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October 15, 2013

Mary Burns Is Not A Shrinking Violet

by at 10:32 pm.

After the Kabuki blitz by C.Elliott and his crooked sidekick C. Ditto, we got some aftermath on Facebook:

Fact checking? Hmmmm … I can do that, too!

Mary Says:
August 12th, 2011 at 5:44 pm e
I tried to respond to Gerry on his blog but unfortunately he told me in an email that he will not post my response. Because this issue was brought up here as well I felt I could not leave it hanging without a response. Gerry explained that he had a bad day at work and took it out on me. I’m pretty sure an apology followed by an excuse is not actually an apology.

I initially was going to post the actual emails but that would make me no better than Gerry. Here is what I tried to post to his blog. It may be slightly different because I edited it further after I had copied it and sent it to my email. But it’s 99% the same. I tried to keep it somewhat light hearted in spite of the vitriol he spewed.

I hope this will put an end to it. I know some will comment that I am too hard on Gerry. Go back and read his comment to me and consider again if this isn’t well deserved. I will not be back to his site again. He can take comfort in that.

I have been extremely busy with my business and have not really had time to read over all the contents in the blogs in over a week. Just a cursory look here and there. Only to return and find out I’m a whore. Who knew? I must say truly unbelievable. Luckily no-one has started emailing me asking for sexual favors. Although now that I’m connected with an STD I guess that’s most likely out of the question. There goes my chance at becoming a successful prostitute. And I was this close to making a career move.

You are truly not cut out for this type of banter. I guess it is all true what they say on the other blogs. You are intellectually weak. And here I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. Alas, Mary is now proven wrong. Although I have no plans to resort to a full fledged melt down because I was wrong like you managed to accomplish.

Of all the things I’ve written this simple statement is the one that sends you over the edge? Really? Too funny. Had I only known I would have mentioned you were wrong so much sooner to expose you for the type of person you really are. Your complete disdain for woman is now etched in cyberspace for all to see through eternity. You are officially part of the “he man woman haters club” (see Little Rascals for context…Gerry, that means explaining of a word, meaning, or event) All I can say is… my work here is done.


(bold mine)

In the diary referenced above, I did note a follow up discussion I had with Gerry:

I talked with Gerry today. We where both on City Life. He sincerely regretted losing his cool. To err is human…..

I don’t know the pain of Mary Burns. Was it more than the pain she regularly inflicts?

61 Responses to “Mary Burns Is Not A Shrinking Violet”

  1. Lynne Says:

    When there’s a record, you ought not to pretend with the handwringing…

    Gerry has said some stupid stuff. He’s had to apologize for quite a lot. However, pretending you didn’t know about it at the time is kinda…lame.

  2. Jade Says:

    Ms. Burns’ comments seem suspicious and really concern me because if at that time she was so very offended by Mr. Nutter’s comments, why didn’t she do something about it then???

    When your car is broken into, do you wait a couple years before telling the police??? If your house burns down, do you wait a couple of years before making a claim??? If you felt really wronged and maligned Ms. Burns, why would you wait 2 years???, there is no ambiguity.

    Once again, dirty politics is at play here! Hence Ms. Burns’ comment “LIBERAL COUNCIL” standing up for women.

  3. Joe Says:

    Honest question to the panel. Do the 3 or 4 people that run this site think they could get approved for a similar position? I am not claiming that any of you are trying or even thinking about anything like that. More of a big picture question. You all obviously care and are passionate about local politcs but I’m wondering if the situation with Mr Nutters blog/confirmation will have any impact with other people in the city that are both passionate and vocal with Lowell politics. Besides your favorite newspaper there really aren’t a lot of sources of news with local politcs. People that start these blogs care. Is this a cautionary tale to other local bloggers? I hope not

  4. Lynne Says:

    Well obviously this showcases the petty vindictiveness of some politicians. I know for a fact Rita would “choke to death” if I were nominated now!

