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January 8, 2014

Ask Yourself: Who Wins?

by at 10:15 am.

All right, we now know the shape of this new landscape, or at least its beginnings. But how did we get here? To a lot of people, the results of the last local election are inexplicable. So I’m here to explain things.

To do this - indulge me - we have to go back a little ways. For those who weren’t living here then (you nascent blow-ins!), this will be useful, for the rest of us, a trip down memory lane…

Our previous City Manager before Lynch, one John F. Cox, a man I have thankfully not had to mention much in the last several years, was a man selected for the position in 2000 based on his connections. He certainly wasn’t qualified - he was a disgraced former state Representative for a decade or so up until the early 90s, when he was slapped with infractions by the Ethics Commission for accepting lobbyist gifts, and he quietly decided not to run again after that. In 2000, the City Council in its wisdom decided that this was pedigree for managing the city, despite the fact…he’s a lawyer and lobbyist (yes, that too), not a muni manager. Not to mention, ethically challenged.

Cox’s tenure was rife with incompetence and graft. We found out about a lot after the fact, and he left a mess. I sincerely think he was just not up to the job. His budgets were a travesty (and left us in a hole we didn’t even know about until after he left). There was that missing money from the Stoklosa School build (we still don’t know who cashed that check for classrooms that were never built, do we?). He also was the sort of guy who hired friends who weren’t qualified for city jobs, gave choice raises (I saw a list of 7-10% raises he gave to people he had personal connections to as he walked out the door in 2006) and generally, buttered up the union rank and file (often with favorable contracts at the expense of our taxpayer dollar). They loved him.

After the election of George Ramirez in 2005, a man who ran on ousting Cox, a new majority was formed (including a new Mayor Bill Martin, Kevin Broderick, and then-Councilor Eileen Donoghue). They quietly told Cox to leave or they’d vote him out. I don’t know what they were hoping, but I got a hold of the news, and I wasn’t interested in having Mr. Cox go quietly into that good night. Oh no, I wanted an accounting of his tenure, and people had a right to know. The Sun leadership (*ahemCampyahem*) got really mad at me - they knew the information and were sitting on it. Cox was informed this on a Friday afternoon right before a planned two week vacation, maybe to give him time to contemplate, I don’t know. It was early in the new Council’s term, and that could have been coincidence.

While Cox was out of town, a PAC formed. They called themselves the People for Lowell PAC. It really was the People for John Cox PAC, though, and there were a lot of city union folks involved. They started the unfortunately named “I’m for Cox” campaign (read the phrase aloud if you don’t get the unfortunate part) with bumper stickers, flyers, and big signs in some business windows. It was, essentially, a political-style campaign to “save” what is supposed to be a technocratic position.

Hence you can see the union connection here.

Cox decides to resign, effective (if I recall) June 2006, and the hunt is on for a replacement. When Bernie Lynch was interviewed and hired in the summer of 2006, he brought to light things Cox had literally been hiding. Like two audit request letters from the state Department of Revenue. The DoR was uneasy about the state of Lowell’s finances, lack of free cash (turns out, it was in the negative). Lynch also began to slowly turn over and clean out the worst of the graft hires in city government. This of course angered a certain segment of the union folks, because they little liked being held accountable for their jobs, which had been pretty cushy up til then. (You should hear the stories I’ve heard. Seriously. It’s bad.)

There are a lot of great city employees - and a lot of them like working for Lynch - but also a lot of grumbling, which turned to hatred over the last 7 years. Lynch shunted Cox’s assistant City Manager TJ McCarthy sideways, to head the DPW in what appeared on paper not to be a demotion, but really was. (McCarthy eventually moved on.) McCarthy’s city worker buddies were riled about that one. I’m sure they feel he was mistreated. Lynch then elevated Baacke, a city planner dept head, to Assistant CM, and more recently, put the inspectional services (another bad actor in the city) into Baacke’s care. Of course, it was to “streamline” the services - but really, we all know, it was to clean up its act. Anger and hate do not begin to describe what some people who work for the city feel about Bernie.

Let me explain this another way. I once had a teenage acquaintance whose mother wanted badly to be friends with her daughter. Partly to make up for the harshness of the other parent, which is understandable. At 16, this girl got the old family car, with its gas, registration, and repairs all paid for by her mother. Her mother found out later, that this girl was getting into drinking. She never took the car keys away - not as punishment, not even for the girl’s own safety. It’s not that this mom wanted bad consequences for her kid. It’s just that she was incapable of saying no to her, because she wanted her daughter as her friend. Never mind that she was going down an irresponsible path that did lead her into far worse places later on.

Cox is the non-disciplining mother. Lynch is the guy who finally took the keys away from the irresponsible. And like petulant teenagers in a rage, they hated him for it.

