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August 21, 2013

Oh Mr. Magoo…

by at 8:36 am.

You’ve done it again…testing new web designs seems to be something the parent company of the Lowell Sun can’t seem to get right.

Go to the Lowell Sun right now, and you get this weird ad for the lead-in (God do I HATE preloaded “click to skip” ads):

skip this ad screenshot

Then you get…the Denver Post! Well, not really, just the title. The title links to denverpost.com and the weather link is for Denver as well.

Lowell Sun, Denver Post title

Again, as a web designer, who has had to go live on web redesigns for clients all the time, this is just, well, sad. How much money did they spend on this? It’s seriously amateur. Can things go wrong in a website redesign release? Sure. But the sheer number of goofups with this media group is more than just a simple hiccup, it’s like they don’t give a crap. They still haven’t touched the blogs.lowellsun.com home page, which in Firefox (a very common browser) is so messed up you can’t even read it.

Unacceptable. But par for the course. If Denver cares so little for their web collateral that they fail to do the most basic cross browser, pre-live testing, it stands to reason this is also why they seem to care so little for good content (at least from certain of its reporters and editors…there are a few good eggs left over there, poor things).

PS - and then there’s their horrid title writing…so biased. “Tewksbury Town Meeting snubs slots-parlor plan” - obviously a negative spin on the vote, the use of the word “snubs,” as if the slots had just graciously deigned to visit and Tewksbury turned its nose up at it and sent it packing, despite the slots’ beautiful clothes and respectful manner. Kad Barma had also noted this tendency here on another Sun piece, but I’ve been writing about their awful titles since the beginning of this blog. No joke. It just never gets better…

One Response to “Oh Mr. Magoo…”

  1. Magnolia Says:

    If you think that’s bad , check today’s paper. Mine came up like a long skinny column that I could not enlarge. Whisweever idea it ws to revamp the website should be fired - yesterday!!!!!

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