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Donate to Left in Lowell

by @ 10:53 am on August 19, 2005.

If you like what you read, please donate

I don’t enjoy asking for this, not in the least.

Currently, this site is ad-free, partly because ads are a hassle and an eyesore (the LocalinLowell.com graphic on the front page isn’t an ad, it’s my other unpaid project), and partly because I have no idea if anyone would want to advertise on my little blog, which has limited circulation (which it should).

As a self-employed person, I spend a lot of time doing my own marketing and accounting, not to mention the actual graphic design work for which I get paid. This blog is my passion, but it doesn’t pay the bills, and I am often spending valuable time away from my business reading what’s out there in the news and blogosphere, and then more time writing. I know it sounds like I’m asking for donations to do what I want to do anyway…but like everyone, the rent comes due, and I’m left feeling like maybe my hobby is taking over my career. :)

Now, I don’t assume you find what I’m writing about valuable, cogent, comprehensive, or useful, but if you by chance do, and you aren’t broke (if you are, please please do not send me any money), then consider donating any amount you feel it’s worth. (Hey, if that’s only $1.00, that’s great!) I’ll continue to do what I do, I promise, so don’t feel obligated.

One last thing. Any money I take in via this website is not for a charity, it would be a for-profit part of my business. So it’s not tax-deductible.

Thanks for reading, and for considering donating!

3 Responses to “Donate to Left in Lowell”

  1. Anonymous Says:

  2. brogocf Says:

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  3. Anthony Says:

    I am writing about the defeat of proposal for a City Dept. by the Lowell City Council Tues. night. Finally the LIL contributors see Councilor Rita Mercier for who she is. I have remained silent for so long. Rita is never as passionate and more in her glory when her ‘Johnny” tells her so. How disgraceful. What an abuse of elected office it is, that the “Cox 5″ by every action on the Council are working to destroy the city of Lowell. According to MGL Elected officials are prohibited to interfer with day to day employee duties. Why isn’t anyone citing them on this? They are doing this in order to make the management of Mgr. Lynch appear so bad that that John Cox can look good. Cox took the buses out of downtown Lowell because supposedly business complained. I work downtown. Not a one said that to me. To the credit of the LRTA,LHS kids were in downtown Lowell for about 15 min. The removal of the buses from downtown Lowll was to justify the naming of a building : The Robert Kennedy Intermodel Termimal. This was the reason bus service was stopped. What a tragedy to see businees like Antiquities and More,and Miller’s Surplus leave the city. All because of a politicans ego. Regarding the residency issue. This is a direct attack on Lynch.And a petty one at that, If memory serves police,Fire Teachers, Union contracts have clause relative to distance that they can live from Lowell. Therefore if this is true it might cost the city fund to negotiate this clause out.

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