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May 17, 2014

Only the Retired, or EPA Employees Need Run?

by at 8:29 am.

Let’s face it. The Lowell Sun isn’t everywhere covering everything like it used to. We’re lucky when it can muster up the interest in a License Commission meeting. It barely covers the City Council meetings (really, we only hear whatever Cub Reporter Lyle wants us to hear about, usually something that makes his BFF Elliott look good). Which is why richardhowe.com’s week in review and city council notes are so very crucial to our civic life here in the city.

So, that’s why Kendall’s Saturday Chat kind of chapped my hide. (No link as yet.)

I know people who serve in public office have busy lives, but I was also surprised that only one member of the School Committee attended the Honors Night at the high school and only one attended a teachers appreciation dinner that same night. Committeeman Dave Conway was the only one who made an appearance at both events.

Excuse me? I happen to know personally that my friends on the School Committee, besides working at real jobs and raising some great kids who are still in the public school system, talk all the time about school-related events they attend. I kind of marvel at their energy to do all of that in a single week, frankly. In between girl scouts and dance lessons and a million other things. I’d burn out real fast. Instead of insulting them for not attending the effing FEW events the Sun bothers to show up at, maybe you could ask them what they have attended? I think Mr. Wallace would be amazed at how active and involved they are.

And the other members of the SC that I know less well are also pillars of the community, who are involved in many other things besides their full time jobs and personal lives and their SC duties. Since when do you have to be retired and without other demands on your time, like Dave Conway is, to be an effective school committee elected (or City Council for that matter)?

Maybe some members of the SC aren’t retired, or EPA employees with a seemingly endless supply of vacation (seriously…has anyone FOIA’ed to find out exactly how many hours “full time” EPA employee Rodney Elliott is actually working? Since it’s our taxpayer dollar, I’d like to know), or able to get a PT $55K job via connections at the county sheriff’s office. But some of them have more than one full time job as parent, employee, and as SC member. How many jobs do you think they should have before they catch a break, Kendall? Just askin.

I mean, you know, most of the SC members couldn’t get that sweet weekend 16-hour-a-week $15/hr photojournalist job the Sun was advertising that most recent grad with zero experience would probably sneer at…they don’t have much experience with filling columns with drivel and sideways insults and they don’t steal photos for profit.

And people wonder why no one wants to run for local office any more. Gee, it’s such a mystery.

12 Responses to “Only the Retired, or EPA Employees Need Run?”

  1. FKelly Says:

    Ever since The Sun transformed into a morning paper, the time frame for actual news making the print addition has suffered. Council meeting reports show up Thursday and Friday for a Tuesday night meeting Etc. Another recent example was the fires last week in the back central neighborhood. There was no reporting on the fires themselves only that someone was arrested 4 days later. On your other point about the school committee members I can provide another example. While I don’t know Committeeman Leary that well, He is the head coach on my sons rookie baseball team. This usually involves at least one if not two evenings a week and usually Saturday as well. Granted it’s only a couple of hours at most but he is usually there.

  2. Realistic Joe Says:

    I agree with you about the Wallace column today. If he wants to praise his friend Dave Conway I think he could have done so without the cheap shot directed at the other school committee members. At the same time I think this may be the most ironic blog post I’ve ever read.

  3. Lynne Says:

    Why? Ironic because I’ve noted the very real situation where a supposedly full time federal employee is showing up during an awful lot of work hours at City Hall? Or ironic because I noted GOB connections? Both of those are very real, and everyone knows it.

  4. Lynne Says:

    Or is it ironic because I noted the untoward relationship between Elliott and Moran? Because that’s Lowell’s worst kept secret. The two are seen *everywhere* together.

  5. Gemma Says:

    On HOTROD he should go back to the EPA he has his haircut at illegal business his father inlaw and great friend get all the paving jobs saw him texting this am while driving thru the bike line on Father Morresite hmmmm doesn’t he know they are there oh ask him about dumping into the concord river enough said on this HOTROD. I’m watching you HOTROD and Lyle I have pictures

  6. Rosie Says:

    I really believe that if any of the other school committee members were there alone that night, it would not have made Kendall’s chat. Conway with his tricks again. The Sun has become the gossip column.

  7. Lynne Says:

    Gemma - easy on the accusations. It’s impossible to know your credibility level. My comments in the blog are totally 100% verified - he spends a lot of work hour time at city hall and everyone knows it. I’m not his fan either, but, let’s be careful about it.

  8. Mannix Says:

    By not deleting number 5, this blog lacks credibility and substance…….

  9. Gail Says:

    Depending upon the length of service, federal employees earn 4 to 8 hours of vacation time every two weeks– if they work full time (80 hours in 2 weeks, excjuding lunch). With management approval, he could take leave without pay, or voluntarily reduce his hours.

    Depending upon one’s position there are a variety of flexible schedules with core hours that are available with supervisor approval.

  10. Lynne Says:

    Yes, and if I deleted it, I’d be yelled at for censoring. I don’t have time for your sort of bullshit. I am not responsible for what other people write. I err on the side of letting things through, and I responded accordingly because I thought it was on the edge of decorum. If you want to dictate what a blog does, I suggest you get off your ass and start your own.

  11. Mannix Says:

    Gemma’s post is “bullshit” as you say… I’m just stating the obvious. Remember, truth is an absolute defense…..

  12. Lynne Says:

    I am not responsible for WHAT OTHER PEOPLE WRITE.

    If you want to bitch about comments, go check out the Lowell Sun’s comments and figure out just how reasonable even our most strident are.

    Also, you’re boring me.

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