    Of course, she’s never asked herself, why she’s been maligned on this website…why might someone totally disagree with her actions on the City Council? Why might someone object to, say, directly and illegally interfering with the City Manager’s assistant, when Plan E says that the Council cannot hire and fire people under the Manager, but she has some weird personal loyalty need to interfere anyway? She’s never really taken a hard look at herself, which this blog has happily provided her free of charge.

    If I were gonna stop blogging, it would have happened a long time ago…I’ve been hit by the local paper many many times, by a local superintendent who apparently doesn’t know the difference between hyperbole and a real threat, by drive by commenters when John Cox’s little buddies come on here whenever something comes up they don’t like, and by other bloggers.

    It could have a chilling effect on others jumping into the scene, maybe. I wouldn’t be afraid of Rita or Rodney if I decided to put my name in, but it might hurt others’ desire, I can’t speak for them. Of course, most positions on commission and boards would not mean having to stop blogging, either. I think the Elections Commission is kind of an exception.

    We’ve had people blogging who’ve stopped because they became elected officials, or have gotten other sorts of positions that preclude speaking out, and that’s sort of a natural progression for some people.

    For all the fuss, there was a 7-2 vote last night. I think anyone who was qualified could “get through” so long as they were the best person for that job. At least under this Council and this administration.

  5. Lynne Says:

    (PS - Rita’s adorable little anti-blogger rhetoric hardly scares me. She’s just so CUTE when she does it!)

  6. Mr. Lynne Says:

    Looking over the old comment threads in Jack’s links. Good times.

  7. Lynda Clark Says:

    Joe, the City Manager reviews all application for boards and commissions and interviews every person who meets the criteria. At the moment, there openings on the Conservation Commission, the Immigration Commission and the Library Board of Trustees. Please see the description of the positions below and send your resume and a letter of interest to “lclark@lowellma.gov”.

    If you are interested in serving your City on a board where there is no current opening, feel free to submit an application to be kept on file for future openings.

    For more information on other boards and commissions, please go to: http://www.lowellma.gov/citymanager/Pages/General/Advisory-Boards.aspx

    Conservation Overview

    The Conservation Commission is responsible for overseeing the protection of wetlands, riverbanks, and wildlife as defined by the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act. The Commission also issues permits and orders of conditions for work to be performed near protected areas under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act MGL Ch 131 s. 40, and The Lowell Wetlands Ordinance, Chapter 280 sections 1-13. Seven (7) members are appointed by the City Manager to a (3) year term. City Council Confirmation is not required.

    Immigration Overview

    Advises the City Manager on issues pertaining to the well-being of Lowell’s diverse immigrant and refugee population. The amendments to Section 9-25 are intended to clarify that 9 Members are appointed by the City Manager. If the Manager is automatically a member he is appointing nine people other than himself. The City Manager or designee should be an ex officio member because he does not appoint himself. He designates an alternate if he so desires. In total there will be 13 members: 9 appointed by the City Manager and the City Manager himself; the Mayor or designee; a City Councilor or designee and a School Committee member or designee. City Council Confirmation is required.

    Library Overview

    The Library Board of Trustees have responsibility through the City of the general care, administration, and policy making for the library. The Board engages in an ongoing planning process, which assesses the needs of the library and the role of the library in the community and ensure that the library develops to meet those needs. Nine (9) members, including the City Manager as ex officio President of the Board are appointed by the City Manager to a four(4) year staggered term to expire December 31st. City Council Confirmation is required.

  8. Lynda Clark Says:

    Taxi/Livery Overview
    Advises the City Manager on issues pertaining to Taxicab and Livery issues within the City. Three (3) members areappointed by the City Manager to a five (5) year term of which two (2) are members of the general public and residents and the third member is a designated Department Head of the City. City Council Confirmation is required.

    Green Building Overview
    Advises the City Manager on issues pertaining to environmentally friendly construction within the City. Members are appointed to a multi-year term. City Council Confirmation is not required.

