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August 17, 2013

Come October, This Won’t Matter

by at 8:20 pm.

A flurry of comments have popped up on Lynne’s post about Matt Vieira, down blog. The crux of the retorts are about an argument over whether #JMatt (Vieira) deleted an earlier Facebook incarnation of himself. The rumoured Facebook page was very overwrought with scurrilous, tea bagger frenzied remarks about liberals, including the POTUS.

We at LiL are accused of being “lunatics” and are said to be making this stuff up because we want to damage Matt Vieira’s candidacy.

Some points:
1) Come October, there is a slim chance this diary will be relevant.
2) Vieira is the Prince of self-inflicted political gaffes.
3) The whole “deleted Facebook page” thing has been around since, at least, March 2013.

The latest “buzz” for a new challenger is Matt Vieira a young man who has worked on some local campaigns and has been involved with the Best Buddy and Cancer charities. Like a lot of young people, Matt has posted some strongly opinionated items on Facebook that in hindsight I’m sure he regrets and he deleted his old page and began a new one. However, things aren’t gone because they have been deleted and those that support the City Manager style instead of strong Mayor will no doubt bring those posting back. It is up to Matt to show the maturity to deal with his past while not letting it become a distraction.

Apparently, as Gerry Nutter predicted, Vieira was so acerbic, someone took note and grabbed some screen shots. Here’s a sample of what was passed around.

There’s more, but what difference does it make? I suggest we let Vieira off the hook. He is, after all, merely cannon fodder sent to do damage and take damage, while doing it. His handlers, or mentors, or heroes; as the case may be, will not mop up the mess of this young partisan’s tattered career.

Ideologues are easily led by the nose. So, please, LiLurkers, let this guy go. Besides, if I have to further endure the squeals of his surrogates, I may just have to use real intertubes mojo. #theinternethasalongmemory

36 Responses to “Come October, This Won’t Matter”

  1. Rose Says:

    Rising star of the Republican party- http://www.redmassgroup.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=1421
    There are so many more screen shots hanging out there.

  2. Dsoldier89 Says:

    LOL! The Internet has a long memory. That’s funny. First, lets try using hash tags for websites/applications that actually have use for them, like Instagram or Twitter, instead of using it as a sarcastic term to show superiority. Second, you’re using Facebook as your ammo?? FACEBOOK!? Are you in high-school!? Not only does that seem childish to me, but it also seems a bit vindictive. Especially when the “evidence” is from 2008/2009; nearly 4 years ago. This young man was merely 19 years old then. I’m pretty sure his mindset has not only differed, but matured the past 4 years. Before you go on a young candidate bashing, just because he has different point of views than you; I recommend finding out what he plans to do with this great city of ours and THEN judge him. Maybe THEN you’ll have REAL reason too.

  3. sabrina Says:

    Wow go matt…getting all this attention. I would love to be able to go back years in any of his haters lives and see what I could dig up. So are we saying bc he may have not always been perfect or bc he wasn’t an obama admiror per ur post above he doesn’t deserve a chance at lowell city council? Give me a break. Keep trashing a young candidate who has done a lot of good and is looking to do good forour city. Makes you all look mature. Again…would love to get into your lives and pull out things and pop plast it on here all day. Pathetic!!

  4. sabrina Says:

    On another note…this is all perfect examples of what we dint want our children of society doing..bullying through social media and blogs. This all seems rather extreme and unwarranted. I don’t give a shit if in politics you needs thick skin. Sad that polotics does this to adults

  5. Jimmy Says:

    Hahahaha how about Jack referring to himself and neighborhood groups as the Taliban? You know…. The same Taliban that hates America. Jack, your gaffe is far more current. How about you reach out to Matt, or have you already? I’m pretty sure he’s got answers. As he said to nutter, it’s only the LiL lunatics with an agenda that care about this. Go Matt! I liked Mitt.

  6. spindlesister Says:

    lol… and THESE people call themselves adults? They really need to go slither back into the canals from which they seem to come out at night…

    Support Mr. V, don’t support Mr. V. Who cares - he is as irrelevant as he was four years ago, and unless he learns how to disagree without being disagreeable, and shows that he can base his assertions/accusations on fact, he will likely need to reboot his image every 2-4 years.

    Sorry, this little scum soaked pukebag just riles me up with his claims to know what he is doing, while hiding behind the same smoke and mirrors his buddy Mitt did (and continues to do).

  7. spindlesister Says:

    Sorry about that, but it is too early, and no coffee in the house. Though it feels great to get it off my mind.

