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January 12, 2014

And What a Review…

by at 10:36 am.

Dick Howe has his normal review of last week up on his blog. What a week… It never rains but it pours, eh?

From Dick:

There is now a theory making the rounds that the reason some councilors were so adamantly opposed to the executive session was because they feared that the manager would be able to win over some wavering councilors to support a contract extension in the less scrutinized and more deniable secret session. By forcing the debate to stay public, the wavering councilors would be less likely to jump ship. Whether that is true or not, it seems quite clear that Lynch planned to resign whether or not there was an executive session.

I’m with him, here. What I also find disingenuous about the “I’m for transparency, no really! why are you laughing?” crew on the Council forcing this discussion in open session is, employment and personnel issues for everyone else in the entirety of city government have to be in executive session.

Your employee came to you and asked you, can we please have a private moment to discuss my personnel issue? And they said, no, do it in open session. Think about this for a moment. Imagine you went into your boss’s office, and asked if you could discuss an issue you have around your employment. And your boss said, hold on a moment, and opened the door, and invited all your coworkers into the room, and then said, “go ahead, tell me what you need to tell me.” Yeah, that’s basically what the Council did. They forget that Lynch is their employee. This affords them oversight, yes, but it also means they should treat him with respect, as well.

The City Council basically acted like the ultimate Pointy Haired Boss.

With some of Lynch’s biggest critics now saying he has a “moral obligation” to stay and with the council taking up a motion on Tuesday to strip him of some of his powers from now until his departure, it would seem to make it easy for him to say “no thanks” to the request to stay. But he might.

If he does, it’ll be a pretty big sacrifice on his part. He could live, stress-free, from March 10th on, or stay on and slog through some of the hardest jobs of a CM’s year (the budget process, but with no CFO, even worse), which means, more battles on the Council floor, more time for the Sun to smack him around, more time for key employees to move on because of the uncertainty of who will be the top boss after Lynch leaves. I’d be looking at employment elsewhere if I were working for the city!

Stacie Hargis, a council candidate last year, announced that she would be leaving the Merrimack Valley Small Business Center to become an Assistant Professor of Business at Middlesex Community College.

Congrats, Stacie! I’m sure you will be a stellar professor, you have the gift of sharing ideas and opening minds in abundance.

Well, that’s that. Time to pick up the proverbial pieces and fix this mess we’re in. It’s totally fixable…if we can hire a professional with experience to helm city government rather than a politician. There is hope on that score, but we need to pressure the Council to refrain from making up their mind prior to receiving resumes and hearing interviews.

Edit: I forgot to mention, I’m following Jack’s lead, and shutting off comments here so you can go comment on the original post.

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