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December 28, 2014

Getting Your Goat

by at 9:22 pm.

In case you lived under a rock this weekend, you probably heard about the Lowell Goat Incident. Which is to say, a goat was out and about on the loose in our fine city. Dispatch had a double take when it was called in. You can listen to the hilarious audio here:

The goat has its own Twitter feed, while it explores our city. And it’s making the Boston news as well. (Watch out for autoplay, sorry.)

So, in light of the absolutely lame excuse for a “Christmas gift Column” in the Lowell Sun today and its rather milquetoast “gift” to the Lowell PD, I offer this:

For Christmas for the Lowell Police Dept, may they apprehend this goat swiftly and without any goat headbutt injuries.

Addendum - at least it’s not the Gävle Goat!

December 23, 2014

LiL Christmas Column

by at 12:55 pm.

Full disclosure – in light of the Sun’s relinquishing of their Christmas Column crown, I asked a number of people for their ideas on what to give local notable folks for Christmas this year. This is what they came up with. A few are mine. If they are horrible and nasty, I claim nothing. Thanks to contributors Ken, Len, Barry, Denny, and Grinch! Couldn’t have done it without you.

For Rita Mercier – valium for her long flight to Cambodia, and snow on the manger for Christmas Eve.

Bill Martin – a return to his Sacred Heart roots.

Rodney Elliott – A stone wall to block any FOIA requests about how much vacation time he actually took at the EPA this last year, versus what he had banked.

Bill Samaras – A higher than 10th place finish in the next election, and some natural memory supplements so he can remember names.

John Leahy – a chance to redo his vote for mayor.

Corey Belanger – some actual, breathing patrons for his wicked shitty bah. More softball questions from the administration to ask the administration. Five golden vests.

Ed Kennedy – Quarters for the copier machine and the pay phone at Cappy’s.

Dan Rourke – A ticket to get off the “Tipa” train and to become a real boy.

Jim Milinazzo – Vanilla.

Kevin Murphy – What can you get a guy who will be receiving 80% of $180K for the rest of his life?

Mike McGovern – A lawnmower so he can maintain his own lawn.

Celene Gettings – Penmenship award for the hundreds of citations she’s written, and a one-year discount on ribbon from Michael’s.

Mike Geary – A starring role in a new reality TV show called, “The Mayor Whisperer.”

Conor Baldwin – An abacus and some tea leaves for when Bob Healy retires for real.

Jim Leary – A majority vote.

Steve Gendron – An introduction to the “young turk” Steve Gendron.

Dave Conway – Two tin cans and a string connected to Paul Georges, and the next mayor’s aide appointment.

Kim Scott – Fair hiring practices in the School Dept and beyond.

Connie Martin – BOGO for life

Kristin Ross-Sitcawich – To not be reappointed to the Housing Authority board. What a headache!

Dave Nangle – An E-ZPass for his commute between Seabrook NH and Beacon Hill.

Rady Mom – A crash course in finance from Tom Moses.

Golden – A conductor’s hat for the Tipa train.

WCAP Salvation Army Fund – Donations that don’t come from a politician’s campaign account.

Dave Daly – Immunity from any scrutiny by the Ethics Commission for being a chair of the Mayah’s reelection campaign while simultaneously suing the city over the methadone clinic.

Ray Boutin – Some time in a hot attic, a lifelong membership in Pi Lambda Phi, and a first class ticket on the Tipa train.

Bob Gignac - A few more jobs squeezed out of the tight budget at LHS for his friends.

Dick Howe – The banning of the term “blogfather.”

Gerry Nutter – Spell check, a pair of blockquotes, an editor, and lifetime membership to the Kool Kids club.

JMac and the Bear – Some relevancy.

WCAP – For the Lowell Five to forgive Sam’s debt so the signal doesn’t go down.

Anthes & McDonough – Separate checks and free refills on soda.

Ted Panos – A real Facebook account under his own name so he can stop trolling as his family business.

Campanini and Kendall Wallace – For Kendall to finally purchase the Sun so Campi can retire with the Wine Goddess and John Cox. For Kendall – for his bid to buy the Sun, as much leeway from a lending institution as Sam Poulton’s had.

