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October 30, 2013

Local Politic’s “Internet Problem”

by at 8:47 am.

Some politicians just never learn:

For those of you that need some background - Renee is a political chum of mine. We kinda agree on certain political principles, I would say. But, I think we express our political will in very different ways. So, that is Renee.

Matt Vieira is a blossoming politician that can’t get out of his own way. I think it’s because he gets bad PR advice from JMatt. Er, .. um, I mean JMac. Sorry. Freudian slip.

So, now you have the context, and the back story of how I came upon this Facebook back and forth.


Here’s some free advice for local political types - WHENEVER you surrender your opinion or views to the public square, IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, step outside your own head space and look at it objectively. If you tend to be paranoid, then definitely consider it from your political opponents perspective.

In the case above, I think JMatt, … oops. I did it again. Anyways, it looks like Matt Vieira COULD be simply offering some ‘wizened political insight’ into the Rourke candidacy. But, we know, with a high degree of confidence, that Vieira doesn’t do ‘wizened.’ So, we are left with seeing Vieira’s remarks in the frame of ‘sour grapes.’ Good news is, Renee is very savvy, so she will take this all with a grain of salt. In the thread, she already pushed back, “But we’re judging Dan, not Tom.”

Vieira has flubbed this exchange on two points:
- He made himself look bad. He lost in the Preliminary. He should STFU, for a while. Definitely, stay out of local politics until the bruises fade.
- He went ‘off message.’ Vieira’s mentor, John MacDonald, has been shilling for Dan Rourke for months now. You’d have to ask Dave Daly why. My guess? It’s something about pushing Bernie Lynch out of the corner office. Unfortunately, Matt Vieira must not be getting the memo’s. Here he is, taking a squat on the cornerstone of Rourke’s fast and furious, political career.

There should be no surprises for denizens of Left in Lowell. I told you, back in the day, with regards to Matt Vieira, “He is, after all, merely cannon fodder sent to do damage and take damage, while doing it. His handlers, or mentors, or heroes; as the case may be, will not mop up the mess of this young partisan’s tattered career.

Please, out of sympathy, would someone toss Matt, oh so lightly, a bean bag?

28 Responses to “Local Politic’s “Internet Problem””

  1. Joe Says:

    Finally some action!! Not exactly a swift boat style attack but beggers can’t be choosers.

  2. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    From an old time Lowellian I can tell you exactly why Dan Rourke is doing well.

    Nope, not his politics, I’d be willing to bet that if you stood outside the polling places next week and asked, very few people would know where he stands on issues.

    So why is he doing well? Tippa? Nope.

    It is his name!

    Rourke carries a lot of clout in this city and even if he isn’t related to Ray, Timmy, Sue (and I have been told he is not) It won’t matter.

    Ask Edward Kennedy if sharing a name with a popular sitting US Senator helped him the first time he ran.

  3. Joe Says:

    I think some of what your saying is true but your leaving out one huge factor…….his hair color.

  4. Joe Says:

    Jokes aside Eleanor you are absolutely correct. My grandfather is long gone but my uncles tell me he was good friends with Dan Rourkes grandfather. I do not know his name but he ran the veterans department for many years and was loved by the ww2 guys. It’s not a real close connection for me but it was enough to lead me in that direction and now I am a fan. I am sure I’m not alone with this type of connection. For a city with over 100k people it is still tight knit.

  5. Joe Says:

    Question to jack. For a few years if you turned on espn all you would hear about was Tim tebow this or Tim tebow that. That were obsessed. Now obsessed is the wrong word but is Dan rourke becoming your Tim tebow?

  6. Jack Says:

    If I had a nickel for every time some anonymous commenter challenged the things I highlight? I could fill a ‘brown paper bag’ campaign donation.

    As for “tight knit.” I grew up in North Reading. Or, as Bob Page likes to call it “no reading.” With 11,000 people, it was cozy. I can’t say I would vote for someone’s grand kid, because gramps was ‘the man,’ back in the day.

    In national politics, we tend to be suspect of names like Clinton, Bush, & Kennedy. The idea of a dynasty gets an awkward eye. Yet, locally, where blind loyalty borders on ‘feudalism,’ very little skepticism exists. Odd!

    Eventually, the ‘Lords of the Manor’ move to Dracut, Southern NH or FL. For me, it’s a game of attrition.

    Cue my Gen. MacArthur impersonation, “Old hacks never die. They just move away.” Truth be told, Joe, if somebody makes a habit out of ’shitting in their own backyard,’ they HAVE to move away.

  7. Renee Says:

    If Jack and I are asking the same question, I don’t think it is obsessing trying to determine what are the specific qualities and ideas Rourke has to be on city council, over and beyond being a good person. Rourke is related to Golden by marriage or are they cousins? It wasn’t clear in the other thread.