  9. Publius Says:


    What pain does Mary Burns regularly inflict? Don’t you have the responsibility to back your assertion? I did a search on LIL on Mary Burns and did not find anything. Could you give three or four examples? Thanks.

  10. marcus vinicius Says:

    how any women can vote for those 7 councillors who confirmed
    nutter, is beyond belief, what a different tone we would hear
    if mary burns was a –DEMOCRAT–, shame on them.

  11. Jack Says:

    Burns normally spills her codswallop over WCAP airwaves. We know Sam Poulten has no pride, thus will allow anything (see JMac & The Pear). As such, there is no ‘proof’ of that.

    There is this:
    The Sun - Link dead (8/23/12)
    Bayliss isn’t the problem, Lynch is

    Here we go again! This time it is Wally Bayliss who finds himself on the wrong side of the city manager. Why is it that when anyone disagrees with Bernie Lynch , he will do anything to get rid of them even if it means destroying their good name. First, he went after former city councilor and Lowell businessman Alan Kazanjian. Then, one by one, he went through City Hall and removed dedicated employees, many of whom gave years of service to this city without a problem. But what he did was not just remove them; he did his best to tarnish their reputations first. You call this management? I call this bullying. Now, it is Lowell License Commissioner and Funeral Director Wally Bayliss.

    Lynch seemed to indicate in his letter of dismissal that Bayliss has a “problem with people.” But it is Lynch who has the problem, not Bayliss.


    May you all be reminded that Lynch is neither elected nor the mayor. He is a hired employee who is nothing more than a school-yard bully. Bayliss is right when he says that Lynch “rules out of fear,” and this type of behavior has got to stop.

    As to the members of the City Council: Reinstate Wally Bayliss and do all of us a favor — remove Mr. Lynch from this city.


    I’ll look around some more.

  12. Jack Says:

    @marcus vinicius
    Not a partisan issue. Joe Mendonca is a GOPer. Rita doesn’t care about being a Democrat.

    Take your victim card someplace else.

  13. Jack Says:

    I went back and looked at Mary’s comments here on LiL. Not so bad. Sure, I’d say they are wrongheaded and biased towards her political disposition, but nothing that would cause anything more than nausea. Does that count as ‘pain?”

    On Gerry’s blog, Mary, also “Down by the River Mary” would write some real beauts. And, as I said before, her WCAP stuff is very inflammatory.

    If you are trying to line up a false equivalence? It doesn’t exist. Gerry want past the point of community standards. Which community? I called it out at the time, as the link above attests.

    Did Gerry know her identity, party or gender at the time? I don’t think so.

    That’s the problem with Anon’s. It’s a systemic frailty of the blogcape.

  14. Jade Says:

    Mary Mary ….quite contrary!

    I recall a while back on WCAP radio Ms. Burns and Ms. Faticanti were regular co-hosts, and good friends. I also remember their on air tete-a-tete getting very risqué and racy for a family radio show. So much so, that listeners called on the air to complain.

    My point is this, her initial response to Mr. Nutter was to play along in the same sexually evocative manner. A woman who was truly offended and felt maligned would have done what any reasonable person would do, immediately get a lawyer and sue for defamation, not engage in the same gutter talk. But she didn’t did she.

    Ms. Burns now says that because of a recent incident of a girl committing suicide because she was bullied, she decided to speak up….Really Ms, Burns??? Why were you not speaking up when your good friend Ms Faticanti was accused of not only bullying but threatening to do harm to the then Superintendent of Schools Chris Augusta Scott??? What happened to the so called “SISTERHOOD “ in that situation??? Seems like SELECTIVELY STANDING UP FOR WOMEN to me.. Right Ms Burns, when it suits you and your cause……that cause being to get rid of the city manager and using dirty, gutter politics to try and accomplish this!

  15. Jack Says:

    Did she really bring the suicide aspect up? Craven! (if so)

  16. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    Sorry, I meant to post my response in this thread, not the “Win for Free Speech” so if you will indulge me, here it is again.

    The paper certainly trashed Gerry today.