There have been attempts ever since to oust Lynch. In 2007, the next election, Cox allies Kazanjian and Lenzi ran and won - with union muster, and money…lots of it. If I remember, Kazanjian spent over $70,000, the most anyone has ever spent by far for a Council election here. Lenzi wasn’t far behind at around $40-50,000. The usual for a first time candidate is less than $10,000 generally!

Alas, they couldn’t get rid of Lynch. Partly because he was under contract and the terms took him past the next election. Partly because Lynch was actually quite popular outside of the disgruntled circles of city government. Lenzi, who literally accomplished nothing of note at all while a Councilor (go check his lack of motions! except the one which put the Council on an every other week schedule…governatin’ is hard work!), did not run again. Kazanjian lost, hoisted on the petard of his own scandals during his tenure as Councilor. (He failed to realize he’d get a lot more scrutiny as an elected official than he ever got on the Lowell Zoning Board.) In case you’re curious, Dick has a great post on 2009’s election.

In 2009 we got Franky Descoteaux, Joe Mendonca, and Patrick Murphy. A clear majority for professional city government and fact-based policy. Disgruntles called them a “rubber stamp” - as if Murphy was ever anyone’s rubber stamp. A lot got done with this crew. In 2011, we got the last crop of Councilors (well, Broderick won, but resigned mid term, so that brought in John Leahy). That brings us up to date.

So who are Corey Belanger and Dan Rourke? Belanger ran in 2011 and came in #14 of 17 candidates, not a stellar placing. But just over 200 votes behind #9, because - well, the vote totals are so darn tiny in local elections. Rourke was of course a first time candidate in 2013.

In 2013, Rourke placed #4, and Belanger a pretty safe #7. So what happened? Well, who do you think was motivated to get out the vote? Who do you think beat down the doors as hard, or harder, than the very hard work Stacie Hargis’ or Derek Mitchell’s campaigns did? The disgruntled city unions, of course.

This isn’t hearsay, I’ve talked to people who have first hand knowledge. When you have as tiny a percentage of the registered voters show up in local elections as Lowell does, a little anger goes a long way. A lot of anger changes everything. And while the rest of Lowell was very excited about Derek and Stacie, fresh faces who obviously have a great deal to offer, and the smarts to get it done, there is a segment of Lowell who hates Bernie so much they were motivated even more. I don’t like saying this, but positive emotions like hope and change don’t motivate like negative ones do. Heck, this blog was started in 2005 because of the abuses I’d seen in local government with John Cox at the helm, and I made no secret of this.

So who wins now that Bernie leaves? The disgruntled city union folks who feel like they would have gotten a way better deal with Cox had he stayed (of course, by now, we’d have been under state receivership like Springfield was), giving them and their relatives cush jobs and raises, than they got with the hard-nosed Lynch who treated his job - shock of shocks - as being the guy negotiating on behalf of citizens and taxpayers of Lowell. It wasn’t like Lynch gave nothing to the unions. He negotiated in good faith. But he didn’t give them enough. He changed their - gasp - plush health benefits to another plush benefit plan! And woe of woes, in a terrible downturn with Local Aid money frozen, he didn’t give them 3% annual raises!

Now, I’m a pro-union sort of gal. I believe in the right to organize, for workers to get their fair share. I think the decline in the American median wage has a lot to do with the loss of worker negotiation power, due to the decline of unions. But we can’t pretend unions aren’t bad actors from time to time. And when you have years of hiring abuses like we’ve seen at both the local and the state level (ask me about Panagiotakos and the pay-to-play scandal, sometime, I think we ought to be airing that out soon), the union becomes a protection racket like no other. I’ve often said that the Lowell GOB (Good Ol Boy for newbies) network in Lowell acts an awful lot like a mini mafia.

After all, there is a fine line between a union fighting for better wages and working conditions, and Jimmy Hoffa. And here endeth the tale.

22 Responses to “Ask Yourself: Who Wins?”

  1. Laura Says:

    I’d forgotten just how awful it was.

  2. Paul Sweeney (AKA Paul@01852) Says:

    The cascade effect has begun: Auditor Cheryl Wright has submitted her resignation!

  3. Tim Little Says:

    Well, it was a good ride while it lasted.

  4. Paul@01852 Says:

    “Apres moi, le deluge!” said Bernie.

  5. C R Krieger Says:

    Paul@01852—Nice quote from the last French King to die peacefully in bed.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  6. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    He has not been “Mayor” for two weeks yet and under his “watch” Lowell now needs a new City Manager and Auditor. His reaction to the suggestion that Bernie Lynch delay his departure to help set the financial path for next fiscal year, a strength even his detractors acknowledge?

    ““He said Tuesday night the next manager should get to make decisions about the budget and he decided he was going to move on before then,” Elliott said. “We are set next week to start the process to hire a new manager and we need to move forward.”

    Yep, way to put the interests of the city first “Mayor” Rod!

