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October 30, 2013

Boo! The Ghosts Of Shady Lowell

by at 9:56 pm.

Over the summer, Mayor Murphy took A LOT of heat for stating the obvious. Shady Lowell has a long legacy.

Did anyone notice how, during the candidate forums, Ed Kennedy always brings up how he has several City Council terms under his belt? It struck me, him bringing up his service from the mid-80’s, as a strange ‘Back to the Future’ sorta bid. Why would Kennedy remind us, repeatedly, of his previous terms?

*light bulb* Kennedy thinks he can be the next Mayor!

The audacity of Mayor Murphy can be associated to a multitude of spats, over the last two years. But, prominent among them all is, Murphy did not wait ‘his turn’ to be Mayor. This 2003 Boston Globe quote is etched in my grey matter, “In the wait-your-turn political culture of Lowell … .”

Murphy didn’t wait his turn, so they nipped at his heels for two years straight. Now, Kennedy is plotting to have HIS TURN.

You know what scares me? Voter turnout will be below 11,000, on Nov. 5th. Every vote below that threshold, brings Ed Kennedy closer to the Chair. *shudder*

3 Responses to “Boo! The Ghosts Of Shady Lowell”

  1. sd Says:

    say no more . . . http://www.mass.gov/ethics/opinions-and-rulings/enforcement-matters/enf-section-23/section-23-g-l/kennedy-jr-edward-j-docket-no-520.html

  2. Christopher Says:

    How can one really complain about whose turn it is to be Mayor. Murphy did get a majority vote of the Council for that spot, right? Obviously, his colleagues weren’t concerned about it not being his turn.

  3. -b Says:

    Why would Kennedy remind us, repeatedly, of his previous terms?

    I’d say Kennedy was speaking of previous terms to show that he has experience. And often, to the older electorate, who do most of the voting, experience matters.

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