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January 14, 2014

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight - Ooooh.

by at 9:46 am.

Genesis. Is there anything that band didn’t write?

Anywho, today is Tuesday. Which means, another knockdown meeting at Council, I’m sure. It’s like a weekly Old Faithful. You always know there’s gonna be something entertaining yet frustrating to watch. And remember, we have some veddy veddy interesting motions on the agenda by councilors to be discussed.

BUT - and this is important! - starting at 5:30pm there will be a Special Meeting to “establish a procedure for the selection/hiring of the next city manager and auditor.” This is the beginning of one of THE most important processes in Lowell, the hiring of a City Manager.

Eyeballs are essential. This is the place to engage. If we care about the future of this city, we need to pay careful and special attention to every step of the way. It wouldn’t be remiss if you had the time, to actually plant your physical self in a chair in the Chambers.

Let the games begin, I guess.

5 Responses to “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight - Ooooh.”

  1. C R Krieger Says:

    This would be Channel 99 on our TV?

    Regards — Cliff

  2. Lynne Says:

    Yes indeed, sir!

  3. gratefultobehere Says:

    Off topic…. Did Rita just start a non profit for the city’s manger during City Council meeting time? Not that I don’t think it’s a bad idea to have the manger restored (I’d even offer to help), but if I were to start a non-profit organization, do you think I could sit in on a meeting, ask the city to support me and tell folks where they could place their money? So far that’s how it’s going. I have a young cousin who has CF.

  4. Mr. Lynne Says:

    I was thinking the same thing grateful. The religious aspect also further complicates it. I think it’s fine for her to make a motion that educates the public about it as long as it isn’t “hers”. Since I think now it’s Lowell5’s its probably ok in that respect. The religion aspect though could be the real complication - she’s endorsing a non-profit with a specific religious purpose. I think this is a lesser form of a plea in the city council to give at the church collection plate.

  5. Gail Says:

    1.) I was at work, so I greatly appreciate those who were able to make the meeting and add some sanity to the process.

    2.) For those of us who do not have cable TV, one can watch the city council meetings on www.ltc.org, select channel 99 to watch live. Past meetings are also available. Reading Richard Howe’s or Left in Lowell’s recaps might be better for your blood pressure.

    3. Grateful) I did not fully understand this portion of the meeting, but it would appear, that the Merrimack Valley Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (CVB), an existing non-profit, has agreed to act as receiver for the $$ donated for Nativity restoration. If the City owns the Nativity, presumably they need to contract for the repairs or have city employees do the repairs. Normally before the city receives donations, there is a motion and vote to accept the funds, goods, or services. I’m not sure if C. Mercier’s motion allows the city to accept the $$ from CVB for the purpose of restoration or if there will need to be a separate vote before that happens.

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