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2013 Candidate Questionnaire Responses!

October 5, 2009

Interview with Fred Bahou

by at 4:58 pm.

I recorded an interview with Fred Bahou, candidate for the Regional Vocational School Committee. It’s about 12 and 1/2 minutes long and ranges on several topics about the Vocational School Committee.

October 27, 2008

Conversations with Bernie - A Podcast

by at 11:23 am.

[Bumped in case people missed it!]

I am hoping to generate more original content for this blog, and one of the easiest ways, if I’m not too concerned about perfect production values, is to take my little digital recorder around and interview people.

One series I would like to conduct I’m calling “Conversations with Bernie” where I take 15-20 minutes to walk over to the office of the City Manager and conduct an informal interview.

My interview style is still a little jarring if you ask me (one benefit of having to listen and edit is having to listen to yourself, unfortunately) and the recorder picks up everything, but here it is. Today, Bernie and I talked about the economic and budgetary outlook for the city, as well as the fuss over the sewage treatment plant. Click below to play the interview, which is just under 18 minutes.

February 4, 2008

Podcast: Patrick Today in Lowell on Obama

by at 4:08 pm.

I went to the event with Governor Patrick today at Brew’d Awakening in downtown to listen to him speak about Barak Obama ahead of tomorrow’s Super Tueday vote, including here in Mass.

Patrick was eloquent as usual and addressed the crowd about Obama’s experience (he has been an elected official twice as long as Clinton) and he talked about Obama’s leadership qualities and judgment. I took some photos, but more importantly, I recorded the almost 17-minute speech and Q&A with the Governor.

You can see some of the photos here, and click below to listen to the podcast.

If you want to get involved today and tomorrow, you can contact the Obama campaign at 617-981-0642.


November 4, 2007

Podcast: Interview with SC Candidate Jim Leary

by at 4:10 pm.

Last week, I sat down with School Committee incumbent Jim Leary for what is likely the last in a series of audio interviews of local candidates before this coming Tuesday’s election. We had a fun interview, and together with his dog Sampson, Jim talks about his accomplishments in his first term and where he would like to see the city’s schools going forward if reelected. It’s about 24 minutes total.

November 3, 2007

Podcast: Interview with SC Candidate John Leahy

by at 1:08 pm.

Last Tuesday, I sat down with School Committee incumbent and candidate John Leahy. He talks about his role on the school committee and about the Superintendent. It’s around 16 minutes long. Enjoy!

October 29, 2007

Podcast: Interview with SC Candidate Jackie Doherty

by at 1:31 pm.

Jackie Doherty stopped by my place today for a sit-down interview about the school committee race, which came to just under a half an hour of recording. Topics ranged from the specific (school curriculums, MCAS, and what she has done or wants to accomplish in the future to improve our schools) to the more controversial (internal hiring practices and the hubbub surrounding the Headmaster position at LHS). In particular, she spoke to this last issue very eloquently. Since this is an issue being tossed around a lot in this race, it’s worth a listen to Jackie’s perspective.

(Disclosure: I am supporting Jackie’s bid for reelection and do host a sign at my home.)

Past interviews: SC candidate Connie Martin, and CC candidate Dr. Louis Stylos.

October 27, 2007

Podcast: Interview with CC Candidate Lou Stylos

by at 4:06 pm.

Our second in a series of podcast interviews with candidates for Lowell city government. Today, I spoke with Dr. Louis Stylos, who is running for City Council. Lou emphasized his support for professional city management and his intent to continue the direction in which the city is currently headed.

(Quick disclosure: Dr. Stylos is my current family dentist and has been for over a year.)

If you missed it, you can catch my first talk with School Committeeperson and candidate Connie Martin.

October 25, 2007

Podcast: Interview with SC Candidate Connie Martin

by at 3:18 pm.

Lowell School Committee incumbent and candidate Connie Martin stopped by today for a podcast interview to talk about her candidacy. We spent roughly 30 minutes chatting about school curriculum, progress from our students and where we might go from here.

Any candidate who’s interested in a podcast interview (I have to come up with a better title for our podcast series…any suggestions?), please email me (lynne [at] leftinlowell.com, replace [at] with an @).

I have to say thanks to my husband for his original music, which really pulls the audio together. Enjoy!

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