    I wonder if all those people criticizing him, even after he apologized, ever said or did anything stupid or of questionable taste?

    It seems not?

    And they wonder why “Joe and Louise Citizen” won’t get involved.

  17. Jade Says:

    In today’s Lowell Sun: 10/18/13

    Burns said she did not previously come forward to the media to voice her concerns about Nutter’s comments because she did not know the issue would burst into public light. But Burns said when she watched a story on the news this week about a young girl who committed suicide after being bullied in cyberspace, Burns decided she could not remain silent.

    “There are too many stories of kids killing themselves because of cyberbullying,” Burns said. “Cyberbullying has to stop because it is wrong.”

    Read more: http://www.lowellsun.com/todaysheadlines/ci_24336604/women-blast-blogger-nutters-appointment-lowell-election-commission#ixzz2i64btTv3

  18. Publius Says:

    When you used the word “pain” , I was thinking in terms of the vicious words that Gerry Nutter used on Mary Burns.

    The clip that you provided just described what Mary thought of the situation. There was no invective there.

    I am unable to comment on her radio presence since I have never heard her.

    Whereas, when I post - invective reigns supreme. Your suggestion of “pain” suggests that you and/or LIL feels “pain” whenever someone disagrees with you. Under that construct I should be dead from the massive amounts that you have caused me.

  19. Lynne Says:

    Ms. Burns is speaking up because it’s a way to hit Lynch. (Same for the Sun trumping this up over and over this past week.) That the Sun went to MassNOW to get a comment is disgusting, because of course the leaders of MassNOW have no idea of the context, the history, or whether or not Gerry selectively was writing nasty stuff about women…he didn’t. He was pretty nasty to anyone who got his goat. Or even those who simply disagreed with him.

    Gerry’s been pretty brutal to me, actually, and I had NO feelings then or now that he was writing those things BECAUSE I was a woman. In fact, he wrote some even nastier stuff about Jack. He wrote those things because he disagreed with what we WROTE. Same thing for this Mary character.

    Now, you can discuss Gerry’s taste or lack thereof when writing, but *please* do not bitch and moan that this is a woman’s issue. The people who are saying this is some sort of woman’s issue are mostly those who keep their mouth plenty shut when there’s a real issue of bias against women. There’s a lot you can say about Gerry, but misogyny was not something I worried about with him.

  20. Jack Says:

    @Lynne You said “bitch!” You,self-loather, you. *eyes roll, snicker*

    @Publius You said, “Your suggestion of “pain” suggests ..” Hmmm… From now on, when this blog needs a dictionary for the words we use, we’ll shout out to you. K?

    Why is it, that slippery GOPers (not all GOPers, btw) use all the tricks they accuse others of using? And, with a straight face! Fingers crossed?

  21. Christopher Says:

    Lowell2020, which I thought was about future urban planning, seems to have an ax to grind. Who ever is behind this group is outraged by comments 7 and 8 above wherein the openings for commissions are outlined. I’ve gotten into an exchange on Facebook with the person where my argument is basically this IS a good recruiting place for civic minded people. Link to the referenced post through my name.

  22. Mimi Says:

    Nothing worse than faux outrage. I guess all these people who are feeding the Sun have never made a mistake.

    Gerry acknowledged that he should not have said those words and apologized. He is not as perfect as his critics. I guess they have never uttered an offensive word.

  23. Jack Says:

    I wonder, if these are the same folks that are stoking JMac & Fred Doyle? Lump Rodney Elliott into that gaggle, too. The “Rod Squad?”

  24. Renee Says:

    “Well, that’s where I learned about the Opening for the Animal Advisory Board. I don’t agree much with Lynne & Company but Left in Lowell and blogs in general attracts those who are politically engaged. We keep most of our heated discussions on Facebook lately.”

    My comment is held for the moment at Lowell2020, but that is the response I had for him.

  25. Mr. Lynne Says:

    Christopher, Lowell2020 isn’t a group. It’s one guy (possibly trying to look like a group).