  8. Jimmy Says:

    Wait…. Wait…. Mature? Lol didnt you just claim Vieira was not mature, and had no facts? Spindlefuck you have no facts nor are you mature with the name calling about someone you probably have never met a day in your life. Hahaha each and every comment you tools come out with make me laugh more and more. Where’s Gerry Nutter. ATLEAST someone has a blog worth reading even when he had criticism.

  9. Linda C Says:

    Firstly, I do not like Mitt Romney because I worked for Mitt Romney and know his tactics/policies. I know how he saves a company only if there is anything left to save after the workers hours are cut and they lose their healthcare and after loans are taken against their pensions. The banks use the pensions as collateral and Mitt and the gang are paid for their time through the Loans. When this is spent and gone, it is just too bad, if the company goes under for good but with the workers a whole lot poorer than they would have been before Mitt came to their rescue. Just because something is legal does not make it morally or ethically right, in my humble opinion.

    Now, about Matt Vieira, I first came to know of him when he attacked Councilor Nuon and Councilor Martin saying they had to go. Since then he has launched personal attacks on others and seems more interested in talking about specific people than he is about policies. He is of course looking for name recognition and feels this is the way to get our attention. Strike one with me as a voter. I want to hear your plans not your vitriol whether it is about city employees or the President. The second reason I can not vote for him is because he supports Plan A and I like Plan E. Strike three is that he indicated Lowell should have advocated for a slots parlor to which I am adamantly opposed. The city finally cleaned up the drugs, prostitution and fighting in some of the local bars over and around Jackson St. where my grand child now, lives. The most troublesome bars are gone. I like the direction the city is going in and do not want to allow a return to the less desirable aspects of life that were once very active in that area. I believe our revenue should not come from the misery of others who gamble away their lives and I do not want to allow the sub cultures they create along with them to return.

  10. Eric J Says:

    “Scum soaked pukebag” Yeah, the rhetoric here is on a much higher plane.

  11. Jack Says:

    “Point!,” goes to Eric J.

  12. Kate S Says:

    Well, luckily Mitt isn’t rubbing for council, Matt is! You liberals clearly consider him a huge threat to your democratic policies and agenda I see. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be all you can write about. Incompetent bloggers. I agree with Jim, where’s Gerry!! Fair and balanced.

  13. sabrina Says:

    Ok spindlesister you struck a cord with me personally…piece of advise keep you comments mature and factual based or shut it!!!!! You may disagree with matts views but I don’t recall him a 23 yr old usinh wrds like puke bag…are you friggen kidding me. Get a life and grow the hell up bc this turned from political to outright immaturity.

  14. Eric J Says:

    @Kate S. Whereas the name of the blog is “Left in Lowell” – there is no intent on presenting a politically neutral viewpoint. In fact, they are boldly declarative of their persuasion – it’s right there in the blog title! I am a right of center individual and post here occasionally. I know going in that we will hold differing political beliefs. You knew that too when you posted, and if you didn’t then you’re a little oblivious.
    Now, I may agree with Matt V. that it was ridiculous that Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and I also believe if you take Mitt Romney – stretch him out half a foot, and get him interested in para-sailing you’ve got John Kerry.
    What I don’t think is that anyone is unduly concerned about the viability of Mr. Vieira’s candidacy. He’s clearly not ready for prime time.

  15. Kate S Says:

    Jack commends that talk on his page. It shows the character of jack and Lynne.
    Jack, you served your country and came back a communist. You can’t distinguish between Americans and the Taliban… Matt not anyone here can say or write anything your going to agree with, so good luck with your move to Afghanistan.

  16. Matthew Vieira Says:


    Sorry I have been unable to acknowledge your blog, I’ve been busy knocking on doors and meeting folks at the Asian waterfest. These folks have a real concern about the city and it’s future.

    When you would like to discuss issues that concern the voters of Lowell, feel free to reach out to me at vieira_matt@live.com. I would be happy to answer those questions.
    I encourage your followers to do the same if they have a real concern about my policies and my envision for the city.

    Thank You and happy Sunday!

    Matt Vieira

  17. Lisa Says:

    I agree with Sabrina on this, really how old are you people grow up seriously and go do something productive with your lives. I want someone on here that has known Matt for a long length of time on here and tell me something negative about him, and I’m talking in years form not just cause of this election. Give me some real Good reasons why you don’t want him in.

  18. Jack Says:

    Eric J. is on a roll!

    @Kate S I moderate the comments. I don’t like the line “Scum soaked pukebag” AT ALL. But, it is a phrase in poor taste, used by a commenter that visits LiL regularly. spindlesister will have to consider hers/his word choice and go on from there.

