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2013 Candidate Questionnaire Responses!

November 4, 2013

Dedicated to “The Mayor of Coxville” - marcus vinicus

by at 2:20 pm.

marcus vinicius Says:
November 4th, 2013 at 11:31 am e
got flyer at my door for gitchier, {the sleeper in this race
take derek mitchell and stick a fork in him–hes done, and stacy too., prediction—-leahy and lorrey –out
belanger and gitcshier in.

Our anonymous fiend is brilliant. Bringing up a useless scrum that he/she can only lose.

Both Belanger & Gitschier have proposed burning up the City’s reserves.

It took some prodding from our new friend, Joe, but I went and found this morsel:

From 2006,

LOWELL — The state Department of Revenue has placed the city on a short list of communities across the state with “acute fiscal issues,” due primarily to a lack of budget forecasting and “poorly planned” finances.
DOR Deputy Commissioner Gerard Perry told City Manager Bernie Lynch about the agency’s concerns in an Aug. 10 visit to City Hall.
During the visit, Lynch learned for the first time that on Jan. 3, the DOR sent former City Manager John Cox a letter outlining its concerns. Lynch took over as manager last Thursday.
DOR spokeswoman Lydia Hill said Lowell is under an “audit requirement.”
Asked to elaborate, Hill said, “There are several indications up there that have prompted us to keep a closer eye on city finances. City finances seemed poorly planned and there seems to have been a deficiency in budget planning and budget forecasting.”
Those indications are:
* Moody’s Investors Service downgraded the city’s bond rating by one step in March, from A2 to A3. The A3 rating is still among the highest in the city’s history.
* The city has continually used its once-deep cash reserves to balance the annual budget and to restrain huge tax increases. That practice is a key reason why Moody’s downgraded the bond rating.-snip

The state is particularly concerned about the continued use of reserves to balance the budget, Lynch said.
“In essence, the city has created a structural deficit by using these monies to fund ongoing costs,” he said. “The risk of all these actions is that the city will not be able to maintain current service levels or that decisions may be made to build budgets on faulty assumptions of true revenues and expenditure needs.”
Lynch and City Councilor Rodney Elliott said Lowell’s inclusion on the DOR’s audit requirement list amounts to a watch list.
“We are certainly under the microscope of the DOR and we don’t need to be there,” said Elliott. “It’s clear to me we were left in the dark by the previous administration.”
Cox could not be reached for comment.

Keep talking, marcus. Your brain wizardry is potent mojo.

PS. I dig this retort:

joe from Lowell Says:
November 4th, 2013 at 1:53 pm e
“take derek mitchell and stick a fork in him–hes done, and stacy too., prediction—-leahy and lorrey –out
belanger and gitcshier in.”

You write exactly like the people who told me Mitt Romney Is Surging, and This Is Great News For John McCain.

25 Responses to “Dedicated to “The Mayor of Coxville” - marcus vinicus”

  1. Robby Greenhalge Says:

    Never been a fan of Gitschier. I would rather have seen him continue to try to fix the shenaniganes at GLTHS than try to use the position to jump on city council.

    With that said here is my prediction for tomorrow.

    1.Rita Mercier
    2.Rodney Elliott
    3.Bill Martin
    4.Dan Rourke
    5.Ed Kennedy
    6.Bill Samaras
    7.John Leahy
    8.Marty Lorrey
    9.Joe Mendonca
    10.Eric Gitschier
    11.Vesna Nuon

    Council votes 6-3 for Elliott for Mayor. Or Kennedy. Does it really matter?? So long Bernie.

    Derek Mitchell, Stacie Hargiss, and Millinazzo all split the rest while the Doyles share last place.

    Sorry “new” Lowell.

  2. Robby Greenhalge Says:

    Only a strong GOTV will prove this wrong.

    Good luck, LIL.

  3. Jack Says:

    May be, Robby. May be.

    The thing with Rita, Robby, is she will vote for Mayor Elliott, but she’ll also vote to keep Bernie around.

    Rita’s knows the score. Having an “shady Lowell” Political “Hack” Boss in the corner office, sucks unless you kowtow. Why would Rita want to play with fire, when she can keep the ‘tin man?’

    It has always been about voter turnout, my man. #hardtellinnotknowin

  4. Robby Greenhalge Says:

    The great irony with all this is that Bernie has actually done a great job; all things considering. He has done his best to keep taxes as low as possible while sustaining essential services.

    The problem; aside from politics, is Murphy. Many don’t want to accept this.

    Murphy has been atrocious as Mayor, and people see that. Anyone associated with him will suffer. Nuon will suffer thep most; combined with his own embarrassing personal issues. Mendonca, as the Lt. Mayor, may suffer a blowback of some sort; maybe enough to keep him from the council. But I doubt it.

    Bernie simply aligned himself with the wrong folk, sort of speak. And he will pay for it tomorrow.

  5. Joe Says:

    It’s possible that tomorrow night the future of Lowell will rest in the hands of….. Corey Belanger!!! Him getting the ninth spot is the absolute worst case scenario for anybody pro lynch. I agree that Mercier could take a 5-4 anti lynch council and swing it into a 5-4 approval of a two year contract. But if Belanger gets in? Then it doesn’t matter. It will be closer to 6-3 against and Rita will realize that the majority of the voters are…..lets just say not pro lynch. At this point I think the pro lynch crowd should be happy if there is a repeat of the preliminary results. It would not be enough of a quasi mandate to get Mercier to turn on the city manager. Belanger getting in will also change the mayoral vote. If Corey gets ninth then Elliot is the mayor. This is the one and ONLY way that Elliot becomes mayor.

