Local Small Food Markets To Support

Local Small Food Markets To Support

I crowdsourced this list once again, and there was an incredible amount of information, so I am making a separate post. The main Community Resources post is here.

We have an embarrassment of riches with our local independent food markets, ethnic or otherwise; they are a great resource for the community right now, and they in turn need our help. With the current shutdown of, well, everything, markets and pharmacies are going to be the only exceptions of places we can go for a while, and even if you stocked up, everyone will need to venture out for foodstuffs at some point. It looks like we’re in this for a long haul.

I can’t say for certain that local markets will be better stocked than the big stores, but they are often overlooked, and for that reason alone worth the trip. Smaller crowds also means less chance for spreading the virus. Take all the necessary precautions though when out there interacting with the public. These places are in Lowell unless otherwise noted.

The List

Alpine Butcher, 963 Chelmsford Street
Bangkok Market (Asian grocery store), 179 Chelmsford St
Cote’s Market, 175 Salem Street
Bayon Market (Asian grocery store), 37 Branch St
El Bombazo Meat Market, Bridge Street
Halal Foods, 1717 Middlesex St.
Indian Basket, 12 Wood Road
Infante Grocery, 198 Broadway St
Lowell Portuguese Bakery, 930 Gorham St
Market Street Market (grocery and wine), 95 Market Street
Olympos Bakery, 216 Broadway
Shaw Farms, 204 New Boston Rd, Dracut
Silva’s Mini Market, 40 Perry street
Sophia’s Greek Pantry North, 479 Market St
V-Mart 125 Church St.
Valentina’s, 886 Central Street

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