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March 4, 2014

BotW Hiatus

by at 6:05 pm.

I thought since this last week was a little crazy, and also, it’s Bernie’s last week, the BotW (the one with prizes) will go on hiatus out of respect. However, you are free to make guesses in the half hour left before the meeting…agenda is here.

Also, last week’s HANDS DOWN winner is Gemma, with the ambulance contract. Gemma, if you want to email me at lynne@leftinlowell.com so we can discuss your prize, please do so! By the way, I do have the video…it’s in a server somewhere and it has refused to download properly. I still want to do an edit of last week’s BotW, because it was epic.

I’ve included the new agenda here in case you need it, as well.

1.1 Proclamation - To Lowell Women’s Week Committee in recognition of Lowell Women’s Week.
2.1 Minutes of City Council Meeting February 25th; Zoning SC Meeting February 25th, for acceptance.
3.1 M. Elliott – Req. City Council discuss setting up a joint Ad Hoc SC with City Council/School Committee to initiate discussion of high school and facility assessment report.
3.2 M. Elliott – Req. City Council discuss making Galligan Rd. a one way street.
3.3 M. Elliott - Req. City Council discuss public participation process for the location of the recycling center.
3.4 Executive Session to discuss and release minutes of Executive Session meeting on January 21, 2014 and any other minutes that should be designated to be made public from executive sessions.
3.5 Executive Session regarding litigation report, public discussion of which could have a detrimental effect on the City’s position.
4.1 Communication Summary 

Motion Responses 

(A) Motion Response - Snow Removal and Parking Issues on Roper St. and address public safety issues 
(B) Motion Response - Current status and future proposed plans for Mill #5 building on Jackson Street 
(C) Motion Response - Refer current parking ordinance to the economic development subcommittee 


(D) Informational - Condition Analysis Report for Leo Roy and Lower Locks Garages
4.2 Communication - From City Manager - Ambulance Contract
4.3 Communication-Accept resignation of Donna McIntosh (Immigration Comm)
4.4 Communication - City Mgr. Out of State Travel (1) LPD.
4.5 Communication-Draft Budget (presentation of materials)
5.1 Vote-License Agreement (overhanging sign) 124 University Ave, BMH University LLC
5.2 Vote-Apply/Accept/Expend Grant ($400K) Improvements to LMA
5.3 Vote-To Accept and Approve temporary appt of Michael Q. Geary for the position of Acting City Manager and establish the temporary salary
5.4 Vote-To Accept and Approve temporary appt of Angela Gitschier for the position of Acting City Clerk and establish the temporary salary
5.5 Vote-To Accept and Approve Temporary Appt of _______________ for the position of Acting City Auditor and establish the temporary salary
6.1 Order-60 day trial
7.1 Public Safety SC 03-04-14.
8.1 Claims - (11) claims for property damage.
8.2 Misc. - Leonidas Diaz request (1) handicap parking sign at 27 Walnut Street
8.3 Misc. - Charter Environmental, Inc. reqeust for use of the City Driveway off Westford Street to the City Landfill.
9.1 C. Kennedy - Req. North Middlesex Council of Government (NMCOG) callabrate the gas dispensers at 309 Chelmsford St. and provide City Council with a report on the status of all callabrations in the City.
9.2 C. Kennedy - Req. City Mgr. have proper department examine the recent paving job on Westview Rd. and provide report to City Council.
9.3 C. Kennedy - Req. City Mgr. explain the reasoning behind hiring an outside law firm as a hearing officer for the police personell hearings.
9.4 C. Rourke - Req. City Mgr. have LFD review possible use of NARCAN as part of their operating procedures.
9.5 C. Mercier - Req. Mayor’s Office notify and invite Sean Harmon, the artists and all others responsible for the tremendous transformation of the Council Chamber to one of our meetings to be recognized for a job well done.
9.6 C. Leahy - Req. City Mgr. have proper department reexamine the pedestrian crossing lights at the corner of Dutton and Market Streets.
9.7 C. Milinazzo - Req. City Mgr. provide a report on the use of the Receivorship Program to combat abandoned properties in the City of Lowell.
9.8 C. Martin - Req. City Council seek appointments and vote to appoint remaining members to the LTC board.
9.9 C. Martin - Req. City Council acknowledge contributions of Bernie Lynch as City Manager.
9.1 M. Elliott - Req. City Mgr. contact rail road company regarding compliance issues with the idling trains in South Lowell.
9.11 M. Elliott - Req. City Mgr. provide police reports regarding cell block incident.
9.12 M. Elliott - Req. City Mgr. provide update regarding Service Zone Plan and refer to Public Safety SC for discussion.

2 Responses to “BotW Hiatus”

  1. Paul@01852 Says:

    9.10 (Idling trains) should be good for a laugh! This has been discussed to death in past CC meetings esp. on the initiative of Carol McCarthy (Sacred Heart Neighborhood group) with exactly ZERO effect! Per federal law RR’s have absolute immunity and absolutely ZERO obligation to any community! Recall the tanker leaking hazardous materials into the Concord River from several years ago? PanAm essentially thumbed their noses at Carol and the LFD when they demanded to be notified of tanks and cars containing hazardous materials which are left parked in Lowell over extended periods.

    9.11 (Alyssa Brame case) would be my BoTW choice however and maybe rightly so! What has been stifled in this case is that Ms Brame was allowed to finish her “cup of coffee” at the scene of the arrest while the arresting officers were waiting for the wagon. Her condition at that time was relatively normal according to the arresting officers. Fifteen to twenty minutes later she was being searched while unconscious in the booking area. Anyone ever seen “coffee” do that? Me either!! I have it on good authority that on Pg 34 of the official report that the “coffee” was “probably liquor” !!! None of the officers at the scene of the arrest are facing ANY disciplinary actions! THAT in my opinion is the $24,000 Question!

  2. joe from Lowell Says:

    From Richard: “but Lynch says that the newspaper has been wrong before.”

    Liberating, ain’t it Bernie?

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