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June 28, 2012

Open Thread: Mandate Edition

by at 10:46 am.

Update: “Those who have sought to demonize health reform need to put an end to their scare tactics. This needs to begin a new day, where the test is not what you can oppose but what you can propose.” - John Kerry

At a press conference held on March 6, 2006, Mitt Romney said he’s “very pleased with” the individual mandate.


June 9, 2006

More Ways Republicans Are Deleting Democracy Part II

by at 1:29 pm.

If something like domestic spying is illegal without a warrent, hey, change the rules and pardon the offenders. At least if you’re once-moderate-turned-Bush-lapdog Republican, Arlen Specter.

Of course, this still doesn’t make it constitutional…oh, shit, Roberts replaced O’Connor on the Supreme Court.

As my favorite bumper sticker says…that’s OK, I wasn’t using my civil liberties anyway, right?

January 15, 2006

Alito’s Way

by at 7:44 am.

It was not an impressive showing by the Democratic members of the Judiciary Committee this past week, especially our senior senator, Ted Kennedy. I do agree that Alito will play a major role in slowly reversing some, if not many, of the individual rights and liberties defined by Supreme Court decisions of the past three decades. Frankly, the man’s philosophy scares me.

I can understand all of the Senators’ frustration at Alito’s stonewalling and memory lapses but at times they sounded like criminal defense attorneys grilling a prosecutor’s expert witness. I do not think that is what the Advise and Consent process should look like. While Alito came across as a stuffy but polite scholar, Kennedy came off as a rude bully. The White House outmaneuvered the Democratic Judiciary Staff.

Prior to the beginning of this week’s hearing, the Democrats should have known how many more votes they needed to stop Alito’s confirmation. Therefore, their choices were 1) try to persuade some of the potential Republican swing votes, if any could be identified; 2) use the televised hearing to take your case to the uncommitted voters to try to influence the 2006 Congressional election in your favor; 3) filibuster.

I do not think the Democrats achieved #1 or #2 and at this point I do not believe they can develop the right strategy to successfully carry out #3. I am not optimistic.

November 2, 2005

Alito Not Making Good Impression

by at 10:56 am.

AMERICAblog has some nifty polling numbers on the new nominee. And hey, look, a solid majority of people, when asked if they would want Alito to be confirmed if it’s discovered he thinks Roe should be overturned, don’t want him confirmed.

Hello? Pro-choice is the majority. How many times do we have to go over this? And with the Republicans trying to pretend Alito is a moderate, it’s obvious they know this and are trying to hide the potential for losing Roe. That ought to tell you something.

October 31, 2005

I’m Really Not Liking This Guy

by at 9:54 pm.

AMERICAblog finds this tidbit. Apparently, our new nominee, Sc-Alito, helped draft the Reagan-era discrimination against people with AIDs. I am not kidding.

Let’s see what else the lefty blogosphere has found…

He pulled a Bush Jr in Vietnam. He got into the Guard even though his draft number was low.

Alito is for the strip-searching of little 10 year old girls. You know, because they’ve all gotta be, I dunno, guilty?

Strict Constructionist = Activist Conservative.

There are charges he ruled in a case with major conflict of interest and should have recused himself.

He apparently think a machine gun in every home would be a lovely country in which to live.

This is only after one day of blogdigging, so you can imagine.

Alito Nomination: Let’s Ask The Right Questions

by at 11:21 am.

Well, Bush has gone and done what his leash-holders - er, base - on the religious right wanted him to do: nominate a justice for the SCOTUS in the mold of Scalia, a notorious ultra-conservative.

Wes at Walk in Brain asks the question that I’ve been wanting to see from everyone, most particularly from the Senate Dems: Where does Mr. Alito stand on corporate personhood and accountability?

Preserving Roe v. Wade is exceptionally important and enough to filibuster this guy’s butt any day, but the hidden danger in this cabal’s nominees is the fight against the worker and the environment and even the middle class in favor of big corporations. It’s modus operandi for these people to just give, give, give everything and the kitchen sink to their CEO buds. But I guess Roe is sexier, even post-Enron, for the media’s narrative, than the preservation of our American way of life.

So where does Mr. Alito stand when it comes to corporations?

October 27, 2005

Why Miers Withdrawal Rocks!

by at 5:05 pm.

AMERICAblog’s John in DC says what I’ve been thinking since I heard Miers withdrew her name as nominee to the SCOTUS, but much deeper, longer, more succinct and cogent than my emails arguing with my good friend in Sweden.

I believe her withdrawal presents so many hand-rubbing, mouth-watering opportunities, it almost eclipses thoughts of a perp walk for Rove. Almost.

Now, if only we didn’t have screwups in the Democratic party…I’d breath easy.

October 3, 2005

Bush Tactic: Nominate An Unknown

by at 10:17 am.

All right, this is starting to be a pattern. For Supreme Court, nominate someone close to you, that no one else knows or can determine what sort of a Justice they will be. The only major credential Bush’s pick to replace Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Harriet Miers, seems to have, is a long glorious relationship with Bush himself. From all the stuff I’ve seen, she’s never been a judge of any sort.

I just love that the Supreme Court is a place to put hacks and inexperienced loyalists these last few decades. *sigh* It’s only, you know, the top court in the land and the last defense against abuses of the other two branches. Or something.

AMERICAblog quotes the AP:

“We know even less about Harriet Miers than we did about John Roberts and because this is the critical swing seat on the court, Americans will need to know a lot more about Mier’s judicial philosophy and legal background before any vote for confirmation,” said Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., a member of the Judiciary Committee.

Please let’s hope there’s more contemplation by our Senate in the Miers nomination. Because, well, Roberts didn’t answer any questions, not the important ones anyway, and still got voted in overwhelmingly. He could be a right wing loony under that smooth salesman exterior, and we’ll only know after he votes to give away the homeworld.

Both these people, I expect, even if they don’t vote to overturn Roe, will vote to give away everything else to corporations. That’s the secret hidden danger in the SC right now in my opinion. You do realize that corporations have more rights than individuals now, yes?

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