Mass Fiscal Alliance Cites Hate Group in Mailers

Mass Fiscal Alliance Cites Hate Group in Mailers

The Safe Communities Act has brought out the worst in the Mass Fiscal Alliance, who is trying to scuttle the bill, by sending out flyers with information produced by a white supremacist hate group.

If you don’t know much about the Safe Communities Act, it’s merely a legal framework to keep our local resources local, instead of being used for federal immigration work. There is nothing controversial about it. Unless you want to spend our local and state tax dollars doing someone else’s job, in order to scare and harass local immigrants…who will then in turn be disinclined to report crime in their communities, or come forward as witnesses to crimes. Shoving immigrants into the shadows only makes us LESS safe.

We need to call our state legislators! If you want to do something concrete about this issue, please visit the action page for the SCA at Progressive Massachusetts, they can get you everything you need.

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