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2013 Candidate Questionnaire Responses!

November 21, 2013

Going Nuclear

by at 12:10 pm.

Right now, after a few more tries at getting a judicial nominee through and being filibustered, Senator Reid is finally done with the obstructionism and is going nuclear on the filibuster for judicial nominees.

The current vacancy crisis of our judiciary is often unremarked by the media, but it has very big consequences for the justice system we all live under. Republicans want to claim Obama is too slow to nominate, but with them using the filibuster to block so many nominees - qualified, good nominations, we’re not talking about political hacks, and even the Republicans can’t always find a good objection other than it being something Obama initiated - our judicial system has been hampered for years.

The concept of “going nuclear” on the filibuster was, of course, invented by Republicans over the few filibusters of some very shady Bush nominees (people who were not qualified…remember, Bush at first wanted Harriet freaking Miers for the SCOTUS, and even his own party was like, wahhhhh?). But now the media is forgetting their history (shocker) and is saying this is a Democratic idea. Well, no, actually, thanks for playing.

But if this is the only way to fill our judicial vacancies and actually get the people’s work done, let’s do it. If and when Republicans become the majority, these rules will apply to Dems as a minority as well. Let each party own their own damn governing without a filibuster, if the rules are going to be abused in such a manner.

PS - why yes, I am streaming C-SPAN right now, if you must ask…

Update the vote to change the rules just passed. For all judicial nominees except SCOTUS, a simple majority will confirm them! Finally, a Senate that will (somewhat) function.

October 30, 2013

Local Politic’s “Internet Problem”

by at 8:47 am.

Some politicians just never learn:

For those of you that need some background - Renee is a political chum of mine. We kinda agree on certain political principles, I would say. But, I think we express our political will in very different ways. So, that is Renee.

Matt Vieira is a blossoming politician that can’t get out of his own way. I think it’s because he gets bad PR advice from JMatt. Er, .. um, I mean JMac. Sorry. Freudian slip.

So, now you have the context, and the back story of how I came upon this Facebook back and forth.

August 20, 2013

A Big Decision for a Little Big Shot

by at 5:54 pm.

It is confirmed by several sources, John MacDonald has formed his own company. Then, there is this:

(I deleted out his address and added the red arrow to the screen grab)

I’m at a loss. What to think?!

Is JMac’s sugar daddy, Sal Lupoli gonna run for Governor? LG? Something? Or, is JMac looking to cash campaign checks from a Lupoli ally?

Maybe, he wants to shill for slots in Tewksbury?

Make sure you watch City Life, tomorrow, at 6 am: Here or on the boob tube. Or, wait until the amateur marketeer gets the Blog of Record on message, then read it in dead tree form. Lastly, you can listen to Sam Poulten’s pride and joy, The JMac & The Bear Show. I think this hour long infomercial for “shady Lowell” runs Fridays at 10am.

Heads up, folks!

May 31, 2013

Let’s Ask Teddy Panos (Updated)

by at 11:34 am.

Hey, Teddy.

Your ass is in a knot over welfare fraud. (Yes. I do listen.) And, you are a proponent of the big government intrusion of mandating citizens present photo identification when they go to exercise control over government, via ballots. As social engineering is an incrementalist’s game, whether progressive or classic liberal, you should be happy as a clam to hear this:

From the Boston Dead Tree Rag:

It’s time to slap photos on EBT cards and crank up oversight of the state’s “broken” welfare system before more dead people can collect benefits, an incensed House Speaker Robert DeLeo told the Herald yesterday.

“Why do we have to let the wound fester? We have to stop this fraud, and we have to stop it now,” DeLeo said, adding he was “appalled” by a state audit released Tuesday that showed $2.4 million paid to more than 1,100 dead people and $27 million to live recipients collecting EBT benefits out of state, including in Alaska and Hawaii.

DeLeo said House proposals to put photos on EBT cards, create a Bureau of Program Integrity and allow the Inspector General to monitor the embattled agency “are needed now more than ever,” and promises by the Patrick administration that they are addressing the problems aren’t enough.


For sure, if EBT cards are printed with a photo id of the benefit holder, an idea I fully support; then this will be a valid id. Thus, should the photo id intrusion into our ballot system of checks and balances move forward, those of us guarding against voter suppression will be partially relieved.

I love ‘checks and balances.’ It’s the wisest creation of The Founders.

Update: David Bernstein, of Boston Magazine, did a nice job sorting through the spin factor around the Auditor’s report. Such revelations will not help Teddy regain his composure. Maybe, it will help you, as it did me. Please proceed below the fold for an outtake.

May 3, 2013

Voter Suppression Comes Home

by at 1:00 pm.

This motion will get fast tracked to subcommittee, where it will wallow.

This graph compares total voter turnout to C. Elliott’s support, for the last 6 City elections. What would happen, if this November the turnout went up to 12,000?

March 7, 2013

Scabs Pout over “Force Account” Preference at LHA

by at 12:45 pm.

Did you ever, for a minute, think the kerfuffle around LHA was about public health, or any of the touted altruistic motives that were puked up by the Blog of Record?

It was always about UNION BUSTING!

February 17, 2013

Bubble Heads: Steve Lynch GOPers #fail

by at 2:48 pm.

The blog of the Blog of Record:

LOWELL TOOK center stage at times in last year’s Senate race between Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown, with prominent city figures offering endorsements and frequent visits by each candidate, including a debate at the Tsongas Center. Now, with a special Senate election under way, the Mill City is poised to host a tug-of-war for voters yet again.