  26. Judy Says:

    What the heck is wrong with you people? you wonder why victims of abuse, rape, bullying do not come forward, it’s because of the likes of some of you on this site. So, Mary Burns may have said some naughty things in the past, I guess that justifies calling her a prostitute, and insinuating that she may be carrying an STD. Why don’t you go back on Nutters Blog and post all the nasty comments he has made against woman and some men. I recently had a conversation with a couple that lived in Lowell for many years, recently moved out, asked them why, gave me a few reasons and one was “can’t stomach that Left in Lowell.” Jack, your comment regarding the Taliban got you to resign from a neighborhood group. I guess the neighborhood groups have higher standards than the City of Lowell.

  27. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    Now a CC candidates is jumping in, at least that gives me a good idea of what kind of councilor Corey Belander would make. Of course didn’t Mr. Belanger come out in favor of a Mayor Rodney? So he’s already starting to be a Rodney stooge…


  28. Lynne Says:

    Oh I love you, Judy. You are adorable! I love that you give us so much power. Now we’re responsible for people moving out! Hilarious. You do know how silly that sounds, don’t you? Or did you not read your own comment before posting?

  29. Lynne Says:

    At ER - yeah, it’s a thing to make hay out of, so naturally, hay-makers are out in force…

  30. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    Just one more comment regarding Corey Belanger’s call for Gerry’s resignation.

    Will you…Corey Belanger…stand up and declare that you have NEVER told, or laughed at racist or sexists jokes, or have NEVER uttered a racist or sexist comment…EVER!

    If Gerry Nutter is being held to those standards by you Mr. Belanger then I expect you, Mr Belanger, to stand up and declare that YOU have never done anything that can be described as sexist or racist.

    Mr Belanger?…

  31. Joe Says:

    As a neutral observer I must say it doesn’t look like Mr Nutters appointment will last much longer. If he is in any way appreciative to the city manager then he will do the right thing and step down. Way too much negativity without much benefit . I think that manager lynch knew there would be some pushback but he never expected this.

  32. Jack Says:

    So, Joe, you feel Lowell should capitulate to the ‘Tyranny of the Minority?’ Would you have allowed the Tea Party caucus to push America to default on its debt?

    There is this notion of ‘a squeaky wheel gets the grease.’ But, honestly, anything coming out of the Campi, Mary Burns, “Rod Squad” camp, is more like, ‘a greasy wheel squeaking.’

    Hold the line!

  33. Joe Says:

    It’s not that simple. Eileen Donahue, deb Belanger, nancy judge, the local N.O.W rep. These aren’t bitter people looking to settle a political score(I don’t think). They are all vocal women who are pissed with the way Mr Nutter treated that woman. The writing is on the wall and the chorus is growing. If I was a betting man I would bet heavy on Mr Nutter stepping down before next Tuesdays council meeting. The real question the city manager should ask himself would be is this fight worth it? I know that many on this site love the city manager and that’s cool. But is all this back and forth helping him? Is digging in a smart idea? The smart move is for the manager to pull the plug and move on.

  34. Jack Says:

    You think making 7 councilors eat crow is a grand idea?

    First, the women you cited are not on the same page.

    Forget Belanger. She has a dog in this fight. My bad. I had some bad intel. No relation, there.

    Donahue and Judge did not express strong words of condemnation. They were more like, ‘It’s not the best way for Lowell to be.’

    “I would never approve of any one using that type of language concerning any individual,” Donoghue said. “I think it is wholly inappropriate.”

    Donoghue did not want to comment specifically on the council’s vote, but the former mayor and councilor said when she decided whether to vote in favor of a city manager’s appointment, she took all factors into consideration.

    Nancy Judge, leader of the Highlands Neighborhood Association, said in light of Nutter’s comments, “He probably should not be on a city board.”

    “Things like that should not be said about anyone, whether male, female or in between,” Judge said.

    And, the NOW Rep? Really? If you hold a door open for a NOW Rep, they have a shit fit.