    As for you, who we don’t know, AT ALL; YOU can kiss my DD214.

  19. Kate S Says:

    Well clearly you are not very worthy nor credible, look, your not open to new posters with different opinions. I can tell your “left” in Lowell. I’d like to refrain from
    Kissing the Talibans DD214 thank you very much.

    I must also say, Kudos to Matt!!! Mature, professional comment showing none of your material here Will bring him down. He knocked on my door yesterday as well as Marty.

  20. Mr. Lynne Says:

    “not open to new posters with different opinions.”

    Says the new poster with differing opinions in a comment that was freely ‘let through’. If the last few days are any example, I’d say you’re not just wrong, but spectacularly so.

    I have no problem voting for conservatives in my municipal government. Moreover, I have voted for conservatives in municipal government and support some now. I also don’t have a problem with him being young. I’m actually a fan of discouraging the fallacy that age, by itself, necessarily adds any weight to the ‘rightness’ or ‘wrongness’ of a claim. And we’ve had previous examples of younger people running that I’ve been impressed by and voted for. I find it very interesting that all the recent commenters seemed to have assumed our issues had to do with his party or his age. How quickly we forget CC Mendonca, former CC Milanazo, and former CC candidate Ryan Berard. The comments’ unanimity on positions of ours for which they have no knowledge is suspicious of an organized effort reading from the same set of misinformed marching orders.

    My problem with Mr. Vieira isn’t his conservatism or his age. The problem I pointed out from the original post about his unfortunate performance at dialog in a FB thread, was his inability to stop himself from correcting people in a technical area for which he had no technical knowledge and they did. I don’t need another armchair expert at everything second guessing the work of professionals in their fields. Down that path are problems I don’t want.

    I’ve said it in a previous thread - for me, “I don’t know” should be comfortably in a candidate’s (or anyone’s for that matter) repertoire. If you are not only uncomfortable with it but actually run from it, that’s a red flag in my book (left, right, or upside down). I’m trying to think of a more polite way to put it, but ‘talking out of your ass’ is too apt a description to leave unsaid. We’ve all talked out of our ass on occasion and so that might be forgivable. But in this case it was a technical area for which he obviously was out of his depth about and he should have known. I, for example, am very cognizant at the depth of my lack of knowledge about traffic engineering (unlike some CCs) and wouldn’t presume to school anyone on the subject. Matt, when faced with something similar could have impressed. He could have quit when behind. That he didn’t impress isn’t my fault and saying that he failed to impress isn’t exactly unwarranted criticism. People running for office should expect to be evaluated.

    Maybe he’ll learn. Maybe someday he’ll find some integrity. We’ll see how he turns out then. For now - no I don’t want him making decisions on my behalf, as he’s already shown too much of an inability to handle disagreement as is.

  21. Kate S Says:

    See Mr. Lynne…. Fair argument right there. I’m voting for Matt and clearly you and I disagree, but you were great in that post. I have no problem with what you said, and I have no problem with how you just handled it. If only everyone on here including some of his support could now handle it the same way, the results would be much more beneficial! Maybe over the next two months Matt can impress you, maybe you’ll be open minded enough to listen, to give a chance and not base his past as a discord. Maybe you’ll now be willing to agree to disagree on eachothers policies. If the rest of this blog could function the way you are now finally doing, this could have resulted in an educational and informative posting.

    I at first, was iffy on Matt. I got the chance to meet him at my door, and I’m sold. Young man with maturity far beyond his years (way beyond what his old FB posts show) and someone o truthfully felt like I could relate too. Matt gave his cell phone number to me and said “Kate, if you or your husband want to discuss some issues, or if you have any questions or concerns, pleas do not hesitate to call, text, or email me.” I was able to relate to this man. I don’t agree with ALL his stances, but I agree with some and I am willing to allow for someone like him to enter the leadership role. Lets remember, there will be 8 other councilors, and it’s a two year term. Why not give him a chance? See what he’s made of and of it doesn’t work out, two years fly by. I was impressed, but I too always hated politics. He turned me into a believer. As I said before, young man, visited in shorts, sneakers, a polo, and a coffee I’m hand. He’s one of me, I was comfortable with a stranger.

    Kudos to Matt, and kudos to MR. Lynne for actually providing some points. Please, be open minded and don’t rely on Facebook to take you over. Be your own person, and make your own decisions on facts, and meet the candidate personally.

    I must get crackin’ in the yard, and hope we can end this bash fest on a positive note where it is. Lets
    move on. Ill be back here when I know you asked all the candidates questions so I can read responses.

