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March 10, 2014

Not So Much Leaks, As Pawtucket Falls in Spring

by at 4:04 pm.

I hope most of Lowell is as disgusted as I am about the City Manager search name leaks. First, a number of names went public before the Councilors even put in their votes for finalists. Elliott, who was a consummate leaker in the 2006 round of resumes, supposedly had nothing to do with these. I have my suspicions - it likely was a city councilor - but it’s totally speculation. Those names appear to have been leaked to Chris Scott of the Sun.

That type of leak is completely damaging to those candidates, who had an expectation of privacy in applying for our City Manager position. It damages their current positions for their employers to know they were seeking to go elsewhere; and all for naught if they do not make the finalist list. It’s like 10 year olds are freaking running the show. I can’t even express how frustrating this process has become. No professionals in their right minds will apply to Lowell’s other positions or future CM/Auditor or whatever searches. Never mind that this whole damn game has been up to Christian Hill in shenanigans to begin with, with the “fix” gossip by the Sun and some of WCAP’s commentators.

Now, today, the six finalists were leaked on Twitter by the Cub Reporter. I won’t link, you can find it yourself if you want, but of course, Murphy and Ramirez are on the list, as well as four more. (Does it really matter who they are? Do we honestly think they were included because there will be a genuine and honest debate about the best candidate for CM?)

Given that the Cub is involved in the second round of leaking, I would put money on his joined-at-the-hip giggle partner Rodney Elliott. He might not have leaked the first round, but I’d bet money on him not protesting his innocence in this second round. I swear to god, these two are like a married couple. I was at Lynch’s final meeting, and had to make a phone call, so I went far around the corners so as not to bother anyone, and as I was walking back, who passes by me but Rodney and Lyle like they were going off to make out in a corner. Not joking, that’s what it reminded me of.

Rita Mercier, on the radio earlier today, was pretty hot under the collar, understandably. Question is, did all the candidate finalists get notification before the cubbie got his gossip? I think it’d be a good thing if someone like Rita asked that question.

What a hoax this whole thing has been. No good outcome can come from such an unprofessional set of circumstances. This City Council is as bad as was predicted. I was hoping that the naysayers were wrong, that this wouldn’t be as bad as we thought, but…it’s worse.

BotW will be different this week, but I will post about that in a bit.

5 Responses to “Not So Much Leaks, As Pawtucket Falls in Spring”

  1. Lynne Says:

    By the way, before some dumb ass gives me shit about this Rodney-Lyle thing being some kind of homoerotic analogy, stuff it. Especially those progressives who think it’s some sort of gay reference. It’s not. I’m referencing that stupid, giggly junior high girl and her gangly gape-mouthed beau who sneak off at the the school dance to some shadowy hallway.

    It’s Lowell’s worst-kept secret how much Rodney and Lyle get caught alone with their heads together, whispering. In the cloak room behind Council chambers before, during, and after meetings; in clandestine lunches in the park; everywhere around town. We all know where the Sun is getting most of its information - it’s telling that Rodney had to deny leaking the first set of names, isn’t it?

    It is completely unseemly for a reporter who covers city hall and an elected official - nevermind the MAYOR to be paling around like they can’t bear to be apart. I’m tired of no one talking about it. So I am.

  2. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    “…No professionals in their right minds will apply to Lowell’s other positions or future CM/Auditor or whatever searches. Never mind that this whole damn game has been up to Christian Hill in shenanigans to begin with, with the “fix” gossip by the Sun and some of WCAP’s commentators…”

    That is kind of the point of the leak don’t you think? We don’t want no stinkin professional when we have to take care of our own! Future Lowell Sun headline…After Nationwide Search City Council Hires State Rep from Highlands!

  3. Laura Says:

    The whole process to hire for the CM makes me sad. I was proud to say I was from Lowell. Now… not so much.

  4. gratefultobehere Says:

    A new coat of paint can’t cover up the fact that there is so much ugliness in the chamber.

  5. Kathy Says:

    I find the majority of this council to be so incredibly disappointing. Why they bother even pretending to have a city manager search is beyond me. Every resident with a modicum of intelligence sees beyond their lame attempt at subterfuge. It would be laughable if it weren’t so damaging to the city. People should start taking bets on how soon the bond rating - which got raised yet again in Lynch’s last week in office yet not a single councilor noted the importance of this - starts to get dropped by the rating agencies. I fear for my city’s future.

    BTW, anyone notice the poll in the newspaper on Lynch’s tenure? I’d say a result of 75% voting excellent in a Sun poll is pretty incredible!

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