The Sun Staff – Institutional memory so they can write next year’s Christmas Column.

April 29, 2014

All I Wanna Do Is…

by at 10:06 am.

Lowell City Council Bingo

by at 12:21 am.

New to BadgermillCity Games, I am proud to present our first non-drinking game, Lowell City Council Bingo!

Now you can join in while watching a city council meeting. Beat your friends by filling in a row on one of our randomly generated sets of special Bingo cards! You can download the cards at the link, as well as read the full rules.

Please enjoy BadgermillCity games responsibly. BadgermillCity Games is not responsible for damaged livers, broken friendships or carpet stains. Use as recommended. Side effects include: watching city council meetings obsessively, drooling, restless leg syndrome, wine and/or beer consumption, red facial skin, torn hair, and broken televisions. Seek treatment if the council meeting lasts for more than four hours. Ask your doctor if BadgermillCity Games is right for you!

April 26, 2014

Lowell, the City of…Cars?

by at 2:21 pm.

Hey, hey, it’s the 1950’s. The Age of the Highway and Automobile. Right?

So you say it’s over sixty years from that decade…well, you live in Lowell. We like to stick to what worked decades ago. Suck it, bikers/public transit commuters.

Mayor Rodney Elliott and City Councilor Rita Mercier have filed a motion for Tuesday’s meeting requesting that the council vote to revert Father Morissette back to four lanes of traffic and have the bike lanes removed.

The faulty argument is that traffic is worse due to the Boulevard going from four to two lanes. This shows a fundamental disinterest in the facts of the matter, which is that any traffic you might see on FM is due to lights and bridges, which would back up regardless of having two or four lanes. I’ve been on FMB at many different times of day…the traffic studies which the DPD conducted previously seem to bear up, in my experience, so where is the sudden need to open up a Boulevard which barely gets a quarter of its use capacity, even with only two lanes?

Really, this isn’t about traffic, or public safety. That’s just window dressing on the real pissing contest that’s going on here. This is all about going backwards on the Lynch era, with a bonus for undoing any good or progress supported or proposed by former Mayor Patrick Murphy. This is the same impulse which is behind this amazing new urgency about moving the high school (though that also has “friendly developers” written all over it).

Let’s please not pretend this is about having a big grand vision. It’s more like the black hole opposite of having vision.

BadgermillCity logoSo, in a related matter and in case you missed it…and you want to keep yourself entertained while watching City Council meetings…you should check out the new drinking games at the BadgermillCity wiki. There are two games listed there so far - the Plain Jane drinking game, and the new “Elimination Libation” game, which is more of a get-buzzed-quick game whenever one of these “bassackwards” subjects come up. I think you’ll find yourself entertained just reading them!

January 14, 2014

Rita’s Other Rap

by at 4:28 pm.

Oh. Oh, dear. Someone set up the footage of CC Rita Mercier’s er, prepared remarks about the Christmas manger as a rap. I doubt she’ll think this one is as funny as her deliberate one during the campaign at the UTEC forum. Though, it kinda is. As funny, I mean.

(I swear on my life, it’s not me. I just found it via Facebook.)

I’d label this hurtful and maybe overly personal and all that, but I wasn’t the one who said these words on the City Council floor. Rita Mercier is responsible for her own words and actions. And those can have consequences…

I can tell you one thing: she will definitely feel vindicated about her comment about lewd, crude, vulgar and obscene articles passing through cyberspace! (Again, falsely, since these are her own words, and no one else’s.)

August 30, 2013

Adult Temper Tantrums

by at 11:22 am.

I missed this a few days ago.

When do you know a politico has the maturity of a five year old and zero sense of humor about themselves? When they go on social media tempter tantrums of course!

Former Senator and professional political office shopper Scott Brown went on what Jessica Van Sack over at the Herald described as a Twitter blocking bender, again raising some serious doubts about his temperament. Hashtag #blockedbyscotto was born.

It all started once again with Brown posting something odd on Twitter.