A “Lowell for Ed Markey” Facebook page was launched in late January, before John Kerry’s confirmation as secretary of state. Posts on the page show volunteers supporting the U.S. congressman’s bid for the seat vacated by Kerry have been at work here for almost a month, gathering signatures in Lowell and Chelmsford. Last week, the Markey campaign followed up with a corresponding Twitter account.

Markey’s opponent in the Democratic primary, U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch, has called for Lowell to be the site of one of six public debates. Lynch has also won the backing of Lowell state Rep. Thomas Golden and former state Sen. Steven Panagiotakos. Lynch also hopes to win over Sen. Eileen Donoghue and lawyer Michael Gallagher.

No one on the GOP side appears to have made moves in Lowell just yet, but if the pattern continues, it could just be a matter of time before another future senator follows Warren’s footsteps into the ring at West End Gym to record a campaign spot.
(bold mine)

At one time, Campi used to frequent the JMac & the Bear Show. What happened? Someone should tell the Blogger in Chief that John MacDonald has renounced his party affiliation, so that he can parlez with the business/political power clout of Lowell’s ConservaDem clique. JMac is flogging what some would call, the “Anthes Prerogative.(more…)

February 1, 2013

Rita Mercier & Dave Nangle Have Formed a Prayer Group

by at 1:06 pm.

They are praying Scott Brown stays out of this Senate Special Election.

Frankly, it is HARD to cross party lines. No one on either side really quite trusts you. Of course, on the local level, both Rita and Dave have solid support. Mostly, because they are fairly down to earth people, that are willing to ply their skill at the ‘grip and grin’ at street level. Both are unpretentious and folksy. Almost adorable in quirky ways. (Unless you rub them the wrong way.) But, political sophistication is not their calling card. So, in the 2012 General Election, their individual choice to support Republican Scott Brown has assuredly caused them grief in ways that they had not accounted for. Note: Brown did well in the Belvidere section of Lowell. So, niether Rita or Nangle have much to sweat over, come their own respective reelections. That said, Rita will take it hard if she doesn’t finish 1st.

For both of them, the best thing that Scott Brown can do for them, … is to sit this special election cycle out. Good news for them is, it’s looking like he may:

With time running short, Washington Republicans have begun a “full court press’’ to persuade an increasingly reluctant Scott Brown to run in the special election to replace John F. Kerry, say two leading Massachusetts GOP figures.

The eleventh-hour effort, coordinated by the National Republican Senatorial Committee, comes as those familiar with Brown’s deliberations are becoming convinced that he will not run and instead will look for a job in the private sector.

Please consider how much of a pickle, especially Dave Nangle, is in right now. The MADems would be hard pressed to sweep another endorsement of Brown under the rug. For Rita, much less so, but Nangle put his personal friendship to Brown as the hallmark to his endorsement. Even though many in Dave Nangle’s crew are inclined to support Congressman Stephen Lynch, with every fiber of their ‘Blue Dog’ beings, Nangle can not simply annul his endorsement of Brown out of political convenience. Friendship has to MEAN something. Nangle’s entire political existence is, all but, built on personal fidelity.

If Scott Brown bails, this will allow Nangle, and Rita, to slip back into the fold. There will be some ribbing, but pols love to win elections. As do the staff that support them. Few will argue that Mercier and Nangle don’t offer some electoral boost. If not city-wide, definitely in The Belvidere.

UPDATE: Brown won’t run, for now.

“… I was not at all certain that a third Senate campaign in less than four years, and the prospect of returning to a Congress even more partisan than the one I left, was really the best way for me to continue in public service at this time. And I know it’s not the only way for me to advance the ideals and causes that matter most to me.

“That is why I am announcing today that I will not be a candidate for the United States Senate in the upcoming special election.”

October 22, 2012

Brown’s GOTV & Endorsement Blues

by at 7:41 pm.

On Sunday, in Lowell, Scott Brown held a rally. (Actually, it was more like a really?) But that can happen when you use such flawed surrogates, like Kelly Ayotte:
“I absolutely support and believe in marriage as between a man and a woman, and I do think it’s unfortunate that our state has made a different decision on that. And I know that many of you who are out there working at the state level, running for state office, I commend your efforts to repeal that law here in the state of New Hampshire. And I think that’s very important.

On Sunday, Kelly Ayotte helped Scott Brown diss on Elizabeth Warren and Federal Student Loan programs:

“Don’t let her fool you on that one,” Ayotte said, as more than 100 supporters cheered.

Brown said bills like the student-loan proposal backed by Warren are “not jobs bills, they’re tax bills.”

Yikes! 100+? The Brown clique should have kept it at the SAC club, like the last two times.

Elizabeth Warren held, what I would call, a RALLY. This rally was out in Northampton, on Sunday afternoon.

Elizabeth Warren draws 1,000 supporters in Northampton (more…)

October 14, 2012

Pretense Dropped. Nangle Is Free.

by at 12:21 pm.

The sickly sweet promise of a foregone conclusion:

August 13th, 2012 at 2:18 pme
I think Dave Nangle should openly endorse Scott Brown. He is facing a weak Republican opponent, so he should make the bold move.

Yes, that would be a slap to the MADP, but who cares? The state party won’t do shit to Nangle and the local party is in the tank with Nangle. There are 3 TV ads with turncoat Dems endorsing Scott Brown. Brown needs Lowell. Ward 1, Nangle’s backyard, is all Brown really needs to cinch Lowell up.

Let’s drop the pretense. Free Dave Nangle!


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