  6. Chris Says:

    I hadn’t heard that Candidate Gitschier was willing to spend reserves. When did that come up?

  7. Jack Says:

    @Chris, in the forums. When discussing paying for more cops, versus using OT.

  8. RickG Says:

    doom and gloom?

    Lynne, Jack, what’s the best strategy?

    I depend on LiL for voting advice.

    (new Lowell, yikes, I’ve been here 10 years now!)

  9. Jimmy V Says:

    Reserves for less violence? Sounds good to me….

  10. Lynne Says:

    Best strategy for what, who to vote for? I have my list right here. I might add Lorrey to that, if only because he’s stated to be a strong supporter for a contract.

    What the Sun NEVER admits, is this isn’t about Bernie, even for Bernie people. It’s about the attitude towards the CM position. Do you hire professionals for the long haul, or do you hire political hacks who burn out in 5-6 years leaving behind (oftentimes) a total mess?

    Professional management versus insider hirings. I know where I stand on that.

  11. Molly Says:

    If the reserves are spent down to pay for police, they will be gone in 3 years. Then the city is back to early 2006 and Bernie Lynch won’t be walking through that door to save the day. Spending one-time funds for on-going operations is short-sighted and dangerous. End of story.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    What’s the 411 on the other races (SC, GLTHS committees)? I haven’t seen/heard anything on either of these….

  13. RickG Says:

    Thanks Lynne.

    I saw your post from the September election but thought there may be changes now. By strategy I meant don’t vote for candidate A because they might bump candidate B out of the #9 spot? But it looks like your September list is pretty much how I was leaning anyway. If not voting for Mendonca could increase Mitchell’s chances I’d do it but I’d hate to see Belanger beat Mendonca by one vote for the ninth spot.

    Maybe we’ll see some surprises, I had no idea Franky Descoteaux would do as well as she did a few years ago.

  14. Lynne Says:

    That’s the thing - if you really like a candidate, there is no reason not to give them your vote even if you have other candidates you really like. Bullet voting does work but it can also help another candidate of your choice lose.

    On the SC/GLTHS races: Both only have one challenger. In the SC, I really only vote for less than 6 this time around: Kristin Ross-Sitcawich, Kim Scott, Connie Martin, and probably Jim Leary as well. I’m not convinced about the challenger but he probably gets in, on his name recognition locally - probably bumping Connie, unfortunately.

    In the GLT race, there is a good challenger, Bopha Peou, so for that race, I’ll be voting for her and for Fred Bahou both. I’d love to see George O’Hare ousted. It’s his time.

  15. Lynne Says:

    (And you probably did it by accident, but “Anonymous” please pick a nickname if you don’t usually. Thanks!)

  16. Tim Little Says:

    Sorry, Lynne…. Post #12 is mine.

  17. Tim Little Says:

    Thanks, for the 411, btw. Was intrigued by Peou.

  18. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    I think Robby’s list will turn out to be pretty accurate although I might move Leahy out of the top nine and add Millinazo to the top 9 or #10.

  19. Lynne Says:

    If Robby’s list is accurate I doubt we lose Lynch. Moreso if Millinazo gets on. I think we’re all forgetting (or haven’t seen) the one useful thing Lyle’s done in years, getting candidates to talk about where they stand on the contract renewal for Lynch. Most of the incumbents are leaning to renewal. Including Leahy, Mercier, and Mendonca.

    Your two dangerous challengers are Rourke and Belanger. I don’t think a higher turnout (which we will definitely have over the prelim) helps Belanger much. I suspect Mitchell surpasses him today (whether or not he gets into the top 9 depends on how many they can turn out). I see more campaign activity from Mitchell than from Belanger. By far.

    There’s two dangerous incumbents with regards to the CM contract, obviously Kennedy and Elliott. Even if both challengers get on and both incumbents stay, that’s…four votes. Not five.

    That is, IF the leaners vote their leaning. I suspect they likely will, given that there is a pretty large constituency who is pleased with Lynch’s tenure and what an uproar it would be to lose him because of stupidity.

  20. Lynne Says:

    Also, I’m starting to form, in my head, a challenger/newcomer strategy for the next go-around, one which could upend conventional wisdom entirely on local elections. I must ponder…

  21. Joe Says:

    Ward 7-1 in the acre had about 110 votes total in the prelim. They are already at 90. That’s a pleasant jump.

  22. JohnW Says:

    CM issue should be major concern. Where would we be had Lynch not been hired? Yikes!

  23. marcus vinicius Says:

    the only problem i have with peou,she wont open her
    mouth at the –LHA– what makes me confident she will
    ask any questions at the–VOKE.?????.

  24. Lynne Says:

    @JohnW: You mean, if Ed Kennedy had been hired (rumored at the time to be the inside candidate)? *shudder*

    RE Bopha and the LHA, she was, pretty much, brand new, at the time (I think only a couple meetings prior she had been sworn in). Also she was at a long-planned vacation during the “crucial” meeting where the discussion happened about the director. I’d rather her gather information and not open her mouth until she knows what the truth is instead of what half of Lowell’s pols do, open their mouth to make political hay at the expense of the truth.

    The thing I know about Bopha, is that she will do the right thing. Not the politically expedient thing. I trust her over at the GLTHS Committee hands down.

  25. marcus vinicius Says:

    correction, its not the mayor of coxville anymore
    its now the Mayor of Goldenville. my first proclamation as
    mayor is,—-can bernie count to–FIVE.

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