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January 14, 2014

Rita’s Other Rap

by at 4:28 pm.

Oh. Oh, dear. Someone set up the footage of CC Rita Mercier’s er, prepared remarks about the Christmas manger as a rap. I doubt she’ll think this one is as funny as her deliberate one during the campaign at the UTEC forum. Though, it kinda is. As funny, I mean.

(I swear on my life, it’s not me. I just found it via Facebook.)

I’d label this hurtful and maybe overly personal and all that, but I wasn’t the one who said these words on the City Council floor. Rita Mercier is responsible for her own words and actions. And those can have consequences…

I can tell you one thing: she will definitely feel vindicated about her comment about lewd, crude, vulgar and obscene articles passing through cyberspace! (Again, falsely, since these are her own words, and no one else’s.)

August 30, 2013

Adult Temper Tantrums

by at 11:22 am.

I missed this a few days ago.

When do you know a politico has the maturity of a five year old and zero sense of humor about themselves? When they go on social media tempter tantrums of course!

Former Senator and professional political office shopper Scott Brown went on what Jessica Van Sack over at the Herald described as a Twitter blocking bender, again raising some serious doubts about his temperament. Hashtag #blockedbyscotto was born.

It all started once again with Brown posting something odd on Twitter.

— Scott P. Brown (@ScottBrownMA) August 26, 2013

Which prompted Ben Jacobs a reporter for the Daily Beast to reply:

I just met you and this is crazy. Here’s my number. So call me “@ScottBrownMA: Maybe”
— Ben Jacobs (@Bencjacobs) August 26, 2013

Brown then blocked Jacobs from his public campaign account.

But Brown didn’t stop there, he then started a blocking spree that included Adam Reilly and David Bernstein amongst many others. Seems that anyone who responded to Brown’s Maybe tweet got blocked.

The people getting blocked are mostly reporters in Massachusetts. You can check out the #blockedbyscotto fun yourself (including my late-to-the-game comment about the flap). When you’re blocked, you can’t even “follow” that person on Twitter any more.

So you can either assume he’s done running for anything, or at least anything in MA, and doesn’t care about burning his bridges and acting like a child, or else, some child really did get a hold of his Twitter account. Either way, a real class move. *shakes head*

By the way, this is the guy Councilor Rita Mercier thought was a better choice for Senator. Let’s not forget that!

February 22, 2013

Past the Breaking Point

by at 10:46 pm.

It’s that time again. I decided the big “Muttering Microphone Controversy of 2013″ was a great opportunity to highlight the utter inanity that is the Rodney Elliot Show on most Tuesday nights. By the time you watch the whole thing, you’ll be wishing the City Manager YELLED instead of muttered, you’re that frustrated.

This time, I got a little fancy in parts. I’m getting my editing legs under me. Soon I will be platform agnostic (Adobe Premiere and Final Cut).

Also, yeah, in parts I was brutal. You would be too if you had to play and rewind, play and rewind the bullshit over and over again.

Without much further ado, I present…Episode II.

PS - Episode I is here.

November 22, 2012

Lyle, Lyle, Lyle…

by at 2:00 am.

I’ve folded all my napkins fancily on carefully placed plates on two eight foot tables in my dining room now, so I thought I would take a minute to relate another tale of woebegonery as pertains to the Saga Of Me Being Really Mean, By Jove.

As you know, my name got in the paper yesterday, via a report of Mary Jo Santoro and her spectacular miscalculation of trying to accuse me of threatening her. Sarah Favot wrote the piece, which I thought was pretty fair. It certainly didn’t make me flinch (and I flinch at being the center of attention on my own birthday, so there you go, another poke in the eye of the myth that This Is All About Me).

But it seems that the story, at least as it includes me, has been yanked from her apparently capable hands. (God, I hate to see another one bite the dust at the Sun. Any bets to how long she’ll stand it?) The torch has been passed, at least it appears, to Campi’s little shadow, Lyle Moran. I know this because he called me this afternoon (and I have heard that he called others as well). Out of a morbid curiosity I called him back. More on that in a sec - you’ll love it, it’s all about the sausage making, or in this case, amateurishly broadcasting your utter bias in a leading two-sentence “question.”