  8. Joe Says:

    I have no clue if its me your asking. I didn’t know of the golden connection until I saw it either here or in the sun. Also It doesn’t worry me. Golden has been a state rep for years without a scandal that I know of. He doesn’t bother me

  9. Renee Says:

    I’m not implying or hinting anything scandalous, just endorsements mean little without any insight on the candidate. My question is a real one. People may know I’m a good person, even though many would disagree with me when it comes public policy. Nothing personal.

  10. Joe Says:

    No worries. I am voting for Dan rourke. I will never debate or try to persuade anybody else to do the same. People that read this site are well informed and for the most part they are pretty sure who they will be voting for. I love elections, tactics and speculation. Simple pleasures

  11. Renee Says:

    Why are voting for Dan?

  12. Joe Says:

    I have no problem telling you why but please know that I have no interest in a debate. That being said I will give you three reasons. First is public safety. I’ve lived in the acre most of my life and public safety is always our number one concern. Rourke is in law enforcement and a few of the police officers that I know are strong supporters of his. There is nothing wrong with wealthy councilor from belvedere discussing public safety but rourke lives it. He is a probation officer. He talks and deals with criminals everyday. I’ve always thought the city council should have some professional diversity and I love the idea of having somebody from law enforcement in city hall. Second is the after school program. I’ve walked through the north common thousands of times in my life and I see first hand what danger is out there to a kid without options. I’ve know many gang members in my life. Some you know right away are bad news. But every gang has hanger’ons. These are the kids that could go either way. These are the kids that social programs can save and budget cuts can destroy. A city wide after school program is a great idea. And my last reason is very simple. He is a nice guy. That might seem very minor to many people but it means a lot to me. I like civility. I like common sense. I like people that use their voice and not their lungs.
    Ps- I am voting for 7 other candidates. These are just my reasons for rourke.

  13. Renee Says:

    The address for his committee is on the Lowell/Tyngsboro border, adjacent to the state forrest. I assume his home, he may work in Lowell, but he doesn’t live it.

    Let’s make the city safe that’s addressing piblic safety, after school activities does nothing to make my kids safe especially if they just want to be free to ride a bike or walk to a friend’s house.

    It’s nice his children may live on a dead end street, but mine don’t and my kids have the right to be outside as much as his.

  14. Joe Says:

    It’s nice his children may live on a dead end street, but mine don’t and my kids have the right to be outside as much as his.

    Haha. You appear to be a bit…..confused? It’s not a city wide detention facility. It’s an after school program that gives parents the OPTION of getting their kids off the street and into a safe structured environment. It is supported by multiple school committee members. You appear ready for a fight but based on your interactions with Matt Vieira I would advise against it. There is a reason the title of this blog is not lincoln-Douglas part 2.

  15. Renee Says:


    Why did Dan Rourke contribute $600 dollars to Tom Golden’s campaign, when Tom runs unopposed?


  16. Renee Says:

    And according to that link, Rourke works out of Concord not Lowell.

    Its not a debate or a fight, it’s a discussion. I’m trying to learn more about a very very popular candidate that is already on the radar with Boston/State House journalists.

  17. Joe Says:

    I started this by clearly stating that I have no desire to debate candidates. I find it boring. World Series time!!

  18. Eric J. Says:

    Looks like a contrived opportunity to throw some stink on Rourke. Subtle as jackhammer.

  19. Jack Says:

    No more contrived than anything you have offered, here, Eric J.

    Mealy mouthing about contracts certainly don’t get me, or anyone else, to simply look the other way.

  20. Renee Says:

    I asked a question on Facebook thinking I was just engaging in some water cooler talk for us political junkies in the city, I didn’t realize I was opening up a can of worms less then one week before the election.
    I have nothing really bad to say about Dan Rourke or Tom Golden. I’m was simply trying to evaluate Dan as a candidate, that’s all (with Tom’s endorsement). Really innocent, it’s a part of my civic duty to ask “Who is Dan Rourke?” I do it with all of the candidates. In no way was I trying to single him out, except I knew so little about the candidate.

    Not apart of the screen shot, we were discussing Stacie Hargis. I had my reservations and concerns about her but even her supporters didn’t imply I was raising a stink. Again Stacie, like Dan are good people. But I know a lot about Stacie and she can stand on her own.

  21. Eric J. Says:

    “I know you are but what am I?” from Lowell’s answer to Hunter Thompson? C’mon Jack! I expected better from you. Contract crusades don’t get me to look the other way when a smear is happening under the guise of a “discussion.”

  22. Renee Says:

    No smear.

    His campaign niche is after-school programming. CTI is already in seven of Lowell’s elementary school with after school programming. We have UTEC & Girl’s Inc, as well. We also had summer programming for middle school age students in my neighborhood. The elementary school my youngest attends offers numerous workshops for parents. We have other candidates who are closely engaged with these types of services. What he is proposing is being done.

    We are already doing this, it isn’t “thinking outside the box”. I need to scan a QR code, for the article cited on the mailing. Just print it on the 8×10.

