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August 9, 2013

Doing Your Job ≠ Harrassment (Updated)

by at 10:44 am.

Despite the crappiness that appears to be the Lowell Sun’s new website (the sidebar ads are covering half the content, they have the worst, most pixelized photo of Gitschier imaginable…they must have pulled it off Google…and the layout of Santoro’s picture is whacked and the photo overly ginormous) we finally find out the results of the internal investigation of the claim by former Superintendent and current golden parachute retiree Mary Jo Santoro, that School Committee member Eric Gitschier “harassed” her by making too many motions asking for accountability.

That result? No there there. Move along folks.

Michael Long, an attorney for the school, recently provided Gitschier, a Lowell representative on the board, with the following statement about the internal investigation that could be shared with the public.

“The informal review concluded there was insufficient evidence of a violation of law to warrant referral for a formal investigation,” the statement said.

Also keep in mind:

The internal investigation into Santoro’s harassment allegation had been requested by board member Victor Olson, a Dracut representative.

Hopefully there will be some more accountability from the School Committee members over there. We do have a challenger for the four year seat, Bopha Peou, and I will be getting a whole lot more information to you about her soon. (I think you’ll be excited!)

PS this is the screenshot of the Sun’s article layout. In order to read it, I had to cut and paste it into a text editor. Gross, right? Do they not care at all over at The Museum??

screenshot of Gitschier awful article layout

Update: Someone pointed out to me, that the Firefox view of the main Sun Blogs web page is totally hosed. Firefox. You know, that browser that a whole ton of people actually use? Keep in mind, this screenshot was captured with the latest version of Firefox (v23.0):

Sun Blog page screenshot from Firefox

They are using a javacript or jquery or some sort of fancypants clientside script to showcase the latest from each blog, with a sliding window, and it should look like this:

screenshot of Sun Blog home page correctly rendered

No outfit smaller than a three-person auto shop should not be at least checking their website with all the modern browsers, and if they are smart, some of the older ones as well. Just goes to show you how amateur these guys really are. I understand that Colorado dictates a lot in regards to the web presence, but seriously, you don’t go live with a web page if it looks like the previous screenshot on any one of the major browsers. *shakes head*

5 Responses to “Doing Your Job ≠ Harrassment (Updated)”

  1. Belvidere Resident Says:

    I didn’t see much talk on your Blog regarding Councilor Noun inability or negligence in not properly handing his Campaign finances?

  2. Lynne Says:

    Well gee, maybe it’s because I found out about it like ten minutes ago? Also, I don’t trust the Lowell Sun’s story on this one, because they have it in for anyone associated with the Mayor, so therefore I want to find out more before I rush to judgement.

    But I see you have.

  3. Lynne Says:

    PS - “Belvidere Resident” - if you are who your IP says you are, stick to one nickname.

  4. Jack Says:

    Don’t forget the Autoplay on video ads. #majorsuck

  5. NedMillCity Says:

    The Sun website is brutal. The good news from a business perapective is that only bloggers read newspapers online, so it doesn’t make much sense to poor capital into web improvements.

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