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May 13, 2012

Mayor Murphy Sucks Because ______________!

by at 11:52 am.

Let’s join in the fun. Please share with us, why you think Mayor Murphy sucks as Mayor. We at LiL are not above playing The Sun’s reindeer games. Though this particular game is despicable, it could be fun?

I’ll start.

Mayor Murphy sucks because he recognizes that Lowell is a true melting pot of 106,000(+/-) souls and that every one of them deserves a “seat at the table!”

Your turn.

Mayor Murphy sucks because:

May 8, 2012

Mike Hayden Greatest Hits

by at 8:32 pm.

Yesterday might be gone, but we have archives.

The biannual resurfacing of Mike Hayden, tooting his own horn (shocker) as a replacement for a possibly-departing Lenzi (one would hardly believe one can do worse than GOB stalwart Lenzi but…) had me reminiscing. Not only are there some great blog posts whereby we took him at his own words (and website), but…Mike…no matter how far apart we are…we’ll always have the comments.

Oh, the comments!

Here’s a little saunter down memory lane for all you crazy young kids:

Wherein I need His Holiness to pray for my sorry sinning ass.

Mike Hayden Says:
April 22nd, 2010 at 9:15 am e
The only thing pathic here Lynne is you,it is no wonder your an atheist the only thing you worship is yourself. You really are a sad person I will pray for you

and offers to have me pay him to learn about being angry from him:

Mike Hayden Says:
March 18th, 2010 at 2:19 pm e
Sounds like you could use a course in Anger Management Lynne Your temper and language are going to land you in big trouble some day Call me I will give you a discount on the course Who knows maybe you learn something
Mike Hayden

PS - if you want to advertise your business on my website I suggest learning some grammar…oh, and also, it might help if you didn’t appear to badly need your own services. It erodes and undermines any confidence in your abilities.

And then there’s this pithy comeback to the time I called him out on his pathetic GOPer talking points and called him dismissable:

Mike Hayden Says:
August 13th, 2011 at 3:23 pm e
you know Lynne you are such a dishrag

Dishrag? So quaint!

Of course, Mike’s visits here are nothing compared to his visits to the trashy Topix comments on the Lowell Sun website. But he’s tried. Lord knows, he’s tried to keep us entertained here at LiL over the long years.

That was an exceptionally great amount of fun! Let’s do it again in another two years!

February 2, 2012

Peyton Manning Encourages Brady

by at 7:36 pm.

Indignant that the younger Manning has a shot of beating Peyton at number of Super Bowl wins, he leaves some tips for Brady on his voicemail.

Note: Some mild swearing.


February 1, 2012

Peter Pan Is Getting Warmer

by at 11:48 pm.

You should really try to get through Deluca’s diary, over on Gerry’s blog. Yes, I know. The sickly sweet platitudes are enough to make you yak, but he is on to something.

City Manager Cleans Up Dodge

I’m not sure if Deluca even realizes how correct he is. The City Manager has purged the under the table economy that linked City Hall to less than scrupulous business owners perpetrating bribery, ect. Wake up, folks. You think “cash transaction” management in the Clerk’s office is Lynch’s BIGGEST problem?

There is a reason that the ‘gang that can’t shoot straight’ is falling all over themselves to rid Lowell of Bernie Lynch.

Does this clue you in?:

Feel free to fly over to Never Never Land to discuss this matter. Though, you may come back here to swirl the bowl with me when your pushback to pablum like, “I think Councilor Elliot will place his confidence squarely with City Manager Lynch if he proves its deserved.” gets, …. um …. er …. ah! … recycled. Yes. When your brisk comment gets “recycled,” you can opt to redeem it here.

January 31, 2012

Open Thread: Denizens of the Internet Edition

by at 6:14 pm.


Even anonymous sockpuppets can troll this Open Thread.

For now….

January 20, 2012

The Day Satire Died

by at 6:00 pm.

At the hands of NBC’s Chuck Todd, no less. The talking head guy is miffed about Colbert and his mocking of…well, people like Todd. And Citizen’s United. And the whole Republican primary to date. Claiming that Colbert has an agenda. Well, duh.

The rant that follows the Todd quote, from Hunter of dkos, is well worth a full read. Some total bonus phrases:

I am at this point not sure how someone would tell the satiric candidates apart from the sincere ones. If you asked me whether the Republican Party would be better off in the hands of Stephen Colbert, or Ron Paul, or Rick Santorum, or Newt Gingrich, or Mitt Romney, I hardly think Colbert’s would be the first name you would cross off the list.

But the threat is that the comedians can expect to be “held accountable,” by Todd and others, and that political satirists are overstepping their jester credentials by wanting “a place in this,” which I suppose means being too successful in interjecting themselves into the asininity that is politics.

I have nothing invested in whether Colbert does or does not do a damn thing. Neither does Todd or any other reporter, frankly, since one would think their profession is long past the point of being able to feel shame.

The Very Serious Pundits of The Village are concerned that they’re taking Colbert too seriously. But goddamn, isn’t that the whole point Colbert and Stewart are trying to make??

They used to call elections the “silly season” - I guess it’s a case of living up to one’s name…

December 5, 2011

Open Thread: Doldrums Edition

by at 3:29 pm.