  35. Lynne Says:

    I do not trust the Lowell Sun to get people’s quotes quite right…or in their best context…I’ve been at the other end of a Lyle “question” and I know how he operates. As in, in a VERY unprofessional way. Leading questions hardly describes how Lyle does his “job.”

    As for the NOW quote, it’s an org I support, but do you REALLY think the Cub gave any context, any history, or any subsequent context from after the comments were written? Especially about Gerry’s, let’s say, pretty equal treatment of people regardless of gender? Here’s how he would play this: call up NOW, tell them this guy got pushed through the Council, read the comment, ask for comment. Since the NOW rep is not a Lowell political adherent the way the rest of us are, how would they know anything but what the Sun wants them to know??

    This is political spin, paper blog style.

  36. Jack Says:

    There is no doubt, NOW got spoon feed to get to quote Campi wanted. Why did NOW play in? We’re talking about NOW, now.

    Same reason George DeLuca is stirring things up. He wants to fill Gerry’s shoes. Anyone notice that DeLuca was a co-blogger with Nutter, for a time? After the quotes in question.

  37. Mimi Says:


    So when someone decides to live in Lowell they discuss property value, safety, schools, recreation facilities, diversity and the impact LiL has on their lives.

    Are you kidding me?

  38. Joe Says:

    I recently had a conversation with a couple that lived in Lowell for many years, recently moved out, asked them why, gave me a few reasons and one was “can’t stomach that Left in Lowell.
    Something has to be done about this. There are left in Lowell refugee camps popping up all over southern New Hampshire.

  39. Jack Says:

    Tell Nana I respect her and her husband, who served our nation with distinction. Let them enjoy the high taxes and sparse services.

  40. Renee Says:

    I have to admit at times I daydream of using a large inflatable hammer (the type at the party stores) and bop you guys on the head. I assume the feeling is mutual.

  41. spindlesister Says:

    While I don’t comment often, the saying “Stop the insanity!” comes to mind.

    This isn’t “about women”. This isn’t “about bullying”. Hell, this isn’t even “about Lowell”. This is about politics, plain and simple.

    I’ve followed Gerry’s posts for years (just as I’ve followed LILs), and while I may not agree with many posts/comments, it really is about learning how to agree to disagree without being disagreeable - keeping in mind that when visiting LIL or Gerry’s site you are on THEIR site, so it is the visitor, not the owner that needs to learn how to agree to disagree.

    Gerry never came out and said, “Hey that Mary is a total whore with STDs, so guys, you need to save your money for a better whore without STDs”. No. Far from it. He wasn’t trying to say that all women are whores or have STDs. He wasn’t attacking her because she is a Republican. He made a very tongue in cheek comment on HIS BLOG. He can say what he wants on his blog, just as Lynne can. That is what Freedom of Speech is about.

    If you don’t like it, then start your own blog (as many have - hey, what ever happened to C Elliott’s?), and get some dialog going. If you don’t want to allow just anyone to post, then moderate your posts. Id you don’t want to deal with that, then make it a private blog open to invitation only.

    For the record, lets be clear about bullying. We aren’t talking about 12 year olds going and jumping off of buildings or hanging themselves because of something being said on Gerry’s or LIL’s blogs. We aren’t talking about people being raped and forced to hush up. We aren’t talking about people bribing or otherwise strong arming or intimidating someone into doing something.

    It is bad enough that people are trying to turn this into an anti-women issue, lets not muddy it further by trying to turn it into a bullying issue, because this is NOT what this is about. Sorry, but having had a high-school aged family member that has had to deal with bullying, I’m a little sensitive to attempts to classify this issue as bullying. And as a woman, I’m equally offended by someone trying to claim that it is an attack on women, since I clearly disagree.

    This is all about typical politics. Call it dirty if you want, but it doesn’t matter. It is like some sort of crazed battle of puppet masters, trying to turn things into issues. The Lowell Sun. Corey Belanger. The Convention and Visitor’s Center (?). Even the Republicans.