  23. Jack Says:

    Eric J.,
    You know I haven’t supported Rourke since the day he opened his eyes to City politics, blurting, I want to be a City Councillor, NOW! Bill Martin convinced me, a few years back, not just anybody should be a Councillor. There’s a process to this. Tipa is kick starting his cousin’s campaign.

    I told all this to Dan & Tipa, months ago.

    The fact that I haven’t walked out my objections, in a more vigorous manner? I respect Golden’s political prowess. He is the senior member of the delegation. And, though he comes out of a crooked camp, I’ve always held a strong belief that Golden was better than the legacy that stationed him on Beacon Hill.

    When John MacDonald ran for Council, I cynically asked, “Why does Sal Lupoli want to have his own, personal city councillor?” I don’t know why Tipa wants one, but I am much less cynical about him having one. To reuse Dave Nangle’s broke dick slogan for Scott Brown, Golden is “one of us.”

    So, please take your whining about smears to the Topix page. Or, maybe, go over to The Bevlidere and relax to the songs of yesteryear, sung so sweetly by “Billerica Bud and the Longmeadow Boys?” Whatever gives you the warm and fuzzy, “Hack Back to the Future” feel.

    I’m not gonna roll over. No one would respect me, if I did.

    Watch the long game, Bro.

  24. Renee Says:

    If they are cousins, then it clears up the campaign contribution issue cited in 2010 by the Boston Globe.

  25. Tippy Says:

    Comment deleted.

    I don’t support that candidate. However, I’m not going to allow things I have only heard whispered, to be blogged out, this close to the election.

    Tippy, when you want to put your name next to this ‘concern,’ I’ll let it post. - Jack

  26. Renee Says:

    After downloading the QR code app to scan Rourke’s campaign mailing (which lead me only to the Dick Howe’s posting and the You Tube video) and also reviewing the Lowell Sun’s election section, with the limited information I’m trying to gather where Dan is coming from.

    As for Dan Rourke’s Lowell Sun headline, I wouldn’t define his as ‘experience’. There are several candidates who are old enough to be his parents, and the Sun only cited his experience at his profession. Aren’t we all ‘experienced’ in our profession? I used my experience when I applied to be on the Animal Advisory Board, which was being a volunteer at the Department of Children & Families, plus owning two cats. The position required the resident not to be a dog owner.

    I’m making an assumption, but this is where we our views take different directions. Being a probation officer, he gets to see the bad guys a lot. Even when I’m volunteer at DCF, we get to read and hear about the bad things. If you have your TV running in the background all day long, all you hear at really bad things from ALL around the country.

    I don’t watch a lot of TV. I know there are more good people then bad. I know there are lot of good people sitting in 495 traffic during the evening commute, as their children wait for them in after school care or their dogs getting anxious just ready to destroy something in the home.

    Several years ago, I wrote to Tom Golden about jobs in the city and long commutes. He responded directly to me with a phone call. Growing up my parents worked in Lowell, so even being a ‘latch key’ for an hour or two I knew my parents were really just 15 minutes away. Not today, one of the major hurdles for our family is my husband’s commute. My children had to wait until he came home, so they could trick or treat. His lack of flexibility, limits my ability to ever return to work.

    I’m an emergency contact for family friends, so if they get stuck at work I have the ability to pick up their kids. If more residents worked in Lowell, the more time with their family and more time to be the volunteer.

    Keeping ‘kids busy’ may sound like a solution, but really we need to teach/guide our children to keep themselves busy. They need to learn how to play in a non-structured non-adult lead situations. It’s a skill and obligation to teach as parents, so we won’t be managing their lives once they’re young adults. As a child I wasn’t really good at anything, my best childhood memories come from those self-initiative activities. But then again I was given the ability to roam.

    Even the best after school programs, will lack the warmth of a home. Do children in the existing programs get to take off their shoes and just do nothing? I hope so. I let my kids, do that. My children do activities, but they do only because they want to. These activities will not be something to keep them busy, that is not the goal.

    If I could contact Dan, I would suggest reading ‘Free Range Kids’, authored by the mother who let her nine year old ride the New York subway by himself. I’m sure the book is at the library.

  27. -b Says:

    Renee - Thanks for asking the same thing I’ve been wondering. Many of my neighbors have Rourke signs on their lawn, and I too have been wondering what the draw is. If Tipa is in his corner, that explains some of the presence.

    I think I may be in the same shoes as your husband, I work long hours south of Boston, so I’m not around much during the week for my family. It also makes it very difficult to get involved locally and be in the know about city politics.

  28. Renee Says:

    With such a reliance on the Internet for information, two candidates who won had limited presence online, DanRourke and John Leahy (nothing relevant on campaign lit and a blank website) so if I’m a resident with NO connections politically I know next to nothing on regarding these two candidates, except what they look like. These two candidates won.

    I’m not saying anything bad about these two men. What I’m saying is that we teach our children to be educated voters, but you can win saying very little. Residents are disengaged in multiple ways, making those who obtain office in these closed networks a reality on how to win.

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