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August 30, 2013

Adult Temper Tantrums

by at 11:22 am.

I missed this a few days ago.

When do you know a politico has the maturity of a five year old and zero sense of humor about themselves? When they go on social media tempter tantrums of course!

Former Senator and professional political office shopper Scott Brown went on what Jessica Van Sack over at the Herald described as a Twitter blocking bender, again raising some serious doubts about his temperament. Hashtag #blockedbyscotto was born.

It all started once again with Brown posting something odd on Twitter.

— Scott P. Brown (@ScottBrownMA) August 26, 2013

Which prompted Ben Jacobs a reporter for the Daily Beast to reply:

I just met you and this is crazy. Here’s my number. So call me “@ScottBrownMA: Maybe”
— Ben Jacobs (@Bencjacobs) August 26, 2013

Brown then blocked Jacobs from his public campaign account.

But Brown didn’t stop there, he then started a blocking spree that included Adam Reilly and David Bernstein amongst many others. Seems that anyone who responded to Brown’s Maybe tweet got blocked.

The people getting blocked are mostly reporters in Massachusetts. You can check out the #blockedbyscotto fun yourself (including my late-to-the-game comment about the flap). When you’re blocked, you can’t even “follow” that person on Twitter any more.

So you can either assume he’s done running for anything, or at least anything in MA, and doesn’t care about burning his bridges and acting like a child, or else, some child really did get a hold of his Twitter account. Either way, a real class move. *shakes head*

By the way, this is the guy Councilor Rita Mercier thought was a better choice for Senator. Let’s not forget that!

14 Responses to “Adult Temper Tantrums”

  1. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    Brown later tweeted that his “maybe” comment was in response to a request for an appearance. But I did get a kick out of everyone that responded to the tweet being blocked by Scott. Do I believe Scott? Nope.

  2. Lynne Says:


  3. Lynne Says:

    (The mature thing to do would be to rib the original guy back…or to simply say, this was supposed to be in response to X. Blocking a bunch of reporters and bloggers only makes you look petty and foolish and says that you take yourself wayyyyyy too seriously.)

  4. Elias N Says:

    Please Ghod let Scott Brown run for President….It might get me blogging again. He is the Gift That Keeps On Giving.


  5. Eric J Says:

    When Brown beat Coakley for Kennedy’s senate seat I was thrilled because, let’s face it, being a conservative in Massachusetts is about as much fun as being the dude who dry-mops the sweat off of the court during an NBA game. So, I’ll always be grateful for that one sparkling exuberant moment when the stars aligned and the liberal Weston-Brookline-Cambridge holier-than-thou crowd got it tucked to them by a dude in a pick-up truck and a barn coat.

    But I never confused him for Einstein.

    And each passing week, he proves that I was correct in my assessment. Now in addition to no being the sharpest tool in the barn, he is also exposing his sub-teen emotional functioning. Coy little tease tweets as if he were responding to an adoring girl from Junior-high wondering if he’s going to the dance on Friday night. “Maybe.”
    I didn’t think Obama was qualified because he was woefully inexperienced and I feel the same way about Brown.
    We are a country with HUGE problems and we don’t need Washington’s answer to the Bay City Rollers running for the presidency!

  6. Greg Page Says:

    @Eric J — once again, I find myself in complete agreement w/you.

    I was otherwise totally pro-Brown (or, like you, I was pro-the *idea* of Brown), until I met him at a SAC Club event last year and saw the side of him you just described — totally enamored of himself in the shallow way that a 7th-grade boy who’s just starting to get noticed by the girls might be.

    He was a total dope in the way he responded to the news that Charlie Baker is going to run for the Corner Office again: “…Well, we all know Charlie’s not Mr. Personality.” He just sounded like the football QB who’s patronizingly trying to *talk up* the chess team champion to try to get him a date.

    Charlie Baker has 10 times the personality that Scott Brown wishes he had, and 100 times the substance.

  7. Rose Says:

    So Greg you are saying that not only did Dave Nangle, Rita Mercier, and John Leahy cross party lines but they did it for a dope?

  8. Greg Page Says:

    I am saying Scott Brown is a Class A Dope. Ask the Mass. Nat’l Guard how they felt about him saying, “When I served in Afghanistan…” during the Brown-Warren debate in Lowell.

    As for the party line stuff, no comment — I’m a registered “R” so you’ve gotta take whatever I say here with a grain of salt.

  9. Lynne Says:

    Wow, thanks for the honest assessment, Greg and Eric. Sorry you had such an…unworthy candidate to put forth your ideals. In the great debate we’re all engaged in regarding the future of our country, I’d prefer that we all are represented by the best of us in the marketplace of ideas, and being disappointed by the standard bearer of your party is a bad place to be, no matter what letter is in the “party” column after your name in the voter database.

  10. joe from Lowell Says:

    Lynne, if the Massachusetts Democrats put up an empty suit, would that stop you from voting for him, if his victory meant the difference between House Speaker Pelosi and House Speaker Boenher?

    I’m not going to blame Republicans for voting for Scott Brown over the Democratic candidates. There are big, important differences in philosophy and practice between the two parties. People should vote their beliefs.

  11. Jack Says:

    I agree, JfL.

    But, by empty suit, maybe Lynne was saying there was no there there? No one I have talked to from Beacon Hill was much impressed with Brown as a legislator. Or, maybe she was saying his campaign hype did not align with his voting pattern?

    I took note that Brown’s pick up truck was devoid of dents, spilled paint or globs of joint compound. Ladders don’t travel with leaving tracks. Also, the barn coat was worn, when? Visiting his daughters ponies?

    What Brown promised was to vote against the ACA. He got the support of many ‘hurray for me Democrats,’ whose collective bargaining agreements covered their collective, fattened tookus. America can’t have a bitter sense of irony, from time to time.

    No matter. We got a watered down health care reform, even with Brown in the Senate. He stopped nothing!

    Check that: Employee Free Choice Act.

    F$#k Scott Brown and the ponies he rode in on.

  12. Jack Says:

    America CAN have a bitter sense of irony, from time to time.

    And, F$#k Scott Brown. Twice!

  13. Mr. Lynne Says:

    Empty suits have their uses, but of course that doesn’t mean they deserve any respect.

  14. Vlad Says:

    Absolutely not surprise with his immaturity level. The guy has some serious issues dealing with others. It baffles me to believe someone can reach a prestigious level of public leadership position yet have no idea on how to lead.

    That wasn’t the only dumb thing he said during the Brown vs Warren debate in Lowell. The best part was when the camera lights shut off. I will keep my comments to myself but the dude needs to grow up and stop acting like an adolescent boy.

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