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July 10, 2013

The “G” in GLTHS Stands for “Gentlemen”

by at 9:26 pm.

Update: Feedback is coming in on my observation of O’Hare indicating the option to run for the 2 year seat. Note the similarity of handwriting for the O’Hare and Bahou entries. Did the same person jot “GLTHS School Comm” down in the book?

Could this be a clerical error and I only made it worse by running it up the flagpole?

Update 2: I’m told that there was a miscommunication and that George O’Hare has made it understood that he intends to run for the full, four year term that he currently holds. So, read the rest of this diary with an awkward eye.

I’ll toss my crystal ball and take out the handy dandy ‘Magic 8 Ball.’


For whatever reason, George O’Hare is not opting to run for the 4 year seat he currently holds. But, rather, he is setting up to run for the balance of the Lenzi term, which is now held by the appointed Ray Boutin

Please note the little red arrow. Note that GLTHS SC person George O’Hare has indicated that he is running for the 2 year seat.
The little red arrow, I’m told, points to a misunderstanding. Nothing more.

What does this mean? Is O’Hare looking to go head to head with Boutin? Why would O’Hare throw a gauntlet at Boutin? I don’t know of any bad blood on the pro-Cassin era side. So, what gives?

A seat swap?

Gaze into my crystal ball.

I see a statement forthcoming from Ray Boutin. It will speak in whirling compliments of George O’Hare’s great service to Lowell & the GLTHS community. He’ll lay it on thick, like a PR guy wrote it. Then there will be some parsing of his previous statements that came during the appointment process, and after, about running for the balance of Lenzi’s term in 2013. Mix in compliments to the joint committee that appointed him and Texas Side Step into respecting George O’Hare’s wish to serve 2 more years and “Presto,” Ray Boutin will be running for the full 4 year term, while O’Hare keeps Lenzi’s seat warm for the two years. This will all happen with pinkies raised, like gentlemen.

We need candidates to run for these seats. How about Fru Nkimbeng? He did well in the interview for the Lenzi filler. Maybe, former Council candidate David Koch. He’s a real mud slinger. Plaster, people. Plaster!
How about some of the ragtag Cassin War re-treads, like Ralph Hogan? (Will Norkiewicz run in Dracut?)

I remember Gerry saying the place needs an enema. We got some douchebags up there now, screwing everything up. Come on, aspiring pols. The GLTHS is a good tooth cutter. Build that resume for Lowell City Council?

How about a chic? Would Jackie be willing to pull a purple number out of mothballs? Take one for the team?

Takers? Anyone? Bueller?

2 Responses to “The “G” in GLTHS Stands for “Gentlemen””

  1. Gerry Nutter Says:

    The 3 biggest reason to NOT run are:

    1) With the One man One Vote ruling still floating out there, everyone might have to run again next year.

    2) No Stipend and a lot of time involved, and everyone and his brother wants you to donate to their cause.

    3) Having to put up with ME, the SUN and YOU!

    Have you not noticed there are NO Lowell School Committee candidates either? Why no call for someone to run for those seats? OH forgot the Tech Committee isn’t made up of a lot of your friends.

    Great minds (or in our case, twisted minds) think alike. I emailed Jackie lobbying her to run also.

  2. Jack Says:

    2) I think we should pay $5,000 & give bennies.
    3) I’m a nice guy.

    “Have you not noticed there are NO Lowell School Committee candidates either? Why no call for someone to run for those seats? OH forgot the Tech Committee isn’t made up of a lot of your friends.”

    Gerry, you are such a space shot, sometimes. First, I could NOT give a crap, if anyone runs against my friends. I am confident in their ideals and the policies they propose. Should a challenger beat them, I’m confident that only better ideals and policies will win.


    If “my friends” are cool with it, why would I not?

    Sometimes, Gerry, you get caught playing the monkey throwing poop around inside his own cage.

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