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July 28, 2013

Dave Daly and an Ambulance Chaser

by at 1:22 pm.

Didn’t Dave Daly used to drive an ambulance? If anyone knows Gary Sepe or John Chemaly, would you please verify and report back, here?

I know Daly owns an ambulance, bunches, actually. And, on the side, he builds McMansions.

Seems, now, Daly wants to hang out with ambulance chasers (bold mine):

David Daly, the Lowell developer and business owner who was an outspo­ken opponent of the clinic’s move, said he felt like he was one of Murphy’s targets.

“I’m extremely upset and insulted, and I feel slan­dered,” said Daly. “He is painting the ZBA, developers and a lot of other people with a broad brush and implying people were taking payoffs. He is completely off-base and his comments were reckless.”

Daly is president and CEO of PrideSTAR EMS and Daly General Contracting, which are based across Stedman Street from Habit OpCo’s proposed location. He plans to consult a lawyer about Murphy’s comments and consider legal action.

Some of you are scratching your head, right now. “Jack, You talk inside baseball.” Mea culpa. Context and continuance is below the fold.

You can hear the Mayor’s remarks, which the faux outraged flail as scurrilous, in the first minute and a half of the video, Here.

To get some insight into the ‘Westview Road’ references, on LiL, there is: Flexible Integrity on The City Council

Mimi chimed in with: Murphy’s Law as defined by Paper

There are a lot of adjectives you can attribute to Mayor Murphy but coward is not one of them. This is a guy who has taken on the Sun, Bill Taupier and CC Rita Mercier, all within a month. He is figuratively and literally a fighter. Some people may not like the fights he gets involved in but no one can say that he is afraid to express his views and willing to go to the mat for his beliefs.

From the beginning of the public discussion on this project, the Sun has been leading the public relations campaign; both with articles and an editorial. I am not sure of the motivation but I am going to guess the project consultant’s relationship with the editor may have played a part.

Frankly, I think Mr. Daly’s opinions were used by the paper to prop up their views on the two Murphys. But I do agree with Mr. Daly that “The issue became so much about politics rather than what was best for the city.” But he should have added “inside” politics with the paper as one of the players.

In Certain Opinions Are Better .. #efhutton, I note Daly’s tantrum, as recorded in the Blog of Record:

The developer, who is CEO of Daly General Contracting and PrideStar EMS, also said he thinks the council’s vote, as well as the recent Murphy-Mercier feud, will lead to a lively election next fall.

“This issue became so much about politics rather than what was best for the city,” Daly said. “I think you will see a pretty aggressive election cycle next year.”

(Note: He is sponsoring several candidates in 2013.)

Now, let’s jump over to George Anthes’ & Teddy Panos’ favorite blog, .
New subdivision proposed for Westview Road

Those in shady Lowell will cry foul, as they know Dick Howe, Jr.; credible and beyond reproach, did have a dog in the fight. Though Dick is his own dog. He doesn’t send Freddy Doyle. But, I digress:

I don’t usually comment on anything contained in the Sunday Lowell Sun “Column“, but one item this week caught my attention. It wasn’t that developer David Daly employed former city manager John Cox as a “consultant” on his proposal for a housing development on Westview Road, although that did explain a lot, especially the newspaper’s one-sided support for that project. (Note: I live on Westview and oppose the project). And it wasn’t that Daly, who I assume intends to continue doing business in Lowell into the future, took some very public and strong shots at state representative Kevin Murphy and Lowell Mayor Patrick Murphy, two guys with long memories and well-established political skills. No, the thing that really caught my attention was the section about former state senator Steve Panagiotakos predicting the defeat of not only Elizabeth Warren, but also of his former House colleague Colleen Garry, ….


Okay. I realize we are stuck in a bit of a time warp. The ‘crumb trail’ is vivd and long.

So, we have a bunch of finger pointing in Lowell. Surprised?

I am writing today to discuss the assertion by shady Lowellians that want to use the Mayor’s remarks at a campaign event to run a underhanded proxy war (Campi’s Broken Dog Whistle) against the City Manager.

