Problem Mike. You’re certainly not the first to hit the submit button before you got a chance to put a handle on the form.

  11. Taxpayer Says:

    They should just a pick a name out of a hat problem solved!

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