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January 12, 2014

Sign of Things to Come

by at 1:25 am.

This does not bode well for professionalism in city government - at least, not from new mayors and councilors. Jack has the details. The term overreach comes to mind…

Meaning, he is bugging staff for ‘hard keys’ to their offices. Now, some of the City Hall doors are fitted with ‘card keys’ which have a digital fingerprint, identifying who and when had access. I’m told the snoopy mayor prefers the ‘hard keys.’ Why? He likes jangley key chains? Or, just wants to come and go without a trace? Dunno.


…Last week, mayor Elliott crashed the Department Heads meeting. Suffice to say, this meeting is completely outside the authority and oversight of the legislative branch (Council). And, the intrusion by mayor Elliott was deleterious to its routine patterns and function.

There’s more, like the plainly too-cozy relationship between WCAP and new Councilor Belanger.

Anyone want to place bets on whether the Sun will report on the City Hall overreaching? At a minimum, the new mayor is interfering with staff, which under Plan E, is a serious no-no. Imagine if Murphy had breached the rules in a similar fashion? The Sun thought an unsubstantiated rumor that Murphy broke the glass in a City Hall door by slamming it angrily (which never happened) was big news.

I can’t wait to see the splash our new self-appointed Assistant City Manager makes at the School Committee meetings…

4 Responses to “Sign of Things to Come”

  1. Miran Says:

    Just to clarify, the Mayor did not ask for access to MIS, the City Auditor’s office, the City Mayor’s office, or any other area.

    On Tuesday, he legitimately asked me for a key to City Hall. I told him I would get him an access card, since we have slowly been securing the building and offices, and explained that we no longer distribute physical keys. Long story short, he had his access card that afternoon.

    Incidentally, we have been slowly rolling out several card readers per year, as we go about securing our offices further. The roll out of card readers for the City Managers office, City Auditors office, and City Clerks office were included in my budget for this fiscal year, and were scheduled for instal during 2014Q1 long ago. Similar implementations have also been scheduled elsewhere in the City and, yes, we have worked with Schools on quotes.

  2. Lynne Says:

    Jack’s response here (so you can follow the dialog).

  3. Matt Vieira Says:

    Thank you Miran. The tools with left in Lowell have nothing better to do than try smear attacks on “the other side”.

    I’m proud to have a professional Mayor now… Hopefully soon we can find some professional bloggers.

  4. Lynne Says:

    I think Matt Vieira is my new “special friend.”

    He’s talking to me about professionalism? His entire comment is an exercise in nanny-nanny-boo-boo insult and immaturity. You are my new Mike Hayden, sir!

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