I was at the event, Van Pech’s campaign kickoff, and heard the Mayor’s remarks, first hand. Though there is a narrow window of opportunity to sharply focus the Mayor’s insinuations directly at the ZBA, anyone who has talked to the Mayor or follow the Mayor’s politics, or even talked to those that are like minded in reform efforts here in Lowell; anyone would know that the Mayor is speaking in a broader context of a generalized shadowy cabal that lurks in Lowell, trying to butter their bread with your tax dollars (Boston Globe: Michael McLaughlin made a career of skirting laws - FCDL Blog: Bernard Joseph Tully, a Former Massachusetts State Senator, Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud) or graft from those that need City Hall to look the other way (BMG: Three Little Letters Lowell Doesn’t Want to Hear: FBI).

Point: In the broader context, the veracity of Mayor Murphy’s observations are spot on.

So, spot on is he, that the touch hole Daly made the same observations directed specifically at MA House Rep. Kevin Murphy.
Remember this (bold mine):

The Column (Oct. 1, 2012)
Daly’s petition to have 17.4 wooded acres rezoned to residential so he could build seven luxury homes was supported by five councilors, but needed six votes for approval.

The first politician drawing Daly’s ire was state Rep. Kevin Murphy, a Lowell Democrat and attorney, who represented the Mt. Pleasant Golf Club’s board of directors before the council. Murphy told the council that the club’s directors were unanimously opposed to the zoning change to stand with neighborhood residents in opposition, and because of concerns about aesthetics and public safety on the street.

But Daly said Murphy had in the weeks leading up to the Planning Board and council votes told his camp — including his project consultant, former City Manager John Cox — that the golf club would stay neutral. Daly also said his team had committed to addressing any concerns the golf club had, including agreeing to have a buffer zone between the club and the Westview site.

But Daly said he believes Murphy and his brother Gary Murphy helped convince the club to oppose the rezoning because Murphy wanted to curry favor with voters in his district, which includes Westview Road.

“He was playing to his constituents in the area and there were so many conflicts of interest it was sickening,” Daly said.

Murphy disputed Daly’s statements.

Finger’s are pointing and tongues are wagging. There are a lot of undercover gossip mongers in Lowell. The political pornography sells in the Blog of Record, like an interracial 2F1M in Hustler. Note: We bloggers are more like internet porn. We collect what we like and share it for free. :v)

Daly wants a shit storm because he didn’t get what he wanted. He said as much: “I think you will see a pretty aggressive election cycle next year.”

Why the Mayor, who doesn’t have to stand in the blizzard of turd, opted to throw the gauntlet, at Van Pech’s campaign kickoff, is a bit off a mystery. Though, Patrick Murphy has consistently railed against such things. No doubt, Murphy has a heaping sense of ‘integrity.” As I’ve said, “What is best about Murphy, is what is worst about Murphy.”

Chuck this all in the blender and what comes out is more about the City Manager and how he has changed the game, here in Lowell, than anything else. A friend of mine, a lifetime Lowellian, noted: ‘Daly wants inspectional services to go back to house plans jotted on the back of bar napkins.’

Uh Oh. Do I need to lawyer up? #bushleague

5 Responses to “Dave Daly and an Ambulance Chaser”

  1. Taxpayer Says:

    Again hurting the local business owners of the City who in fact pay Murphy’s 20 grand stipend! Mr. Daly has done and will do for more for this City than Murph will ever do like him or not the reality is reality. What are you guys going to do when someone whom you deem to oppose you because they are from Lowell decides to put a business in the Hamilton District. Complain and say its an inside job. Grow up or get out!

  2. Jack Says:

    We all pay, taxpayer. We all pay. You seem to forget that, waaaay too often. Maybe, that’s why you cast a sense of entitlement onto your ‘leaders?’ You have more self respect kissing gilded asses?

  3. joe from Lowell Says:

    How dare one of the small-folk dispute with his betters? Doesn’t he understand that we all live in eternal moral debt to them?

  4. Joe S Says:

    The empire strikes back!

  5. daughterofdoom Says:

    are you serious?? Murphy deals with the s***storm he deals with for 20k?? I figured he should get a “weight” based stipend for the amount of bullshit he deals with.

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