  22. joe from Lowell Says:

    Give me some real Good reasons why you don’t want him in.

    His views about the proper role of government, and the value of the people who work therein, appear to be grossly at odds with my own.

    I submit that this is actually quite a better reason for one’s decisions about who to put in public office than whether an individual is kind to his neighbors and fun to have a beer with.

  23. Mimi Says:

    I agree with Ned (mrmillcity) comment on another post; as far as I am concerned, Matt’s 15 minutes on LiL are up.

    I am happy that we have new people posting comments.

    However, I have seen in the past 8 years, a number of new commentators who join the LiL discussion around election time, mainly to promote their candidate and then leave.

    Please stick around for discussion of other public policy issues.

  24. spindlesister Says:

    @Jack, I do apologize for my phrasing, as you are correct that it was out of line. BTW, from a strictly historical perspective, I support your Taliban comment, as I can understand it for what I think you meant, as opposed to the manner in which people intentionally chose to interpret it.

    For the record though, I actually DO know Matt (and a couple of his supporters here), so I’m not really too far off the mark, really.

    I think it is great to see new people posting… maybe they will stick around after the Olympics, er, um, Election?

  25. Kate S Says:

    Really? Who so you know here spitfire spindle? Non of us gave last names so you can’t know many. What’s your real name?

  26. spindlesister Says:

    @Kate, sure… you want to meet me in a parking lot somewhere… lol… please, get over yourself.

  27. C R Krieger Says:

    So Kate S says (August 18th, 2013 at 10:41 am):

    “Jack, you served your country and came back a communist. You can’t distinguish between Americans and the Taliban…”

    Yes, I know Jack and I think the “came back a Communist” is a bit over the top. I find, from time to time, that Jack as some views that align with mine on the Constitution and how things should work. Jack is a compex person.

    As for the “can’t distinguish between Americans and the Taliban”, I wonder if that goes back to the Communist line. The Taliban are not Communists.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  28. Molly Says:

    Am I the only one who is bored by this nonsense? There are plenty of good candidates to focus our attention on. Let’s move on from this mess.

  29. Kate S Says:

    Sort of disturbing…. Your probably just another LiL with a fake name. Don’t be afraid to show yourself…. If you were comfortable with yourself it wouldn’t be an issue.

    Molly Matt’s a great candidate and has nothing to do with this “nonsense” the LiL folks do…. So what died up your ass?

  30. LowBel Says:

    Kate S, what’s really disturbing is that you pretend you came here for facts and discussion, when you seem to be only about putting Viera on a pedestal, ignoring things he’s done and said when the public eye wasn’t on him, which IMHO, is a far better indicator of his actual personality than when he’s knocking on doors and running for election. Of course he’s going to be on his best behavior then, because he doesn’t get a seat if he isn’t charming and caring.

    If you think LiL is such nonsense, why even post here? Why attack other commenters? Like Mimi and spindlesister said, you probably won’t stick around after the election to talk about day-to-day city policies.

  31. Lynne Says:

    I think this thread rests its case.

    My work here is done!

  32. Kate S Says:

    I’m sorry…. He’s such a terrible guy…. Sinner….scum….Matt Vieira is such a slime ball. Like really he’s no different than anyone else invested in their opinions.

  33. Mr. Lynne Says:

    Kate, you’ve held up my comments as ‘reasonable’ while deriding the other posters on the blog (Lynne, Jack, Mimi). I’m having trouble finding the particular things that you object to. You’re paraphrasing that someone may have called Mr. Vieira a “slime ball”, but where?

    Lets make a new rule, no more commenting on “tone” without specific examples. I’d think if there really is a problem of someone treating Matt unfairly, a cite shouldn’t be too much to ask.

    Here are some relevant links to the other posts so you can do proper citing.

    Another “Expert” Running for Council
    The price of free speech

  34. spindlesister Says:

    @MrLynne, I take blame for the comment, having called him a scum soaked pukebag earlier on. Of course, I *DO* have the first hand experience of knowing him, but regardless, it was in poor taste, and I have already apologized for my post. Sorry.

  35. joe from Lowell Says:

    Jack, you served your country and came back a communist.

    That is grossly unfair. I’m pretty sure Jack was a communist long before he went into the service.

    I just don’t see how you can blame the military for him.


  36. Jack Says:

    Da, Comrade! My mom taught me to share toys with the other kids.

    In the Army Infantry, I learned about the exquisite efficiency of totalitarianism. Plus, how to smite those that refuse to yield to exceptionalism.

    What’s good for the goose, .. and all that.

    Move out, smartly!

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