    Everyone wants to muddy the waters and distract residents and businesses from seeing just how well Lowell has weathered the economic storm that has devastated most of the country, and MA in particular. These are the same people that want the administration to continue to hold firm with 0% tax increases, while wanting more police officers, wanting more inspectors, wanting a different city manager that will do all of this while simultaneously wanting more of this and wanting more of that. They live in a fantasy land.

    Sorry to rant.

  42. Joe Says:

    Jack, as far as the city manager is concerned would you say this was a good,bad,or poorly timed appointment? I have read Nutters blog. I do not think he is anti woman. I just think he lost his temper and said something that he regretted( he apologized ). But the reality is we have an election a few weeks away. This appointment is going to put a lot of candidates and the city manager in a tricky spot. It’s going to be difficult for any candidates to strongly back nutter. And that will lead neutral observers to believe that the majority of people are against this appointment when maybe they are not. It’s even going to be difficult for the city manager to defend him. This whole thing reeks of fake outrage but the reality is the questions to the candidates will be real and so will the answers. Play this thing out in your head and you will realize that there is no happy ending. Nutter stepping down is the only way out.

  43. Jack Says:

    Another way, Joe - Shut out the calliope of the Blog of Record and the Sunflowers that bathe in Campi’s crooked limelight.

    This is about 100 people having a shit fit and 100 others pushing it back.

    According to the grown-ups:
    Sen. Eileen Donoghue just called WCAP to clarify her comments in the paper on the Gerry Nutter issue….. Saying that while she thinks what he wrote two years ago was inappropriate, but she feels he apologized in a timely manner. She added “there isn’t anyone among us who hasn’t made a mistake in life” and she isn’t going to “armchair quarterback” any city council votes, knowing having served on the council for many years that they take appointments and votes very seriously. She addressed what Warren Shaw and others have said on this issue…that it isn’t about Nutter or women, but about slamming and trying to get rid of Bernie Lynch (which is clear when you look at who is beating this drum *my note). Sen. Donoghue voiced her continued support for the Lynch Administration saying people who live In the city should be proud of this administration and the leadership. She said when things are going well, people look for issues to bring up and that is what this is.
    (h/t Jen Myers)

    “This is all engineered and fabricated to interfere with the coming election.” - Warren Shaw, WCAP Saturday Morning Live (10/1913)

    Warren went on to say, he has seen Mary Burns and Gerry Nutter together on many occasions, without a hint of any problem between them. Warren asserted the outrage is a farce, intended to stir up emotions against Bernie Lynch and candidates that would be willing to keep Lynch on as the City Manager.

    Shaw is from Dracut. I’d say he is objective about this. And, knows all the ugly inside baseball behind this faux outrage.

  44. Joe Says:

    I think your missing my point. I like nutter. I know that the majority of the outrage is completely fake. My question is purely political. The candidates are without a doubt going to be asked about this. Is there any benefit in defending gerry nutter? The answer is no. There is way more danger in defending him. Also I’m sure the 7 councilers that approved Mr Nutter are not very happy with the city manager. He put them in a bad situation weeks before an election. This appointment was very poorly timed. If you cannot agree with that then you are letting your emotions get in the way of reality.

  45. Jack Says:

    Yes, my emotions are in play. I’ve been watching fuckfaces screw with my city!

    That tends to put my nose out of joint.

    7 councilors knew the score. They opted to support Nutter. 4 of those 7 didn’t support Rodney for Mayor.

    Like me, do you wish that City business could be freed from petty undercurrents?

    Campi’s tenure at The Sun is catastrophic. Should the paper fold, will he stick around to sort out the scorched earth? Fuck him and fuck the pathetic pandering shits that kiss his ass!

    Do I sound upset? I’m good. Been watching Rita ;v)

  46. Mr. Lynne Says:

    SpindleSister, the rant was pretty spot on so rant away.

    My big thing is that his free speech is one thing and consequences for saying stuff are right and good. The issue is that we dealt with this particular speech issue back then and regret and contrition were already extracted. His subsequent blogging seems to indicate that it was genuine. I’m all for holding him accountable but by my ledger we already have.