It’s been slow blogging since the election. LiL and Nutter output is down, along with commenting. Dick Howe’s blog is on pace, even with the namesake listed as ‘day to day’ due to an eye injury. (btw, Dick’s prognosis is good) The stand out Lowell blogger is Cliff Krieger. That blog is grinding out post after post. I suggest, especially as we head in to a national election cycle, you give Cliff more of your mouse clicks.

There are a few things worth glancing over. The CM is looking for the Council to shit or get off the pot, re: plan design. The Council’s multitasking skills will be challenged, as they also have to pick a new City Clerk. Will they reinforce the “Townie Turnstyle?”

Also, some folks are looking to set up another Charter School. Er, put me down as a NO! Lowell has enough school choice, especially K-8. I don’t want no stinkin’ vouchers & no ’scab hiring, for profit, cherry picking all the brightest kids to pump your test scores, using retreads from a failed board‘ charter schools, neither. :vP”’

The holiday charity industry is in full swing. I always feel so joyous as the Lowell Brahmin come down to mingle among us. It’s a hoot as they compete to out ‘good karma’ each other. I wasn’t the only one paying attention when Bill Clinton said, “To the truly enlightened, altruism is the purest form of self-preservation.”

Shame on me for poo pooing. Don’t I always look for a ‘Win-Win?’

Leave the pooing to me, on this Open Thread.

November 18, 2011

The Bubble’s Buzzwords: Micromanage

by at 12:42 pm.

Confuseus say, “Leader with no ethical compass, takes us down rabbit holes.”

Definition of MICROMANAGE: to manage especially with excessive control or attention to details

From The Blog of Record:

Elliott, chairman of the council’s finance subcommittee, said yesterday he would recommend the search for a new treasurer be conducted in a much different fashion this time around.

He suggested Lynch assemble a three-member panel made up of Moses, Auditor Sheryl Wright and a human-relations representative to screen and interview applicants. The panel then would recommend three to five candidates to Lynch.

Lynch should interview the candidates before making his final choice, Elliott said.

Councilor Joe Mendonca also said he did not want to comment about the specifics of how he believes the hiring process should be conducted because hiring of the treasurer is the responsibility of the manager under the Plan E Charter.

“I hope everything is done above board and in the proper fashion, but it is up to the city manager,” Mendonca said

November 9, 2011

What I Learned About Elections in 2011

by at 12:12 pm.

Every election cycle is a learning process, so here’s a short (and rather pithy, snarky) list of things I learned:

I learned that local elections cannot be won by robocalls.

By the same token, I learned that you cannot win elections in a local, nonpartisan race by blaming Democrats because they were being mean and talking about your public donations, sock puppeting, and campaign videos you put out yourself that made no sense (I’ll slash your taxes AND deliver more services! Because I’m magic!)

I learned that a muddled issue, wherein it is hard to figure out who really is to blame and where they made a mistake, or hard to know whether it was an honest mistake or not, the hammer will come down on the elected officials. Controversy is never good for reelection chances. The Superintendent Scott affair appeared to be handled badly by all parties (including hers, and the Sun’s), but Scott is no longer here to punish, and the incumbents were. I continue to believe that it was right to question her leadership of the schools and it probably is the case that we’re well rid of her, especially given the way she managed to burn her bridges. That sort of person we can live without. However, the voters were left with a sense of frustration and a serious lack of knowledge about “what went down” and why, and acted accordingly.

I learned that old fashioned on the ground door knocking is still the way to go. And that when a lot of challengers work hard and we have no slackers in the race, that the vote counts get really really close.

I learned hot button knee-jerk issues still appeal to voters, to my very big regret. But that’s human nature.

I learned that pink signs with funny fonts can make or break a campaign. ;) (Note: I helped Kristin with those.)

And finally, I learned that no matter how many times you do this, either running yourself, or helping a candidate (or more than one) to run, standing and staring up at that giant board at Blue Shamrock watching the numbers come in one freaking precinct at a time is the most nerve-wracking experience ever. I don’t really know why I do this to myself. Seriously, I’m going to have an ulcer condition before too long.

What did you learn?

October 31, 2011

‘Twas the Night of Halloween…

by at 6:53 pm.

‘Twas the night of Halloween,
And in all the streets
the branches and debris
were frustrating the treats.

All little ghosties and ghoulies
were kept from their rounds
of their neighborhoods darkened
from trees that came down.

Their costumes they hung
back in closet halls.
In hopes that their city
would reschedule their hauls.

“It must be some trick,”
they thought to themselves.
“It sure can’t be time
for us to see elves.”

But soon they forgot
that they missed out on Twix.
They pulled on their snow boots,
and went out in the mix.

They built up their snowman,
and snowball fights led.
They slid down the hills
on the sled from the shed.

Their parents breathed sighs.
Did they escape the worst fate?
Would the holiday pass
without sugar highs great?

Alas, not to be.
The city decided
in its infinite wisdom
that candy bars be provided.

Still there was a postponement
of the rush to eat chocolate.
A week extra off
to prepare for the racket.

That is, if there’s any
little “fun size” treats left.
If the parents don’t eat it
in dark, desperate theft.

Merry Halloween everyone! Hope all of our readers still without power get it back soon, and that you don’t, in the desperation of all this darkness and cold, eat it all up before next Sunday. :)

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