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March 13, 2014

Threads Episode With Bernie

by at 10:29 am.

Two days before Bernie Lynch rode off into the sunset, Threads (my LTC show) guest host Stacie Hargis moderated a roundtable interview with Bernie Lynch, along with Mimi Parseghian and Joe Smith, both active Lowell residents. The online version is in three parts; a retrospective look at Bernie’s tenure; a discussion about what Lowell might be facing in the near and middle-term future; and more general economic development issues. Here they are:

2 Responses to “Threads Episode With Bernie”

  1. Realistic Joe Says:

    I think Stacie Hargis will be a good city councilor. Those looking to run in 2015 just received an unlikely gift. Nobody wants to say it but John leahy completely destroyed his political career this week. He barely got elected anyway but if he was to run again today he would finish no better than 14th. Kevin Murphy isn’t the most popular politician in Lowell but he does have a solid base of voters. Almost all of those voters would completely understand if leahy voted for his brother in law for city manager. All leahy had to do was put Murphy in his top five and the coast was clear. I’m not sure what he was thinking or if he got some really bad advice but the deed is done,and so is Leahy’s political career.

  2. Kathy Says:

    I like that John Leahy thought for himself in selecting his candidates and didn’t confer with any other councilors before making his picks. He still has my vote. I agree that the family connection is a little sticky, but the Ethics Commission says it is not a conflict and I have seen a lot more egregious conflicts happen in Lowell without a peep from anyone! I believe George Ramirez is much more qualified to become city manager than Kevin Murphy. Rep. Murphy is wholly unqualified for the position, in my opinion.

    On another note, this was a great Threads show! Interesting conversation on various issues and on City Manager Lynch’s tenure. I wish councilors would do write-in candidates for manager and try to draft Lynch back in!

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