  47. Lynne Says:

    To the question, Joe, was it badly timed? Maybe. But hindsight is 20/02 I guess.

    But really, if it wasn’t this, it’d be something else. I mean, sure, we can all walk on eggshells hoping to tone down the next fauxsplosion of the Rodney/Kennedy/Belanger crew, but…then nothing would get ever done.

    If, say, the appointment was left until after the election, obviously he’d be hit on that. If Gerry was the best appointment of the interested parties, so be it. If someone else got the appointment instead and there was less to “hit,” doesn’t mean there’s nothing to hit, or it’d be something else - maybe still the more serious public safety issue that Rodney says Lynch doesn’t care about because he doesn’t live here. And so on. Same story, different subject. No matter what we do, the thing that we always consistently have, is the Rodney bullshit on any front.

  48. Jack Says:

    I would have gone with “fauxgasm.” But, ya.

  49. Jack Says:

    PS. I think the ‘fauxsplosion’ is a voter suppression device. They are trying to disgust the electorate with how petty our politics are.

  50. Lowell Mill Gal Says:

    I’m not sure if the word I am looking for is funny, ironic, or sad, but it is all of those things, along with disturbing, that the very people who are flipping out about Gerry Nutter are the ones who stood by when Wally Bayliss was saying misogynistic epithets on a regular basis - while actually *serving* as a Commissioner, during meetings and to citizens who were coming before him for official business - and then lambasted the Manager for removing him.

  51. Lynne Says:

    LMG - very good point.

  52. Jimmy V Says:

    Capitulate. Really, morally bankrupt, no moral compass

  53. Jack Says:

    Says an anon that names themselves after a restaurant?

    You holding a Bible in your hand, pal?

  54. Huh Says:

    Is it just me or did anyone else notice that Elliott and Kennedy and the Sun had lined up against Nutter a week ago with no mention of the whole Mary Burns thing. Then suddenly this single obscure inappropriate post is discovered giving them the cover of “treatment of women” as an excuse to lambaste Nutter and Lynch.

    Reminds me a bit of the police chief in Casablanca, “i’m shocked, shocked….”

  55. joe from Lowell Says:

    “Joe Says:
    October 19th, 2013 at 7:50 am
    I recently had a conversation with a couple that lived in Lowell for many years, recently moved out, asked them why, gave me a few reasons and one was “can’t stomach that Left in Lowell.
    Something has to be done about this. There are left in Lowell refugee camps popping up all over southern New Hampshire.”

    You know, my supermodel girlfriend was telling me exactly the same thing.

    You wouldn’t know her. She lives in another town. In, uh, Canada.

  56. joe from Lowell Says:

    The charge made against Gerry “Nutter” Nutter in today’s Sun, which allegedly renders him unfit to serve on the Elections Board, is that he will be unfair or biased.

    Strange, then, that the liberal Democrats would would presumably suffer the most from this partisan Republican’s bias are the ones championing his cause.

  57. Joe Says:

    You know, my supermodel girlfriend was telling me exactly the same thing.
    You wouldn’t know her. She lives in another town. In, uh, Canada.
    If you thought I was serious then I apologize. That comment from Judy is laughable. Literally

  58. spindlesister Says:

    Joe, as a supermodel myself, I take great offense on behalf of supermodels everywhere at your remark. I will need to check with my other supermodel friends in Centerville to find out which one recently moved to, uh, Canada, and *might* be dating you and exchange mental notes together.

  59. joe from Lowell Says:

    Sorry, Joe. You see some crazy &$%^ on the internet.

    Sister, I had no idea your handle was a reference to your profile. ;-)

  60. Joe Says:

    Understandable. I must say Im already missing the nutter blog. His Sunday news blast had some great info in it.

  61. Jack Says:

    Joe, I’m looking forward to today’s installment of Dick Howe’s, Lowell Week in Review: .

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