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January 29, 2014

We Have a Winner!

by at 5:09 pm.

So we have a winner this week in the Blowup of the Week contest. Congratulations, joe from lowell! I have deemed the portrait guidelines motion the most explosive. Of course, it’s never as you expect it…the blowup was preempted by Alison Laraba’s speech, which was stunning (clip later). By the time Rita Mercier got to speak on her own motion it was like a predictable dénouement. Then she was bookended by a citizen speaker, Aleks Tugbiyele, who’d registered to speak on the motion, and her speech was diplomatic but emphatic. But, it was the most explosive discussion of the evening.

Since it was probably one of the more obvious potential blowups of the week, I’m calling this a Level One prize, on a scale of 1-3. (Maybe somewhere between 1 and 2 because it amuses me - so, not too much more complex than Monty the Cephalopod.) So, “joe from lowell,” if you want to send me a preference for animal, or need some help deciding (I can send you links to some relevant patterns), you can email me direct (lynne at leftinlowell.com) or leave a comment. :)

Here’s the clip of Rita and the subsequent discussion, though it’s out of order, since the speech by Alison came before and Aleks Tugbiyele came right after her…I’ll add those clips, they’re both very worth watching. But here’s the actual blowup, now complete with cheesy special effects intro! (Don’t ever give me free software downloads to play with. It’s a bad idea.)

One thing you can always predict: Rita Mercier hates Patrick Murphy, and grudges are her speciality. (Witness poor Salmira last week, and Rita’s statements on the radio on Monday.)

On establishing guidelines for mayoral portraits going forward, how dictatorial are we gonna go? “You must sit with your hands in your lap, with your face three-quarters turned from the lens of the camera, with a flag lapel pin on your jacket…for women, if we ever have another female mayor ever again, you must wear a knee-length or longer skirt and matching suit jacket…you may wear a frilly blouse underneath said jacket, but whoa to you if it includes any lace…”

Seriously. And also, raise your hand if you think Mercier or Elliott gives a real care about this actual issue - aside from the burning of the former Mayor?

But other than this little distraction, and Rita’s goofup on the lawsuit pending in front of the city (also going to make a clip of that) did it seem to you guys that there was a certain level of better behavior during this meeting? Let’s hope that lasts. Not holding my breath…

OK, for color…and because it was EPIC…here’s Alison Laraba on her request to speak before Council. Alison, for those who are new, was a School Committee member a few years back.

Here’s Aleks Tugbiyele’s speech, which came after Rita spoke on her motion (sorry Aleks, you’re getting that YouTube fame!):

5 Responses to “We Have a Winner!”

  1. Gail Says:

    Kudos to both women for speaking at the council meeting. Too bad the Sun did not chose to report on Ms. Laraba’s points.

  2. Eric Says:

    My favorite thing about the video of Aleks’ address to the council was how not only did she talk about the importance of family. The entire time you could see Bobby with baby carriage in the frame. Walking the talk.

  3. joe from Lowell Says:

    Here’s my trick: find the BUOTW by scanning the agenda for stupidest item coming before the Council. Keywords: manger, portrait, hiring city manager, Mercier.

    If there is ever a motion by Councilor Mercier to include questions for City Manager candidates about including a manger in the background in official mayoral portraits, that’s your BUOTW.

  4. Publius Says:

    I think Rita’s motion was unfortunate. The “portrait” was already done. I would hesitate to legislate every single thing, no matter how much I may not like or disagree with the subject matter. Our government is already too intrusive, without more needless micromanaging. The likelihood of another such “portrait” in our lifetime, or the remainder of this century, is highly unlikely.
    I commend the councilors who did not make comments on this matter because by not commenting they did not needlessly fan the flames of something which really does not matter. Sometimes it is best not to comment.

  5. Mr. Lynne Says:

    “I commend the councilors who did not make comments on this matter because by not commenting they did not needlessly fan the flames of something which really does not matter. Sometimes it is best not to comment.”

    I was thinking this same thing when Leahy spoke on the matter. He didn’t really do any damage or anything, it just seemed to unnecessarily drag the issue on.

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