— Scott P. Brown (@ScottBrownMA) August 26, 2013

Which prompted Ben Jacobs a reporter for the Daily Beast to reply:

I just met you and this is crazy. Here’s my number. So call me “@ScottBrownMA: Maybe”
— Ben Jacobs (@Bencjacobs) August 26, 2013

Brown then blocked Jacobs from his public campaign account.

But Brown didn’t stop there, he then started a blocking spree that included Adam Reilly and David Bernstein amongst many others. Seems that anyone who responded to Brown’s Maybe tweet got blocked.

The people getting blocked are mostly reporters in Massachusetts. You can check out the #blockedbyscotto fun yourself (including my late-to-the-game comment about the flap). When you’re blocked, you can’t even “follow” that person on Twitter any more.

So you can either assume he’s done running for anything, or at least anything in MA, and doesn’t care about burning his bridges and acting like a child, or else, some child really did get a hold of his Twitter account. Either way, a real class move. *shakes head*

By the way, this is the guy Councilor Rita Mercier thought was a better choice for Senator. Let’s not forget that!

February 22, 2013

Past the Breaking Point

by at 10:46 pm.

It’s that time again. I decided the big “Muttering Microphone Controversy of 2013″ was a great opportunity to highlight the utter inanity that is the Rodney Elliot Show on most Tuesday nights. By the time you watch the whole thing, you’ll be wishing the City Manager YELLED instead of muttered, you’re that frustrated.

This time, I got a little fancy in parts. I’m getting my editing legs under me. Soon I will be platform agnostic (Adobe Premiere and Final Cut).

Also, yeah, in parts I was brutal. You would be too if you had to play and rewind, play and rewind the bullshit over and over again.

Without much further ado, I present…Episode II.

PS - Episode I is here.

November 22, 2012

Lyle, Lyle, Lyle…

by at 2:00 am.

I’ve folded all my napkins fancily on carefully placed plates on two eight foot tables in my dining room now, so I thought I would take a minute to relate another tale of woebegonery as pertains to the Saga Of Me Being Really Mean, By Jove.

As you know, my name got in the paper yesterday, via a report of Mary Jo Santoro and her spectacular miscalculation of trying to accuse me of threatening her. Sarah Favot wrote the piece, which I thought was pretty fair. It certainly didn’t make me flinch (and I flinch at being the center of attention on my own birthday, so there you go, another poke in the eye of the myth that This Is All About Me).

But it seems that the story, at least as it includes me, has been yanked from her apparently capable hands. (God, I hate to see another one bite the dust at the Sun. Any bets to how long she’ll stand it?) The torch has been passed, at least it appears, to Campi’s little shadow, Lyle Moran. I know this because he called me this afternoon (and I have heard that he called others as well). Out of a morbid curiosity I called him back. More on that in a sec - you’ll love it, it’s all about the sausage making, or in this case, amateurishly broadcasting your utter bias in a leading two-sentence “question.”

I do love being the Sun’s special case. It tickles me no end that Campi hasn’t lost his unhealthy obsession with “taking me down.” Like going after an unpaid blogger is all that hard. Wonder why they haven’t managed it yet? He must have been like a baby with his first successful poo, beside himself with glee, when this whole complaint thing came down. (The baby and poo thing is a euphemism. I don’t actually think Campanini wears diapers.)

Anyway, you might be awfully surprised to learn that I have very little interaction with Moran in general. I’ve heard from so many people just how amateur he acts, Jack likes to refer to the “cub reporter” after all. And I’ve read some of his drivel, articles with logical holes so large you can drive a train through them (so he really is learning a lot from his mentor). But personal experience? I barely exchange a word with the guy. (more…)

November 1, 2012

Video Clip: CC Meeting Blunders

by at 2:32 pm.

I have a nice shiny fully featured legal copy of Adobe Premiere at my disposal, CS6 even, so I decided to clip down the very last 16 minutes or so of the Council meeting from Oct 30th so if you hadn’t had a chance to see it, there it is. But if you have seen it, I still recommend hitting play…I decided, instead of multiple clippings with my text commentary in this post, to put my comments right into the video…and they tended to the sarcastic.

Really, if City Councilor Elliot has no respect for the process and for his position, and especially, his colleagues, I don’t see why I should have any respect for him, either.

PS - thanks for the pithy title, Jack!

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