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January 14, 2014

Rita’s Other Rap

by at 4:28 pm.

Oh. Oh, dear. Someone set up the footage of CC Rita Mercier’s er, prepared remarks about the Christmas manger as a rap. I doubt she’ll think this one is as funny as her deliberate one during the campaign at the UTEC forum. Though, it kinda is. As funny, I mean.

(I swear on my life, it’s not me. I just found it via Facebook.)

I’d label this hurtful and maybe overly personal and all that, but I wasn’t the one who said these words on the City Council floor. Rita Mercier is responsible for her own words and actions. And those can have consequences…

I can tell you one thing: she will definitely feel vindicated about her comment about lewd, crude, vulgar and obscene articles passing through cyberspace! (Again, falsely, since these are her own words, and no one else’s.)

6 Responses to “Rita’s Other Rap”

  1. Mannix Says:

    If you would label this hurtful, why post????? Aren’t you the person on Facebook who said I would rather post positive than negative….. Can you say agenda.

  2. Mr. Lynne Says:

    She said why on the post - it’s her own words.

  3. Mannix Says:

    It’s not in her own words,it is edtited to be disrespectful. If you don’t see that, your just as bad..

  4. Mannix Says:

    You can disagree with her politically, but show some respect.

  5. Mr. Lynne Says:

    She told people she disagreed with to leave the country. Just sayin’.

  6. Lynne Says:

    Well, if you’re so super-sensitive that taking Rita’s own words and posting them is considered taboo, don’t visit this site:


    PS - READ please. I use words, they have meanings. I said,

    “I’d label this hurtful and maybe overly personal and all that, but I wasn’t the one who said these words on the City Council floor.”

    In other words, I WOULD label this hurtful, except for the fact that she actually said these things, and this video is in NO way distorting her words, just layin’ them out there. Maybe if she didn’t want people to post video of things she says to make fun of, she ought to reconsider doing things like practically yelling on the Council floor, and telling people to leave the country if they don’t like the fact that Christian-based religion is mixed with our supposed-to-be-secular civic life, against the Establishment clause. I find it disturbing that she has so little empathy for people who don’t believe in her god.

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