I do love being the Sun’s special case. It tickles me no end that Campi hasn’t lost his unhealthy obsession with “taking me down.” Like going after an unpaid blogger is all that hard. Wonder why they haven’t managed it yet? He must have been like a baby with his first successful poo, beside himself with glee, when this whole complaint thing came down. (The baby and poo thing is a euphemism. I don’t actually think Campanini wears diapers.)

Anyway, you might be awfully surprised to learn that I have very little interaction with Moran in general. I’ve heard from so many people just how amateur he acts, Jack likes to refer to the “cub reporter” after all. And I’ve read some of his drivel, articles with logical holes so large you can drive a train through them (so he really is learning a lot from his mentor). But personal experience? I barely exchange a word with the guy. (more…)

November 1, 2012

Video Clip: CC Meeting Blunders

by at 2:32 pm.

I have a nice shiny fully featured legal copy of Adobe Premiere at my disposal, CS6 even, so I decided to clip down the very last 16 minutes or so of the Council meeting from Oct 30th so if you hadn’t had a chance to see it, there it is. But if you have seen it, I still recommend hitting play…I decided, instead of multiple clippings with my text commentary in this post, to put my comments right into the video…and they tended to the sarcastic.

Really, if City Councilor Elliot has no respect for the process and for his position, and especially, his colleagues, I don’t see why I should have any respect for him, either.

PS - thanks for the pithy title, Jack!

October 28, 2012

Dead On Balls

by at 7:35 pm.


The End

August 10, 2012

Let Dave Nangle Be On TV

by at 5:06 pm.

I think we should free Dave Nangle to follow his muse. It’s undemocratic, really, to hold him to the false flag of party affiliation. He is trying too hard to straddle the line. It’s just NOT fair!

While in Lowell, Huff was accompanied by state Rep. David Nangle, also a Democrat. Nangle has not endorsed a candidate in the Senate race, but said he agreed to show Huff around the city as a personal favor to Brown, who he served with in the House during the late 1990s.


May 13, 2012

Mayor Murphy Sucks Because ______________!

by at 11:52 am.

Let’s join in the fun. Please share with us, why you think Mayor Murphy sucks as Mayor. We at LiL are not above playing The Sun’s reindeer games. Though this particular game is despicable, it could be fun?

I’ll start.

Mayor Murphy sucks because he recognizes that Lowell is a true melting pot of 106,000(+/-) souls and that every one of them deserves a “seat at the table!”

Your turn.

Mayor Murphy sucks because:

May 8, 2012

Mike Hayden Greatest Hits

by at 8:32 pm.

Yesterday might be gone, but we have archives.

The biannual resurfacing of Mike Hayden, tooting his own horn (shocker) as a replacement for a possibly-departing Lenzi (one would hardly believe one can do worse than GOB stalwart Lenzi but…) had me reminiscing. Not only are there some great blog posts whereby we took him at his own words (and website), but…Mike…no matter how far apart we are…we’ll always have the comments.

Oh, the comments!

Here’s a little saunter down memory lane for all you crazy young kids:

Wherein I need His Holiness to pray for my sorry sinning ass.

Mike Hayden Says:
April 22nd, 2010 at 9:15 am e
The only thing pathic here Lynne is you,it is no wonder your an atheist the only thing you worship is yourself. You really are a sad person I will pray for you

and offers to have me pay him to learn about being angry from him:

Mike Hayden Says:
March 18th, 2010 at 2:19 pm e
Sounds like you could use a course in Anger Management Lynne Your temper and language are going to land you in big trouble some day Call me I will give you a discount on the course Who knows maybe you learn something
Mike Hayden

PS - if you want to advertise your business on my website I suggest learning some grammar…oh, and also, it might help if you didn’t appear to badly need your own services. It erodes and undermines any confidence in your abilities.

And then there’s this pithy comeback to the time I called him out on his pathetic GOPer talking points and called him dismissable:

Mike Hayden Says:
August 13th, 2011 at 3:23 pm e
you know Lynne you are such a dishrag

Dishrag? So quaint!

Of course, Mike’s visits here are nothing compared to his visits to the trashy Topix comments on the Lowell Sun website. But he’s tried. Lord knows, he’s tried to keep us entertained here at LiL over the long years.

That was an exceptionally great amount of fun! Let’s do it again in another two years!

February 2, 2012

Peyton Manning Encourages Brady

by at 7:36 pm.

Indignant that the younger Manning has a shot of beating Peyton at number of Super Bowl wins, he leaves some tips for Brady on his voicemail.

Note: Some mild swearing.


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