    And then there is the announced retirement of the Auditor…another person (who works for the council) that has helped get the city back onto the right financial track? Accusing her of being unprofessional and working too closely with the City manager!

    “Elliott called the timing of Wright’s announcement “unprofessional,” but said the council now has a chance to find someone who will be more inde­pendent of the city administration.”

    Why do I get the impression that the city council is being led by a 2 year old and not someone who has a clue about “statesmanship”? It’s going to be a loooong two years!!!

  7. Tippy Says:

    Let the corruption begin!!

  8. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    I won’t go so far as to say corruption…yet, but Nepotism and Patronage are certainly likely outcomes.

  9. Machugama Says:

    I love what you have to say being raised and born into Politics in Lowell. I’ve seen it all. The worst is the trashy construction allowed during times of sinister City Manager’s making side deals with Developers and Building Inspectors.

    Come on we had guys do time for this stuff. John got off scott free but I get the point his Good Ole Boys are still at it.

  10. Tim Little Says:

    Does “independent of the city administration” = beholden to Elliott and his cronies?

  11. joe from Lowell Says:

    Silver Lining: Perhaps if we get a real townie City Manager again, Winterfest can return to its traditional focus on public drinking.

  12. labba Says:

    Eleanor, did you not see the date on the resignation letter…technically that was still Murphy’s “watch”. I do think all of them leaving at once in unprofessional. This was a planned “domino effect”…don’t be so naive.

  13. tryin Says:

    Not all the unions are happy about the manager leaving. Some have worked very well with him and are just as disappointed. Don’t paint with too wide of a brush. Ultimately some unions have much bigger numbers and can dictate while other get lumped in by association.

  14. Christopher Says:

    The Manager only had a few months left on his contract. Was he so concerned he’d be fired that he could not wait until it expired? Would the Council really be so anxious for him to leave that they would buy him out?

  15. Lynne Says:

    OMG, joe from lowell, you crack me up.

    “I do think all of them leaving at once in unprofessional.”

    Actually, it’s VERY professional. If you think your job is about to get hairy, better (for you and your career) to get out while you have your dignity (and hire-ability) intact. This is exactly what I’d expect professionals to do. If they think they won’t be able to operate in a professional environment…a professional knows when to move on…and you know this Council isn’t interested in continuing professionalism.

    Also, if we had a strong mayor Plan A charter, who would blink if half the top admin staff left every time we overturned the mayor? The point of profesional city government is that we can replace these people with…more experienced professionals! If we do it right.

    tryin - I was hoping my words would not convey that. I tried to use terms like “some of the city workers” or “a disgruntled group in the union” etc. I know a majority of the city workers are good people, who got the job on merit, and who enjoy working in a professional situation. And for every one of those who hangs in there after all these people moving on at the top, I am profoundly grateful.

    Christopher - would you stay and take the sort of abuse any longer? By contract he has to give 60 days notice. That’s actually a lot of notice - in the private sector, no one ever does that. Looking at it from his perspective, I bet deciding to resign ASAP has been a weight off his shoulders. I would have had 10 ulcers from doing this job by now if I were him.

  16. Mr. Lynne Says:

    Christopher, think of it this way. If he exits now on his terms he’s got a ton of people worried about missing his expertise and thanking him for his stewardship through some of the roughest economic waters the city has ever seen.

    If he waits till the end of his contract, in addition to getting beat up by the new council he gets to deal with whatever manufactured drama is stoked near the end of his contract. If he asks for negotiations it turns into a fight with leaks and everything.

    One of these scenarios is better for him.

  17. Mr. Lynne Says:

    Regarding people leaving, when you look around and the context your working in looks like its about to get toxic - who wouldn’t get out if they could.

    Its enlightened self interest and who can blame ‘em.

  18. Party Marty Says:

    Well, things are at least looking up for Baby Jesus. A fresh coat of paint and a new address is a win in my book. Go Jesus!

  19. Christopher Says:

    Mr. Lynne, I would assume that we wouldn’t ask for negotiations if he wants out since there would be nothing to negotiate. His contract lapses and he goes quietly.

    Lynne, I guess I tend to stick out my commitments and probably would be inclined knowing the end is in sight to stay until the contract expires.

  20. Mr. Lynne Says:

    This is Lowell - nothing happens quietly if the professional umbrage-makers have anything to say about it.

  21. Magnolia Says:

    A mass exodus can occur anytime during a term of “office/employment” . It’s just bad timing that everyone ( with more to come I hear) decided to move on at the same time.

  22. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    Hi labba. Everyone else has addressed the issues you addressed to me with one exception. Yes the date of Lynch’s letter was Jan 3, but according to “Mayor” Rod’s public relations firm (The Lowell Sun), “Mayor” Rod had the votes to become “Mayor” on November 8, so no, this is on Rody, not Murphy.

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